The Youniverse

It’s all about the experience.

Forget about all the concepts about your life experience for a second. Let’s just talk about your actual experience. Are you happy with your experience?

I have observed that most people don’t ask themselves that question. Most are caught up in the concepts about their experience in order to justify or rationalize it. Concepts can make decision making very difficult. They can add unnecessary complexity and confusion to what is ultimately a simple decision: do we like our experience? 

Experience is the ultimate teacher, but we allow concepts- usually others’ concepts at that- to cloud its teachings, which then causes us to experience suffering without the ability to relieve that suffering ourselves. I was having this discussion with my brother and my wife earlier this week. It started off about my family’s culture- I am East Indian, living in Canada- and how Indian culture can cause suffering for many people. It started with us talking about people we know who have had unpleasant experiences in their arranged marriages to their cousins and how they find it difficult to change their life experience because of pressure from our culture and the couple’s family. The family itself is rigid in its concepts of what it expects of the couple because of its attachment to the concepts of culture. In my culture it is normal and quite common to have arranged marriages to cousins. In fact, at one point my parents had a chat with me about arranging my marriage to a cousin or to another girl I didn’t know, but I squashed that idea right away. It just didn’t feel right. Instead, I married the love of my life, who- to my parents’ initial horror- is Mexican. I chose to stray from my culture by marrying my wife because I enjoyed the experience of being with her more than I enjoyed the idea of experiencing an arranged marriage to someone I barely knew. I am happy I listened to my experience rather than the mere words and concepts of my parents and my culture. My wife and I share a relationship that is beyond what I could have ever hoped for, and yet I would have thrown it away if I had listened to words and concepts like so many others. Moreover, because my wife and I chose our own experience of marriage,  we hold the key to creating solutions to any problems that may arise in our marriage. We are not bound to customs and others’ opinions about what our experience of marriage should be about. 

The discussion with my brother and my wife then led into other areas of East Indian culture in which concepts cloud experience, such as when poor families in India kill their infant daughters because they cannot afford to pay the dowry at their daughter’s future arranged marriage. It never occurs to the families that the concept of dowry and arranged marriages are made up and that they can improve the actual experience of their lives by letting go of those old ideas. Instead, they are hopelessly bound to a culture created by others. Until they take back the power to create their own culture and their own experience they will not experience the relief that comes with the ability to create their own solutions in life. 

In the West, we are shocked by how people such as those in India can be so blind to what they are doing because of the weight of tradition, but we are not that different. In our end of the world we create and perpetuate systems that destroy the environment, which has the potential to turn into an experience of slow suicide. We commit this slow suicide because we say we want the concept of economic growth, even if that economic growth causes suffering to ourselves and others. Our concept of economic growth clouds our actual experience of destroying the very system that sustains us. Some of us may say that it is not us destroying the environment but rather that it is giant corporations doing the majority of the polluting, but we must ask ourselves how corporations came to be in the first place. Corporations are just concepts, just as arranged marriage and dowry are concepts. They can all be changed in order to create a more pleasurable experience for all of us, if we choose to do so. The fact that we didn’t pay attention to our experience as corporations grew larger and more destructive, and instead chose to listen to the concepts we were told by those very same corporations is what has created this increasingly negative experience now.

Yet there is nothing “wrong” with our experience now. I don’t want people to think of a concept of “positive” experience and think they must strive to create it. There is no authority figure out there dictating what we choose to experience. This isn’t about letting go of one concept and attaching to another; this time the concept of “positive” experience. Everything is chosen by us, including what we say is positive and negative, just because we say so. If we like the experience of destroying the planet, we will (continue to) do so. If we like the experience of going into debt to banks in order to simply live our lives we will continue to do so. If we like the experience of living in ignorance of our experience and suffering the consequences of that ignorance, we will continue to do so. If we like the experience of going back to living off the land in small colonies we will do so. There is nothing “wrong” with any of it. Life is meaningless. Life is where we get to play out whatever type of experience we desire to play out. We are the infinite awareness in which all experiences happen, just because they can. There is no need to justify our experience. There is no need to rationalize it. There are no expectations for us to meet. It’s up to us. Just pay attention to the experience itself and ask yourself: do I like this? Or don’t pay attention to it, and ask yourself if you enjoy the experience of living in ignorance. If not, create the experience of changing your experience in whatever way you find enjoyable. Do it because you enjoy it, not because it is the “right” thing to do. 

