The Youniverse

Human Beings

The only organism to alienate itself from its own environment. 

The only organism that is afraid of being joyfully natural, and instead seeks to limit itself to normality while being miserable doing so.

The only organism that actively seeks to alienate others from their natural selves by trying to get them to be something they’re not. This attempt is directed at other human beings and the environment, including all the other organisms that make up the environment. We don’t see the value or supportive nature of the natural order of things, and so we seek to change it. 

The only organism that mistrusts its environment and its own existence by believing its environment is not ideally suited to its complete needs and wants. Life can’t support our desires, so we might as well deny them , we think. Life is limited, while we attempt to be unlimited, so we rail against Life at large, not thinking that it is our belief in our own alienation that has us believing and experiencing that Life is limited. “Look at all the ways we don’t belong! Life is cruel. Life is a struggle!” is our message. We are the only organism with such a message. 

The only organism that uses its abilities to its own disadvantage. Our ability to think in the way we do, that ability which separates us from other species, is used to deny our own sense of belonging. This separates us further from the natural world, where every organism naturally believes in its own sense of belonging and in its ability to live a fulfilling life. Try convincing a bird or a tree that it doesn’t belong or that tomorrow won’t bring it what it needs to fulfill itself. The natural world lives in absolute trust of its existence. We do not.

The Part of Nature that Thinks

Instead of believing we live in a hostile world out to kill us, we will come to realize that the world is supportive of us as it is supportive of all of its species.

We will realize we are the part of nature that thinks and dreams, and that nature naturally and effortlessly supports the complete experience of those thoughts and dreams just as it supports the complete experience of a lion or a gazelle.

We will realize nature supports WiFi, computers and other advanced technology. We will realize nature supports books, reading, language and music. We will realize nature supports curiosity, desire and knowledge.

Just as a lion doesn’t think for a second that it doesn’t belong with all of its “lionness”, we also won’t think we don’t belong with all of our humanity. We won’t diminish our ability to think, dream or create by believing that we must compete with the rest of Life in order to experience what we wish to think, dream or create. Neither will we aggrandize these abilities by exploiting the parts of nature that don’t have these abilities. We will rather think of these abilities as parts of nature, as natural as a leopard’s ability to climb trees.

Just as any animal doesn’t use its abilities to quell insecurities, but instead uses them to simply live its life and fulfill its desires, securely in balance with all of nature, we will do the same. And just as any animal doesn’t lie around worrying about how it isn’t supported by Life, but instead plays out its obvious support with grace, so will we. But where a lion is fulfilled with gazelles to eat, water to drink, a pride to procreate and ample territory, we will be fulfilled with the needs of our bodies as well as our advanced intellects.

As each of us declares who we are, through our thoughts, words and actions, the world naturally and automatically seeks to support that declaration. It will provide us with whatever is needed to be that person we have declared ourselves to be. Indeed, it has done so all along. 

Our intellect is not separate from the natural world and Life itself. It is a natural and tangible part of it; as natural and as tangible as our own bodies. 

The reason Science as a whole gets a relatively small amount of funding is because it explores our universe, coming to new conclusions about it and our place in it. This exploration is a direct threat to the status quo and by association threatens those that benefit from the status quo, which is those in power. Those in power cannot tolerate true, unbridled scientific curiosity and exploration. This is why NASA’s budget gets cut and why the sciences are less popular to study in university than business. Who would want to promote scientific exploration that may relieve our dependence on oil for transportation, for example? Why not instead just pump out business people, marketers and whatnot, who know how to protect market share and how to promote oil or whatever else they’re told to promote? Or, why promote Science and run the risk of a scientist blabbing about the destruction of the environment, spoiling all that economic growth and productivity and the billions it brings to the powerful? Science is only tolerated if it results in iPhones or cable TV. After all, it’s all about keeping the status quo and discouraging rocking the boat via true exploration as much as possible.

— Sohail Desai


The progress of humankind has essentially been one of integration. Over time, we have been integrating ourselves through various stages starting from individuals, to families, to tribes, to cities, to countries, to religions and races, to continents and now we have reached the point of beginning to integrate as one world.

