The Youniverse

Existence Contains it All

Continuing with a similar line of thought from last post. 

Since something cannot come from nothing, I believe existence is already full of every possibility that can ever exist. This means there is nothing in existence that actually changes or comes from something because change is an illusion, which is created when a comparison is made between two or more simultaneously existing ideas. So for example, the change created by movement is an illusion created by comparing the location where something “ends up” and the location where it “began” on its journey. In reality, since existence contains all possibilities and cannot lose anything it contains, the thing exists in both places at once, but we shift our consciousness in such a way that it seems as if there is only one thing and that thing is actually moving. If movement was in fact real, that would mean something can turn into nothing since the object in its previous location ceases to exist. To put it succinctly, this means the present moment is the result of the present moment. It is not the result of the past as we have believed.

So what does this mean practically in our lives? It means we can stop waiting for some future moment in order to change our life into something we prefer, and instead simply choose what we prefer because we can understand that what we prefer already exists as another version of reality. We can truly express our infinite identity, which contains infinite possibilities, rather than the limited single personality and corresponding limited possibilities we thought we were. If all the versions of our body are creations of our true identity then we can create whatever we prefer. We can open up to unbelievable potential. However, if we believe our identity is within our body and that we are one body somehow moving through time and space, then we will continue to live limited lives of quiet desperation. The choice of perspective is ours. For me, only one makes sense, even though it may be the one that may seem crazy to most people.

Time and Existence

Where does the past go and where does the future come from? How does linear time even exist? It seems illogical to me to think that something can come from nothing or that something can then turn back into nothing. And yet that is what we believe everyday. We believe that the future does not exist yet, but will somehow become the present and then fade away into non-existence again as the past. How does that even work? 

If we assume that something can’t come from nothing- and I believe it is not unreasonable to assume this- we can maybe understand existence holistically. Existence already contains every possible experience within it. So the “future” must exist right now as does the “past”. We just don’t experience those simultaneously existing aspects of existence because we are solely focused on the little slice called the “present”. In each present moment we focus our consciousness on a single aspect of existence and join them together to create the illusion of linearity and continuity. It’s sort of like a film strip where the projector focuses on one frame at a time to create the illusion of linearity and continuity, but the entire film strip exists simultaneously. Presently we are like the audience in the movie theatre and have fallen under the illusion of the film, but we can take a peek into the projector room by understanding the concept of existence more clearly. 

Hopefully this makes sense and doesn’t seem like a crazed rambling. To be honest, our current view of life is beginning to look more and more confusing and misleading. There are some videos on YouTube illuminating the nature of time. Check this one out.

No Time

When are you going to feel the way you want to feel? When will you be happy? (If that is what you want) If the answer is anything other than “right now” you will never feel the way you want. You will be waiting forever. This is because “now” is the only time there ever was and ever will be. There is no future and there is no past. The only time you have ever had to work with is right now. So this is the only time in which you can feel the way you want to feel.

Now: think of something you want to achieve in what you think of as the future. Whatever it is, when you achieve it, it will be achieved now. It will no longer be in the future. It never was “there”; it was conceived of in the now and it will be achieved in the now. The future is a lie, an illusion created by ourselves. So is the past. There is only the eternal moment of now, which holds every possible experience within it.

Unbelievably, this means that ultimately time is an illusion. Everything that ever was and ever will be must exist now. That is, when we look to the “past” or the “future” we will always be doing it from the now. We just don’t perceive everything existing right now because of our narrowly focused perspective. We only focus on one tiny slice of the eternal now moment, then we look at another and then another, and so on. In this way we create the illusion of linear time. If we broadened our focus somehow we would see that everything is in fact existing now.

Keeping this in mind, we can see how pointless it is to wait for something in the future or reminisce about the past and complain about “how much better it used to be”. The only time is now, so live right now! Enjoy life right now, because that is the only time you can enjoy it. The rest doesn’t matter. Enjoy the ride that life has to offer. 

Expand the concept of infinity.

I believe that the universe is infinite. I know many other people do as well. However, I don’t think many of us actually pause and wonder about what that actually means.

Some things that I have been considering on the subject:

- Since the universe or existence (existence also includes all of the non-physical realms that we are yet unaware of) is infinite, it has no beginning and no end. This is in terms of both time and space. So the universe or some form of it has always existed and always will and also there is no beginning point or end point within it. If we were to travel in an infinite space, we would never get anywhere. We would be no further from the “beginning” or closer to the “end” since they cannot exist in infinity.

- Since the universe is infinite, it cannot technically lose something, gain something or be damaged or destroyed. This is true of all parts within the universe. How can something that is infinite lose or gain something when it already contains everything? Where would the lost parts go? How can the infinite be damaged in any way? The truth is it cannot. This statement may be contradictory to what our experience tells us, but it is true nonetheless. When we think that something is “lost” what we really mean is that it is no longer within our very narrow perspective of the whole universe. Obviously the lost thing is still somewhere within the infinite. It is actually us that have changed perspective within the infinite; not the infinite losing a portion of itself. So even the concept of time and changes from moment to moment are also accomplished in this way. The previous moments of our lives still exist within the totality of the whole. The always have and always will. However, we are currently not focused on them. Time is an illusion. The “future” and “past” all exist now.

- Since the universe is infinite it has no duplicates within it. This means everything within it is completely unique and is its own separate thing. For clarification, I think of a duplicate as something that is exactly the same as another. For this to occur, the two objects would technically need to exist in the same space and time, which would make them the same object. This also means that an object that is moving through space it is actually a completely new object in every increment along its travel! No object ever stays the same. Change is the only constant.

- Since the universe is infinite it needs nothing from any part within it. This is a big one for us because we have been living under the illusion that we must do something or become something in order to be worthy to existence or God or whatever. This is obviously not true since existence already contains everything and cannot need anything at all. This statement also applies to the idea that we believe that one moment of time is dependent on the previous moment or that one part of the infinite is dependent on another part. Once again, this is not true. The infinite is infinite, with every part existing simultaneously and being equal to every other part. There is no inferiority or superiority within the infinite. 

- Since the universe is infinite there is no true separation or differentiation within it. We have believed that we are separate from each other and that the objects in our world are also separate. Indeed the existence of time and space are the result of separation between the different portions of existence. This is another illusion in that all the parts are actually part of the infinite and there is no true differentiation. It is paradox that no two things are the same in existence and yet it is all the same one thing. However, it is still true. All is truly one. It is all existence and always will be existence. 

I believe once we get a handle on these concepts emotionally and not just intellectually, we will transform much of the negative emotion that we currently experience. These negative emotions are based on illusions of separation within the infinite existence. Once we see that we are always within existence along with everyone and everything else, we will see the pointlessness of the competing and warring we see in our experience today. It will lead to a monumental shift in every aspect of our lives.

Life is as much about separation as it is about connection. Without the space between the objects in our world or the separation between moments in our life there would be nothing to experience. The wonderful experience of connecting with something and experiencing it can only take place when there is a separation between that something in our “future” and what we are experiencing currently and then recreating the separation once we experience it by disconnecting with it and letting it drift into our “past”. Embrace the separation; it is essential to life itself.