So if you like the experience of treating others and yourself with respect, choose it. If you like the experience of being creative, choose it and be creative in whatever way you desire to be. If you enjoy the experience of exploration, explore. If you enjoy being fearless, be fearless. Choose the experience you enjoy and seek to change the rest. But seek to change it in an enjoyable way. There is no point in being miserable because you have chosen to change your experience. Be happy with your choice because ultimately it is you who is responsible for your choices and for coming up with the reasons for your choices. That is the joy of living your life. Take back the power to create your experience rather than being attached to the concepts of what your experience must be like. Start being a creative being rather than a reactive one because at this point, all our lives depend on our ability to be creative. 

Not very good audio or video again. I need a new computer if I’m going to continue making videos, haha! Well, for me this is not so much about the actual video as it is about my own development and putting myself out there more. I am putting this up because I promised myself I would do it. 

So this video is about the heart and the mind. I truly believe a perspective that is predominantly mind based belittles life. I mean, when we come from our hearts I feel we respect life more, whereas when we come from our minds we just see labels. It is because everything is just a bunch of labels to us that we can do the things we do without feeling anything. Some examples: we can destroy the earth, exploit people living in foreign countries in order to make our cheap clothes and goods and create factory farms, all because we are trying to run our mind based economic system. This mind based system belittles the feelings of people when they  say they feel for the environment, or the people being exploited or the animals on factory farms. I mean, there are people out there talking about possibly colonizing Mars just in case we destroy this earth. We don’t feel any connection to this planet because we are looking at it with our minds. 

Here’s what I had written before the video and this previous little blurb:

It’s funny, the things that truly matter to us; meaningful relationships, our passions, our desires and our joys, are all chosen from and experienced through our hearts. We carry the things that matter to us in our hearts, not in our minds. And yet we actively try to suppress our hearts in many ways.

Many of us, myself included, interact with the world primarily through our minds, and I feel this deadens our lives. We’re a bunch of zombies, walking around heartlessly in a haze of thoughts. I feel we all desperately want to feel alive, but we’re going about it the wrong way. The life-affirming experiences that make us feel most alive and that tend to become our most memorable experiences are ones that speak to our hearts. This is where we need to place our focus.

I think our bias towards the mind is a problem created primarily by our preference for a scientific perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Science is great for finding out things about our material experience, but as far as our intangible emotional experience goes? Not so much. I feel a scientific view tends to belittle our lives and life itself. It tells us we’re nothing but a bunch of atoms and chemical reactions. It tells us everything, including ourselves, is the product of randomness. It tells us we create romantic relationships to produce offspring and that producing offspring is nothing more than the fulfillment of the desire to pass on our genes. It tells us animals probably have no feeling and nature along with the whole universe is one big machine. I feel this view is extremely insulting to all that makes life special to us. Imagine if somebody comes up to you and says your beloved dog is just a dog, completely overlooking the special bond you have with him and his personality. Imagine if you told your significant other that you love them only because it allows you to produce offspring. Good luck with that!

The heart feels what the mind cannot conceive. It gives meaning to what is objectively a bunch of atoms. It feels and cherishes the personality of your dog, your partner, your child and the uniqueness of everything else that is special to you. It makes life special to you. It doesn’t see the need to justify or rationalize the things that bring you joy. Running in a field for the fun of it makes perfect sense to the heart. So does spending lots of money at the vet’s office to save your dog. The heart is moved by the laughter of others, by the smell of blooming flowers and the sight of the starry night sky. It is what makes us who we are, much more so than our minds.

