The Youniverse

Passion, Synchronicity and the Natural World

The natural world is one that is made up of numerous individuals, each utterly absorbed in being themselves by expressing their unique passion. They automatically come together, without any apparent requirement of conscious planning, to create a system operating and thriving on the magical and effortless timing of synchronicity.

We human beings overlook the fact that our existence is based on this natural system based on synchronicity, so we fail to see the reasoning behind following our own passion with no expectation. We don’t understand how a system can be created in which each individual expresses their passion while automatically and synchronistically being supported by other individuals who are also expressing their passion. 

The passion we express as we paint pictures, for example, is no different energetically from the passion a bee expresses as it visits flowers to collect pollen. Passion is the energy of nature, expressing itself through all of its aspects. There is a wonderful magic to be found in that passion. All it takes for us to realize it is for us to be our natural selves, by surrendering to our passion and consequently surrendering to the synchronous, magical flow of Life itself in the process.

It Really is All About Being Yourself!

It really is all about being yourself. After years of studying and exploring these metaphysical concepts I have now come full circle back to myself. I now realize that it was never about searching for anything, it was simply about being who I really am. 

Being yourself is the simplest way to live life. There is nothing easier than being who you really are. Many times, when exploring metaphysical subject matter, I have heard about following your excitement or joy, about changing beliefs that are out of alignment with who you are, about raising your vibration and so on and so forth, but all of these methodologies are all really just another way of saying “be yourself”. 

Here’s my explanation about why being yourself is so important. When you are yourself you are content, happy and at peace with your life. It is simply an effortless blissful feeling. That feeling is your point of attraction to all that you desire, including all the support and love you could ever need or want, in any and all forms. Law of Attraction is about like vibration attracting like vibration. So when you are vibrating at your natural state of being, you attract the type of reality that allows you to continue being your natural self. It can really be that simple.

However, I know I have gotten caught up in my old way of thinking many times, where I would tell myself to get excited and force myself to do “exciting” things so that I could get the things I want. This didn’t work and in fact kept the things I desired (and still desire) away from me. Why? The reason is because I had resistance and I was forcing myself to behave in a certain way in order to get what I desired. I wasn’t really being myself. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to be yourself, even things that may seem ordinary to you can lead you to extraordinary experiences.

Now that I look back at some interesting points in my life using my new perspective, I can see how simply being myself allowed me to experience some wonderful things in my life in a magical, surprising and effortless manner. Here’s an example: One summer night a couple of years ago, I decided to go for a drive with my wife near the outskirts of my city. While we were driving along on a favourite road of mine something caught my attention by the side of the road. We stopped to check it out and found a mange infested rabbit just sitting there. Being animal lovers we took him home and got him veterinary attention, where we found out that his teeth were misaligned and he had a hard time eating. He was in pretty bad shape, but after some medication and loving care, he made a full recovery from his mange, got his teeth trimmed and gained some weight. We now have a very sweet pet bunny who we named Russell. He still gets his teeth trimmed once a month, but other than that he has been the perfect little pet.

Now, a couple of things stick out for me about that experience. One: I went for the drive simply for the joy of it, with no other motivation behind it. In other words I was just being myself, and two: finding Russell was completely unexpected, but still very pleasing. This type of experience is what metaphysical teachers call positive synchronicity. Positive synchronicity occurs when you are at the right place at the right time to experience a joyful experience, which we usually call a miraculous coincidence. Conversely, negative synchronicity is when you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, which we usually call disasters or tragedies. I have had many other synchronous experiences, mostly positive, but some negative. I will probably talk more about these in other posts or in another blog I am considering.

I have now come to the realization that everything is synchronicity, it is just a matter of whether it is positive synchronicity or negative synchronicity. The sole determining factor of whether you experience positive or negative synchronicity is your state of being. In a nutshell, this is why being yourself is very important for how you experience your life.

Simply being yourself is enough to create many miraculous experiences. Because you are being yourself, you will be doing only those things that excite you the most, when they excite you the most and where they excite you the most. You will automatically be in the right place at the right time to experience the type of life you prefer to experience. It really isn’t important where you are physically, but where you are vibrationally, because where you are vibrationally will automatically attract you to where you need to be physically in perfect timing. 

So let go of all the beliefs, expectations, and other burdens that are not allowing you to be yourself. You got these burdens from other people who were judging you when they had no business judging you. By you carrying them around you continue to judge yourself. Stop invalidating who you are and simply live your life in the way you prefer. You will be your natural self and you will see that you fit in the universe, exactly as you are. You will be being your natural shape so that you can fit into the unique space designed for little old you in the giant puzzle that is the universe.