The energy that manifests all aspects of our experience has been moving towards integration in an ever accelerative manner, and this can be seen all around us in our world. However, this process of integration is most brilliantly illustrated by the progress of technology. Our technology has broken down so many barriers, both physical and ideological, that used to separate us, and has intertwined our lives so completely that we can no longer truly separate our experiences from one another and live in our little bubbles. When one part of our world suffers, the rest of us feel it. When another part of our world is jubilant, the rest of us also feel that joy. We are more connected than we have ever been and we are growing more and more connected as the days go by.

Now, we have reached a point in our progress where many old systems, still based largely on separation and disintegration, are teetering on the brink of collapse. This can readily be seen in our economy. The efforts of the authorities to avoid the collapse and boost the economy have failed because they do not realize that the system cannot stand under the stress of the creative energy of integration. The energy will always prevail because there is so much momentum behind it and because it is the actual energy that gives birth to our experience. Many other systems based on separation will also be feeling the effects of this integrating energy soon. The most prevalent of these systems is religion, government, and the military.

Religion will feel it as people realize that the God we have searched for is actually not “out there” somewhere, but is right here. God is the universe and everything in it. We will be integrating ourselves as pieces of God rather than a separation from God.

Governments will feel it as people integrate themselves and realize that we are our governments and that we have the power to shape “them” through our everyday actions. An authoritative government thrives on perceived separation and this perception can no longer hold. Therefore, the governments will take on a less authoritative stance and more of an integrative one in which they truly serve the people.

A military is very obviously based on separation and perceived threats. An integrative world obviously cannot give birth to militaries. I don’t think this needs much more clarification, does it?

On another note, the rise of quantum physics and information such as The Secret and the Law of Attraction are also symtoms of this process of integration. The information reveals that the perspective of separation we have held for so long is illusory and that the reality we thought was outside us is actually a part of us. The information states that we create our reality and this can only be possible if there is no separation between us and it. Otherwise, what would we create our reality out of? It’s not like we can go to the hardware store and get some reality creation tools and magically put it together with something we don’t already contain. Reality is made of us. 

Once we realize reality is made of us, the next question most of us will ask is, who or what are we? We cannot merely be bodies of flesh if reality is actually made of us. Our bodies exist within reality, not the other way around. I believe this path of questioning and discovery will lead us to more integration as we no longer identify with our bodies alone, but rather see ourselves as energy or consciousness itself. This ties in nicely with being integrated with God.

Lastly, once our world is integrated as one I believe we will expand our reality so that it includes other worlds and beings from other worlds. We will explore the rest of the universe that we are, integrating larger and larger portions of ourselves, until we reach what we have called God, which is the one integrated being, containing everything in existence. This won’t be the end though, since we cannot cease to exist, we must continue the process of integration forever. We are infinite, existence is infinite, and God is infinite. There will never be an end. 

We Belong

Does anybody else find it weird that Science implies through its findings that life on Earth is some sort of extraneous random occurrence or that the Universe itself is extraneous and pointless? That’s also what Science would have us believe about each of us. We are all to believe that we are extraneous, pointless creatures who’s sole purpose is to fit in and be strong in order to survive and pass on our genes to the next generation.

The result of this thinking is that we now have so many people trying to fit in to the world because they believe themselves to be extraneous. They believe now that their natural self, that is the self that they uniquely are with their unique perspective does not fit and is extra. They believe they are to conform to the world. Taken further, the next logical step in this line of thinking is that since the natural self is extraneous, this must mean that it is also worthless. So because of this line of thinking these people go through life trying to find meaning, trying to make a difference so that they can find themselves to be valuable. Many go out of their way to help others, many also get married and have children so that they may feel that they made a difference to somebody’s life. The world may not care about their existence, the thinking goes, but at least these people they helped or their spouse or children will care to think about them after they’re gone, giving them some sort of value.

Now, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t help others or that they shouldn’t get married and have children. I’m just saying that people should realize that they are not extraneous, that they belong in the world as their natural self, that they do not need to do anything special in order to fit in and make a difference in the world. They should understand that they will never have more of an impact on the world than they already have just by their mere existence. Then, coming from this perspective of self-valuation, all actions will be based on enjoyment rather than on finding self-validation. Getting married and having children would simply be acts of enjoyment rather than sources of validation. Nobody would go out of their way and take on a great deal of responsibility in order to help another; they would realize that they’re helping in their own way automatically by being their natural selves. 