If there is any part of us that will save us from ourselves it is our heart. It is what will lead us to heal ourselves, each other and our planet. It is what will lead us where we want to go. The path to our dreams is made of feelings, not thoughts. It is a path of the heart, not of the mind.

As a result of this realization  I have decided to become more heart centered. I will make decisions that feel right to me. I will stop belittling all the things that bring me joy. I will choose what I am passionate about and what brings me joy with more clarity and conviction.

What we are predominantly looking for, is a sense of belonging. All that we desire is desired to accentuate a feeling of belonging. This means all the health, wealth, knowledge, love, support and other joyful experiences are desired for this very reason.

The solution for this seeking is to first believe we belong, which leads to a perception of all the ways in which we belong. If we believe we belong, we perceive the world completely differently. We see a world that supports our growth rather than one that inhibits it. We experience a world that is reflective of our joys rather than our fears.

To believe we belong we must believe that we are not some sort of freak accident that just happens to be here. We must believe that the world and everything in it is not an accident. We must believe that if we are not an accident, the world is our home and is capable of supporting us as we naturally are. The question is: if we don’t assume the world is our home, and therefore supportive of us, then where is our home? Are we doomed to being nomads in an inhospitable Universe forever?

If we assume the world is our home and supports us, this would mean that the world is in fact an infinite, unlimited space, capable of expanding infinitely to reflect our own continuous expansion. But we will not experience this infiniteness if we don’t first believe we belong. It all stems from this foundation.

Aliens in Our Own World

The pain of believing in an inherent environmental limitation and an inability to experience our desires and dreams is akin to being able to walk but convincing ourselves our environment limits us from doing so. 

The only reason we do not believe in our inability to walk but do believe in our inability to dream is because the cessation of walking would be too immediately painful while the pain of ceasing to dream is not immediate and has been dulled by becoming normal. 

Believing in our limitations stems from a belief in our own alienation. It all comes from the belief we are a cosmic accident that just happened to come into existence in a cruel, harsh, unflinching Universe. It is all about convincing ourselves that our environment is not suited to us, which means we must struggle against it for survival. And when the struggle is too great, as we believe it would be if we followed our dreams, then we must give up our dreams and instead protect ourselves from this bastard of a Universe. 

This is something no other organism believes. The reason the organisms of our world do not succumb to stress in the way we do, even in the face of their own challenges, is because they know they belong. Their actions spring from a sense of belonging, which naturally reduces stress levels. They exude a sense of grace. 

The irony is that most of the challenges they face- the ones we point to in our quest to prove our belief in a life of struggle- are predominantly the result of mankind playing out its own sense of alienation. We seek to dominate them and the world so that we can feel that we have staked our claim to the world, and that we have won against the cruel forces of nature.  

If we felt a sense of belonging to our world, we would seek to express our true desires and our dreams, but those desires would include the thriving and fulfillment of other human beings and of the natural world we live in. We would see that the world is suited perfectly for the experience of our desires and our dreams. We would see that the world is us, just in another form. We would finally stop being aliens in our own world. 

Requirements? What Requirements?

Every requirement is self-created. There are no external requirements of you. There is no yardstick that you must measure up against to prove your worth. All goals and all the resulting sense of success and failure are also self-created. The truth is that every endeavour you take part in is solely because you want to take part in it. There are no expectations for your life. There is no serious chore you must undertake to reach the promised land. All of it is self-created. So lighten up on yourself.

So what if society tries to hold you to its expectations so that it can fulfill its own expectations? There is no external expectation of society either. The goals and expectations of society for itself (whatever they may be), are self-created. Is it worth it to give up your freedom and joy for some arbitrary societal goal that society itself created? Furthermore, if society’s expectations are created for our well-being and happiness, why are so many us unhappy even if we abide by those expectations? Also, as members that make up our society, wouldn’t it be ideal and shouldn’t we strive to contribute in our own unique way by sharing our self-chosen joyous creations, leading to the creation of a society that reflects the true joy of its members?

