The Youniverse

God’s world

There is no right and wrong in god’s world. No better or inferior. No justification nor obligation. No preference of any kind and no separation of any sort.

There is only unity, unconditional love and freedom.

But this unity, love and freedom cannot be experienced without some type of context. If unity was all there was it would be impossible to actually experience it. This need for context is the whole purpose of the physical universe.

The apparent separation that makes up the physical universe provides the context in which the nature of god’s world can be experienced. The idea is to use the context of the physical universe in order to remember and create the experience of the nature of god’s world in the physical universe. Put simply, the joy of unity cannot be experienced without the ability to experience the pain of separation.

So now we can see that each of us is the one, god, seeking to consciously express and experience its unity with itself, which is everything else in existence. We are seeking to express our divine nature through the context of separation. The whole universe is the field in which we can do so, over and over again.

Love is the only reality. Everything else is context in which love can be experienced.

What we are predominantly looking for, is a sense of belonging. All that we desire is desired to accentuate a feeling of belonging. This means all the health, wealth, knowledge, love, support and other joyful experiences are desired for this very reason.

The solution for this seeking is to first believe we belong, which leads to a perception of all the ways in which we belong. If we believe we belong, we perceive the world completely differently. We see a world that supports our growth rather than one that inhibits it. We experience a world that is reflective of our joys rather than our fears.

To believe we belong we must believe that we are not some sort of freak accident that just happens to be here. We must believe that the world and everything in it is not an accident. We must believe that if we are not an accident, the world is our home and is capable of supporting us as we naturally are. The question is: if we don’t assume the world is our home, and therefore supportive of us, then where is our home? Are we doomed to being nomads in an inhospitable Universe forever?

If we assume the world is our home and supports us, this would mean that the world is in fact an infinite, unlimited space, capable of expanding infinitely to reflect our own continuous expansion. But we will not experience this infiniteness if we don’t first believe we belong. It all stems from this foundation.

Believing in our limitations stems from a belief in our own alienation. It all comes from the belief we are a cosmic accident that just happened to come into existence in a cruel, harsh, unflinching Universe. It is all about convincing ourselves that our environment is not suited to us, which means we must struggle against it for survival. And when the struggle is too great, as we believe it would be if we followed our dreams, then we must give up our dreams and instead protect ourselves from this bastard of a Universe.

— Sohail Desai

Aliens in Our Own World

The pain of believing in an inherent environmental limitation and an inability to experience our desires and dreams is akin to being able to walk but convincing ourselves our environment limits us from doing so. 

The only reason we do not believe in our inability to walk but do believe in our inability to dream is because the cessation of walking would be too immediately painful while the pain of ceasing to dream is not immediate and has been dulled by becoming normal. 

Believing in our limitations stems from a belief in our own alienation. It all comes from the belief we are a cosmic accident that just happened to come into existence in a cruel, harsh, unflinching Universe. It is all about convincing ourselves that our environment is not suited to us, which means we must struggle against it for survival. And when the struggle is too great, as we believe it would be if we followed our dreams, then we must give up our dreams and instead protect ourselves from this bastard of a Universe. 

This is something no other organism believes. The reason the organisms of our world do not succumb to stress in the way we do, even in the face of their own challenges, is because they know they belong. Their actions spring from a sense of belonging, which naturally reduces stress levels. They exude a sense of grace. 

The irony is that most of the challenges they face- the ones we point to in our quest to prove our belief in a life of struggle- are predominantly the result of mankind playing out its own sense of alienation. We seek to dominate them and the world so that we can feel that we have staked our claim to the world, and that we have won against the cruel forces of nature.  

If we felt a sense of belonging to our world, we would seek to express our true desires and our dreams, but those desires would include the thriving and fulfillment of other human beings and of the natural world we live in. We would see that the world is suited perfectly for the experience of our desires and our dreams. We would see that the world is us, just in another form. We would finally stop being aliens in our own world. 

Human Beings

The only organism to alienate itself from its own environment. 

The only organism that is afraid of being joyfully natural, and instead seeks to limit itself to normality while being miserable doing so.

The only organism that actively seeks to alienate others from their natural selves by trying to get them to be something they’re not. This attempt is directed at other human beings and the environment, including all the other organisms that make up the environment. We don’t see the value or supportive nature of the natural order of things, and so we seek to change it. 

The only organism that mistrusts its environment and its own existence by believing its environment is not ideally suited to its complete needs and wants. Life can’t support our desires, so we might as well deny them , we think. Life is limited, while we attempt to be unlimited, so we rail against Life at large, not thinking that it is our belief in our own alienation that has us believing and experiencing that Life is limited. “Look at all the ways we don’t belong! Life is cruel. Life is a struggle!” is our message. We are the only organism with such a message. 

The only organism that uses its abilities to its own disadvantage. Our ability to think in the way we do, that ability which separates us from other species, is used to deny our own sense of belonging. This separates us further from the natural world, where every organism naturally believes in its own sense of belonging and in its ability to live a fulfilling life. Try convincing a bird or a tree that it doesn’t belong or that tomorrow won’t bring it what it needs to fulfill itself. The natural world lives in absolute trust of its existence. We do not.

