The Youniverse

Stay centered in acceptance of the Here and Now. Not because you want to reach some “spiritual” goal, but for your own joy and peace. Choose what you prefer from what is available to you- without resisting your choice with thoughts of what “should” be or what “could” be. There is no end to the road of resisting the Here and Now. There is no end to all that noise. This is why your mind keeps running. This is why you feel lost and confused. Stay centered and let everything else go.

People are living in a dream and thinking it is the only reality. They don’t see that the reality they think is so solid is actually nothing more than flimsy, malleable ideas and perspectives. They reject new perspectives and resist change as much as they can, because they are afraid. They are afraid that life will have no meaning without the normal narrative they’ve been playing out. They feel they will be lost. They feel they won’t know who they are anymore. They are right, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is wonderful that we can change the narrative at any time. It means we can live lives that we truly prefer rather than pretending to prefer what we really hate.

Prepare yourself. Step outside the normal narrative. Get used to the unknown. Get used to being lost. Get used to being creative rather than reactive. We are moving into a new paradigm.

There is a sweeping change that is taking place. Narratives that are thousands of years old are coming to an end. Separation, fear, anxiety and other forms of negativity have been played out almost as fully as they can, without actually destroying ourselves. There is nothing more to discover in the dark, so now we’re moving into the light. It can be uncomfortable to make this change- like stepping into the daylight from a pitch black cave. But we will see so many more wonders in the light than we have seen in the darkness.

A vast world is opening up before us. Nothing will ever be the same.

The Darkness and The Light

To truly know and experience the light you must also truly know and experience the darkness. If light was all there was it couldn’t be experienced. For light to be experienced darkness must also exist.

To truly and intimately know and experience the darkness- and know the light- you must paradoxically forget about the light. You must become so used to the pain of darkness that you forget there is a way out, because otherwise you will naturally, quickly and effortlessly move towards the joy of the light and cease experiencing the pain of darkness. 

This is where many of us are at- doubting the ways out of the darkness because we’re so used to it. We doubt the light even exists, calling it too good to be true and staying in the darkness longer because we’re afraid of leaving it. The cycle of darkness is totally based on fear. We are so used to the fear that we’re even afraid of moving away from it. 

All experience of darkness is the result of forgetting about or denying the light. All experience of light, on the other hand, is the result of remembering both the darkness and the light, realizing that the darkness is a choice and a way to experience what the light is, and then choosing the light. 

The darkness fears the light and sees it as a threat to its existence. The light loves the darkness and sees it as a way to experience its own existence.

Knowing and experiencing the light is natural to you. Moving towards it is just the process of letting go of fear and remembering the light is there now, and always has been there.

The biggest trouble with needing approval, or needing anything else for that matter, is that you end up losing your sense of self. You end up being who you think you need to be in order to have what you think you need to have rather than just unconditionally being who you really want to be. Pretty soon you end up miserable, resenting the stuff you think you need because it is costing you the joy, clarity and enthusiasm that comes with being you. That’s the stuff that really makes your life worth living.

Ask a person who thought they desperately needed a certain outcome in their life and then failed, why do they feel good after losing the possibility of experiencing what they thought they needed? Ask a parent why they are sincerely bittersweet or outright relieved when their child goes to school for the first time. Ask an adult child why they feel the same way when their sick, aging parent passes away after they had been caring for them for a while. While there is an undeniable sadness in these situations, there is also a joy, because each person is freed from what they thought they needed to be. They are freed to make new choices, and to be who they now want to be through those new choices.

Each person wants nothing more than to be his or her true self as fully as he or she can.