Once again, this all gives rise to one of the core questions that has been asked numerous times in this blog ever since it began: are you doing what makes you happy? And if not, why not? Why limit your joy by holding yourself to others’ expectations of how you should behave? The idea is to live your life the way you want to live it, simply for the fun of living it. 

So the only reason to go to school is because you want to go, and because you enjoy learning there. The only reason to work somewhere is because you want to work there, and you enjoy the work. The only reason to create anything is because you want to create it. The only reason to live at all is because you want to do so, and because you enjoy it. 

So much of our pain is the result of striving to meet some external requirement, yet none of us have yet reached that requirement. This is because it isn’t there.

There is no single set requirement you must fulfill in order to prove your worth, because that requirement is constantly changing. In other words, there is no requirement at all. You cannot prove your worth to anybody else by measuring up to their expectations of what makes you worthy. 

If you live to please others and meet their expectations, there will be a day when you fail. It is an impossibility to fulfill everyone’s expectations of you, or even all of one person’s expectations of you. And yet, this is what we strive to do, and it is sucking the joy out of our lives.

The solution is to live within yourself, with joy and unconditional love, knowing that you are living for yourself. Do what you want to do for the joy of doing it. Forget about the requirements and expectations because there simply aren’t any.

New Thought

As a society we have reached the miserable middle-class status, with the ever-present desire to expand and advance, but also the crippling fear of losing what we have gained and achieved, and what has brought us comfort from the pain of poverty.

So we spend much of our energy protecting those industries and ideas that have brought us up from poverty status, even though those industries and ideas do not serve us in moving towards our new desires and goals.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the education of the new energy that are our children. In most of our educational systems we attempt to perpetuate our current systems of thought, even though our children yearn to express the new thought and energy that they are.

The most basic expression of Life- the birthing of each new generation, is by its very nature an introduction of new energy, of new thought. Our children cannot help but think and express themselves in new ways. It is in their very nature to do so.

Each time our children rebel, it is because they naturally seek to express this nature and move the expression of Life forward, only to be met by resistance from elder generations. 

In squashing this rebellion and protecting the status quo, the elder generations are attempting to create systems that defy the energy of Life, which is the energy of change. Everything changes because everything must change in order to express Life. In other words, to not change is to express separation and the fact is that there is nothing separate in Life. In order for anything to live, it must express connection to something else. This is undeniably true. 

The pain of this middle-class misery is the pain of resisting Life. Naturally, for our society to get out of the misery it must look to express Life. This means it must let go of old, non-serving ideas while opening itself up to new ideas and energy. It must allow the expression of this new energy, its children, to express their nature while guiding them in avoiding its past mistakes. Above all, it must express connection and integration.

This is the lesson our experience makes clear to us. To not heed this lesson is to create more of the stagnation we are currently experiencing.

Passion and Purpose

Life, above all else, is the flow of passion and desire, expressing constantly. Each of us carries the energy of passion within us, and with it the potential to connect to the flow of Life. As each of us fully expresses our unique expression of the energy of passion and desire, we connect with that flow. This is why passion feels so good; it is Life giving and Life connecting.

When you are firmly and fully in your passion, you are at One with all Life, and you fit with everything else in existence. When you are in your passion, you are also automatically abundant, because you are connected to the flow of Life that brings you whatever it is that you truly require to continue to express your passion. 

The answer to “What is my purpose in Life?”, then, is simply to express your connection to Life by fully expressing your unique passion. In other words, your purpose is to be you, as fully as you can. Your purpose isn’t out there somewhere. Nobody can tell you what it is. (No, not even this post that you’re reading. I can encourage you to fulfill your purpose by following your passion, but I cannot tell you what your passion is.) Your purpose is found right here, right now. It is found in doing whatever makes you feel passionate and alive right now. If that includes reading this post, great. Read it with passion and with excitement. Understand it. Soak it in. However, if reading this post isn’t your current passion, let it go, and go do what is your passion, no matter what it looks like. 

