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Why Having Sex Brings Us Closer to God

Most of us spend our days doing things we don’t like doing. We spend our days doing things while thinking about many other things. Our minds are constantly wandering because we aren’t really into what is in front of us. We zone out while taking showers, watching TV, driving our cars, eating our meals, working at our jobs, and so on. In fact, more of our day is spent zoned out rather than tuned in. Why?

How often do you get lost in what you are doing? When do you feel so engrossed in an activity that you lose awareness of anything else? A few answers come to my mind, and I believe these activities are attractive to us because they truly captivate our attention, either through intense pleasure or a sense of danger. 

Here’s my very short list, off the top of my head: having sex, playing sports, dancing while listening to music, playing music, doing something illegal or something with the risk of getting caught, and extreme thrill seeking (skydiving and whatnot). These activities bring our focus fully into the moment, since we want to enjoy the activity fully or since the activity could actually kill us. We become one with the activity. We lose our sense of drifting aimlessly and awaken our awareness. Life becomes bright, clear, vivid and exhilarating. We truly bring ourselves to life in these sorts of activities. 

These activities usually put a bounce in our step, and put a twinkle in our eyes. We grin when we think of them afterwards. They also enhance all other aspects of our lives. Think of when you really enjoyed an activity and then think of how the rest of your day went. I think it’s very hard for a person to have a crappy day if they recently had amazing sex, for example. These activities fill us with an enthusiasm that’s infectious, both to others around us and to the other activities in our lives. We become joyful people and we become attractive and magnetized to others. It’s no wonder why we as a society are so attracted to actors, musicians, athletes or others who are really into their passion and who then radiate that passionate energy. 

Spiritually speaking, I believe it is these moments that bring us into alignment with our souls. I know many people are attempting to find and maintain their connection to spirit through meditation, yoga and the like, but what about these activities? They are just as valid a way as finding that connection and that sense of centred beingness that we attempt to find in meditation.

On the plus side, these activities are what we enjoy already. We don’t need to change who we are and go join an ashram and meditate endlessly, hoping to find peace one day. We simply need to get back to those activities that already take our breath away. We need to tune ourselves into life rather than zoning out. We need more passionate, joyful and vivid moments and we need more passionate, joyful and vivid people. We need that energy to permeate our world and bring us back to what makes life so amazing in the first place. I believe that energy will help create Heaven on Earth and bring us all closer to God.

Role models

I realize now that the reason I looked up to my role models as a kid was not because I looked up to the actual people. Rather it was the attributes they expressed that I liked. Most of my role models were athletes and I remember liking their display of strength, skill, determination, and success. 

So what I was really looking up to was those attributes because I wanted to incorporate them into my personality and express them in my own life. I realize now that those athletes were just people and they did not inherently possess those attributes. It was me who was associating the definition of those attributes to their actions, on and off the field/rink/court. For me to be able to do that I must contain those attributes within me. Those attributes do not exist in the external world on their own. They are subjective and contained as ideas within me.