We make the mistake of confusing neutrality with negativity. Most of us agree the Universe is neutral in nature. We have also largely agreed this neutrality makes the Universe uncaring and inert. However, bizarrely, we also usually claim it is uncaring in the most negative of ways, as if the Universe actively seeks to destroy us, and that our existence has been because we have won the battle against the Universe up to this point. How neutral is the Universe if it seems to have an agenda apart from our own? The realization of the true neutrality of the Universe makes it putty in our hands, and leads nicely into the realization that we do, in fact, create our reality. Reality is a reflection of our own positive or negative nature. It is our choice what form the neutral Universe takes.

The complexity of the Universe gives rise to the painful experience of the illusion of separation and also paradoxically makes Life that much more enjoyable and enriching to experience.

Speaking with the Universe

The Universe speaks to us through events and experiences. Events and experiences are the result of the Universe forming itself into a certain form; that is, they are the Universe’s in-formation. 

This in-formation is created through the spiritual or mental power of desire. Sub-atomic particles (or the energy that composes them) come together through the attractive force of desire to form clumps of matter, which then come together to form different experiences. Every one of our experiences has been created by manipulations in the combination of matter of our environment. In other words, our experience is created by our interaction with our environment and our environment is created by the changing combinations of matter. For example, our experience of home is different to our experience of work because of the difference in the structure of the matter between the two places and the difference in our interactions with each of them. (specifically the buildings, the people around us, the layout of the two spaces…)  

Now, the Universe’s spiritual force of desire (spiritual because it is invisible to us. We see the results of its desire, but not the desire itself) is no different fundamentally from our own spiritual force of desire; they are one and the same, only differing in degree. It is predominantly through the mental and spiritual forces (thoughts, emotions and imagination) of the Universe’s individuations (that’s you and I and every other organism in the Universe) that communication between the whole and the individuations takes place. In other words, it is the in-formation of our mental attitude and emotions that speak to the Universe and everything else within it, and the Universe translates that attitude into the form of events and experiences.

So our understanding now is becoming that It is our mind’s in-formation that creates our experience. If we are to change our experience then, we must change the in-formation our mind is sending to the Universe. Then it is up to us to move with the energy of the Universe in its act of forming itself to reflect our new in-formation. In other words, we must follow our excitement, which is the spiritual flow of the re-forming Universe, to do our part in creating the experiences we prefer. To put it another way, our body is a vital part of our experience- it is the instrument through which we experience physical reality- and it is up to us to move our body in the direction of our excitement, knowing that we are actively going with the flow of the creation of the form of our desired experience. The rest is up to the Universe. The process is: we follow our joy with no expectation, while the Universe automatically and flawlessly forms the rest of our experience, bringing us in contact with whatever we need in order to experience the result of our mind’s new in-formation.

Now, some may think (as I did) that the Universe somehow stops us from experiencing the form of our desire. I only thought that because I got caught up in ideas and definitions of good and bad; difficult and easy, and the definitions of different experiences, without realizing that every experience is neutral and made up of nothing more than props of matter in different formations. It is us that declare one formation of matter (one experience) is more desirable than another, or more difficult to experience than another; as it is our birthright to do so and our very reason for existing. The Universe, on the other hand, does not care what form it takes, and is capable of effortlessly taking any form. It does not care about what types of clothes we wear; how we cut our hair; how we grow our food; how we treat others; how we treat it; how we create our social systems; what we do for work, or any other experience we create out of its form. It faithfully forms itself around the in-formation we give it. We call its faithful formations “consequences” and we call its neutrality “unconditional love”.

Many times our mind’s in-formation has been about what we fear or what we don’t prefer rather than what we desire, and so we have experienced the results of this fear, shaking our fists (a clump of matter) at the Universe and others (other clumps of matter), all the while creating a cycle of similarly formed experiences. It was mainly these doubts and fears that created the failures that we experienced.

But what is failure anyway? If the form of the Universe is not following our desire, it does not mean that our desire has failed. It must mean that there is some learning to do about some in-formation about ourselves, and this leads to the great process of growth and understanding. In actuality, it is only when we truly give up on our desires that we truly fail.

Now, many times we are negatively surprised at what the Universe has to say to us, as is the case with failures, accidents and illnesses, because we refuse to go within ourselves and find out our mind’s in-formation for ourselves. Even then, if the surprise leads us to an understanding of ourselves, isn’t that a cause for celebration rather than despondency?

Until now, most of us haven’t realized that we are the organizing principle behind the form of the experience of our lives. It is up to us and us alone to clarify how we speak to the Universe by clarifying the in-formation we are radiating, so that we may create the form of our experience along the lines of what we desire, rather than what we fear. It is up to us to learn the language of the Universe so that we can interpret its messages and speak with it clearly to create the conversation of our lives.

Creation does not fear

Creation is not fearful of any of its expressions, because no expression is powerful enough nor permanent enough to ever harm its true nature, which is infinite potentiality. This potentiality can never be diminished and Creation is secure in the knowledge that it can dip into this unblemished potentiality to always create something anew. This is why free will operates in life; Creation is not insecure in the face of its creation and so allows all within it to play and create as they wish. 

You, as your soul self also knew this before incarnating as the person you now are. You were undeterred by the possibility of being overwhelmed by challenges in this life experience because you knew that you will return to the soul self at some point, where the soul self shall dip into its own infinite potentiality and create another adventure, another incarnation anew. You are free to live this life as you wish because ultimately you will not ever harm your true self, nor anyone else’s true self.

Also, because no true harm can be done, you will not be punished nor will you be in need of forgiveness from any god in the after-life for any apparent sins. You are and always have been absolutely free to create your experience.