This is Life we’re talking about here. Life is infinite possibilities with an infinite number of expressions. It’s ludicrous to think that Life can only express through University degrees, or stable 9 to 5 jobs or any other single type of expression, as our society tends to think. That’s not to say that University degrees and 9 to 5 jobs cannot be the form that someone’s passion takes, however. My point is that it’s up to each of us though, to truly decide for ourselves whether they are our passion or not. It’s time for us to loosen up our definitions on how we think we must live Life. It’s time for each of us follow our true passion with no expectations and see where the flow of Life leads us. 

The fact that I am inspired to write this post, in order to remind people to follow their passion, is a sign to me that most of us are not doing so. To me, our society is in a sad state, because we have created it to resist the flow of Life. In other words, we have created it to be a predominantly fearful society, rather than a passionate one.

The majority of the members of our society resist their passion, because they have been taught to invalidate themselves and their expressions of passion, by association. So it’s no wonder that they anxiously look instead to how others tell them to live their lives. As a result of this, many people live desperately while feeling like crap day in and day out, wondering why Life turns out the way it does. The answer, of course, is that they aren’t really living Life; they are resisting it. That’s why they feel like crap. They are afraid of following their passion, which means they are afraid of Life itself, ludicrous as that may seem. Yet it is ultimately their fear that is making them sick and killing them; not their passion. 

One of the most wonderful gifts of Life is that each of us has a direct connection to the flow of Life. It’s also equally wonderful that the expression of this connection is unique for each of us, which means there are an infinite number of ways to express this connection. Isn’t it time for each of us to acknowledge the gift of this connection by expressing our passion as fully as we can? 

Becoming your authentic self

Are you avoiding the realization that you are living your life in a way you don’t prefer, so that you can avoid the feelings of anxiety, anger and fear that come along with that realization?

Are you covering up your desperation with a smiley face? Does that smiley face include your job, your possessions, your friends and loved ones? Do you cling to them and use them as a mask to cover up your deep feeling of anxiety, or your deep feeling of not being enough? 

Are you documenting (including posting online) all the so-called “great” experiences you’re having in your life in order to convince yourself that they are in fact great and that you’re happy? Is the greatness of your experience based on the number of likes it gets on Facebook (or whatever social network(s) you use)

When it comes down to it, is your life a reflection of your deep sense of joy and happiness or is it a reflection of your anxious attempts at attaining a deep sense of joy and happiness? 

What about the rest of the world? Do you feel that humanity’s actions are reflective of the joy it feels, or the insecurity and anxiety it is trying to cover up? And what about humanity’s interactions with you? Is humanity’s attempts to fit you into its definitions of what you should be coming from its joy and love for you or from its own insecurities? 

Ask yourself these questions and feel the emotions they bring up. Begin the process of becoming your authentic self. Drop that smiley face and find the true joy within you. Allow your life be a reflection of that joy.

Not asking these questions is risking not becoming your authentic self. Not becoming your authentic self is risking that you’ll live a life of quiet desperation while “smiling” all the way through it, only to realize at the end that none of it truly made you happy.

The path to happiness is the path to authenticity, and the path to authenticity is within. 

Don’t invalidate what brings you joy.

Many of the common things people enjoy today were once perceived by others as “wrong” or “weird”. I mean, it must have been pretty weird to watch the first-ever basketball game for example. Imagine seeing people throwing balls at a peach basket for the first time. But if the players stopped playing because it was weird for some people, there would be no basketball today. And that’s just one example. Almost every new type of music, sport, clothing, or any other expression was initially ridiculed by someone, somewhere. That ridicule didn’t stop those who loved the new expression and that’s how change has always come to be. It takes a commitment to continue doing what you love regardless of what others may have to say. 

Imagining that we are powerless in the face of our own imaginings.

  • We have imagined a world where animals are kept in cages.
  • We have imagined a world where pets are bred on one hand while others needlessly die in shelters on the other.
  • We have imagined a world where slaughterhouses exist.
  • We have imagined a world where there is such a thing as third-world countries and first-world countries.
  • We have imagined a world where militaries exist.
  • We have imagined a world where students learn about the world by being told about the world instead of experiencing it first-hand.
  • We have imagined a world where 9-5 workdays exist.
  • We have imagined a world where caffeine is needed to jolt us from our sleep and keep us awake during our unexciting days.
  • We have imagined a world where one person makes less money than another for doing the same job, just because she has different body parts.
  • We have imagined a world where nature needs to be “developed” and where polluting our air and water for industry is good economic practice.
  • We have imagined a world where sweatshops and child-labour exist.
  • We have imagined a world where people are dying from over-eating in one part of the world while people are dying from not getting food in another part.
  • We have imagined a world where people who imagine things differently are mocked and ridiculed.
  • We have imagined a world where being unhappy, overworked, underpaid and stressed out is considered normal.
  • We have imagined a world where we produce more than we can consume, and throw out the excess as a solution.
  • We have imagined a world where our seniors are banished to die isolated from the rest of us.
  • We have imagined a world where we are separate from it and where the world is out to snuff us out of existence.
  • We have imagined a world where all these imaginings seem to be out of our power to change.

The reality is that we have the capability and the responsibility to imagine a different world, if we are unhappy with the current one. We can imagine a world that is reflective of our desires instead of our fears. We can imagine a world where we are self-empowered. It starts with imagining a different world, and validating and following that new imagination. It’s all up to us. 

The first step to creating heaven on earth is truly desiring it to be so.

The second step is believing it is possible to experience it at all. 

The third step is to imagine the feeling of what living in heaven on earth feels like. In other words: get in touch with the joy and ecstasy within you, while making a commitment to creating an experience reflective of that joy and ecstasy.

The fourth step is to act on the inspiration rising from the joy within you. Do what brings you joy. Help to create social systems based on joy. 

Money is an idea within reality, not reality itself. Your monetary situation is an idea within reality, not reality itself.

As reality continues to naturally expand, so will the idea of money. The current use of money to represent limitation and lack cannot work, because it clashes with the expansive nature of reality when used in this way. 

As you expand the idea of you, reality must also expand. Each human being is born with the inherent ability to expand itself through the use of its imagination. As each human being naturally expands the idea of itself through the use of its imagination, so does reality.

The trouble is that human beings are not familiar with the nature of themselves, and so they limit themselves to an idea in the mind, which then consequently limits reality. This is why getting in touch with the reality of humanity and the reality of reality is so absolutely critical to our happiness and our well-being. 

Money bends to the nature of reality, not the other way around. Living realistically- by validating and following the true desires born in your imagination, allows reality to expand in order to bring symbols of abundance into your experience to fulfill those desires. These symbols of abundance may be money, or it may be something else, but something must show up to fulfill  the new reality of you. The important thing is to allow reality to support the new you by avoiding to limit it through imagined expectation. Reality can expand in an infinite number of ways. Let it do so by simply being who you desire to be and getting out of its way. 

The current ideas of competition for a limited number of resources, or the idea that your abundance will take away from another’s abundance are delusional ideas that clash with the nature of reality. There is enough for all because each person belongs, as proven by the fact of their existence. 

Reality expands itself each time a new desire is born. It’s up to us to let go of limiting ideas on abundance and allow that expansion to take place. 

Reality cannot be fixed because no fixed reality can contain the reality of your being. Through the imagination that you are, you are constantly changing and constantly expanding, creating an ever-changing and ever-expanding experience of reality in the process. Reality must follow suit and expand with your imagination. In fact, it has been doing so all along- you only need to look at the difference in the experience of reality between life in the 1950’s or so and now, to see a small example of the manifestations of an expanding imagination. This type of expansion is about to accelerate tremendously as we step out of the limited ideas within our imaginations and realize that we are our imaginations. The infinite nature of our imagination eludes to the infinite nature of reality. As we expand our imagination and become more aware of its depth, we also expand the depth of our reality.


Everything in the Universe belongs and is intelligently created, except for human beings, the thinking goes. Creation’s only mistake is that we as human beings are cursed with the defect of escaping reality through dreaming and the ability to create our personalities. These aspects of us are mistakes we were created with and we must make every effort to forsake them. We must restrict our free-flowing imagination, get our heads out of the clouds and face reality, or what others tell us is reality. We must limit our identities to what others imagine we should be, because that is the only way to be a “normal” human being. 

For a moment, let’s forget what others tell us is reality and really take a look at the situation. The first truth about reality is it is always changing. Whether we’re talking about the reality of the natural world or the reality of our social systems doesn’t matter. It always changes. So when someone talks about reality as a fixed thing, they are not talking about true reality at all.

The reality of being a human being is that we can dream and that our experience of reality is a reflection of what we dream ourselves to be. We have usually been dreaming ourselves as separate from our Universe, as an accident of sorts, and we’ve played up that idea so much that our experience tends to reflect that idea. The reality is that we are one with the Universe and that it supports us, which is ludicrously lucky, if we are the accidents we may believe we are. The reality is that each of us is a localized point of the Universe, supported by the whole in the experience of ourselves through seemingly separate perspectives. 

The reality is that each of us does choose our identities, by choosing which ideas we resonate with and which we do not. We are not like the animals in this way (not that we’re better), because we have complex personalities consisting of ideas and beliefs, which creates a greater difference between two of us than any two animals. The reality is we use our inherent freedom to choose the idea of ourselves as a limited identity. 

The reality is that our identities are created from contrast, and so we need the lovely contrast provided by other personalities in order to forge our own. This means everything we are not makes us who we are, which paradoxically means we are everything we are not. The reality is that without contrast, each of us would cease to know ourselves as a distinct identity.

The reality is that each of us is in existence and that is proof enough that we belong, as we are. We belong with our ability to dream, to choose preferences and to be free to be whatever type of person we prefer to be. We wouldn’t dare think that it’s a mistake that birds can fly so why do we think this about our ability to dream? Validating our dreams and following them is akin to validating the bird’s ability to fly. It’s the natural thing to do. It is our birthright to desire what we desire and to expand in whatever way we prefer. We may choose to hide our desires and preferences, but they will always remain a part of us.  We are never inherently stuck in a situation; our desire to change the situation is proof of that. 

The reality is that we have created many of the restrictions we think we are born with. Countries, religions, classes and other systems are not the true reality of the world. They are our experience of the reality of the world. This experience is created out of our wonderful imagination of what the world must be like. Our day-to-day experience is created by us, and most of us do not realize it. We create this reality where it is not acceptable to truly be who each of us prefers to be. We create this reality where violence and competition is more acceptable than love and compassion. We create this reality where we work at jobs we hate for most of our lives. We create this reality of pollution and environmental destruction. We create all the experiences of conflict, pain and suffering in our reality. 

The reality is that we can just as easily create experiences of joy, peace and abundance. The reality is that joy, peace and abundance are not pie-in-the-sky ideas with little hope of being applied to our lives. They are experiences created out of our ideas, just as violence, competition and suffering are. 

Allow yourself to live the truth of reality, instead of what we have thought reality must be. Express your inherent freedom to be whoever you prefer to be. Create systems that reflect the ideas you prefer to incorporate within your personality. Allow reality to change in ways you prefer. It isn’t as rigid as you thought it was.