So the point of all this is to stop viewing ourselves as extraneous. We must stop trying to fit into the Universe. We belong as we are. Anybody saying otherwise doesn’t know what they’re saying. If what they’re saying is true and we don’t fit as we are, then nothing fits. If we are extraneous and pointless then the whole Universe is extraneous and its existence is also pointless. The proof that you and I belong is that we are already here. WE are already here. Not someone else, not some person we are supposed to be. WE are here as we are because we belong as we are. Our existence is not dependent on being some perfect version of ourselves that God or society wants us to be. Our existence is a gift given freely to do with what we please. We exist to be ourselves. It is as simple as that. Accept that fact and accept yourself completely. Be yourself fully and experience the magic of seeing how you fit into the grand scheme of things in life. It doesn’t mean you cannot change. You will always keep changing, but within each change you will still be yourself, you will just be a different representation of yourself.

If we live our lives as our natural selves, taking for granted that we belong, I believe we will see the evidence of how our existence automatically compliments others’ existence and how everyone fits into a sort of integrated, supportive tapestry that benefits all. Remember, a cohesive society is not built on conformity of all its individuals to a certain ideal, but rather is built of a network of strong individuals being themselves and automatically helping others be themselves. 

It Really is All About Being Yourself!

It really is all about being yourself. After years of studying and exploring these metaphysical concepts I have now come full circle back to myself. I now realize that it was never about searching for anything, it was simply about being who I really am. 

Being yourself is the simplest way to live life. There is nothing easier than being who you really are. Many times, when exploring metaphysical subject matter, I have heard about following your excitement or joy, about changing beliefs that are out of alignment with who you are, about raising your vibration and so on and so forth, but all of these methodologies are all really just another way of saying “be yourself”. 

Here’s my explanation about why being yourself is so important. When you are yourself you are content, happy and at peace with your life. It is simply an effortless blissful feeling. That feeling is your point of attraction to all that you desire, including all the support and love you could ever need or want, in any and all forms. Law of Attraction is about like vibration attracting like vibration. So when you are vibrating at your natural state of being, you attract the type of reality that allows you to continue being your natural self. It can really be that simple.

However, I know I have gotten caught up in my old way of thinking many times, where I would tell myself to get excited and force myself to do “exciting” things so that I could get the things I want. This didn’t work and in fact kept the things I desired (and still desire) away from me. Why? The reason is because I had resistance and I was forcing myself to behave in a certain way in order to get what I desired. I wasn’t really being myself. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to be yourself, even things that may seem ordinary to you can lead you to extraordinary experiences.

Now that I look back at some interesting points in my life using my new perspective, I can see how simply being myself allowed me to experience some wonderful things in my life in a magical, surprising and effortless manner. Here’s an example: One summer night a couple of years ago, I decided to go for a drive with my wife near the outskirts of my city. While we were driving along on a favourite road of mine something caught my attention by the side of the road. We stopped to check it out and found a mange infested rabbit just sitting there. Being animal lovers we took him home and got him veterinary attention, where we found out that his teeth were misaligned and he had a hard time eating. He was in pretty bad shape, but after some medication and loving care, he made a full recovery from his mange, got his teeth trimmed and gained some weight. We now have a very sweet pet bunny who we named Russell. He still gets his teeth trimmed once a month, but other than that he has been the perfect little pet.

Now, a couple of things stick out for me about that experience. One: I went for the drive simply for the joy of it, with no other motivation behind it. In other words I was just being myself, and two: finding Russell was completely unexpected, but still very pleasing. This type of experience is what metaphysical teachers call positive synchronicity. Positive synchronicity occurs when you are at the right place at the right time to experience a joyful experience, which we usually call a miraculous coincidence. Conversely, negative synchronicity is when you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, which we usually call disasters or tragedies. I have had many other synchronous experiences, mostly positive, but some negative. I will probably talk more about these in other posts or in another blog I am considering.

I have now come to the realization that everything is synchronicity, it is just a matter of whether it is positive synchronicity or negative synchronicity. The sole determining factor of whether you experience positive or negative synchronicity is your state of being. In a nutshell, this is why being yourself is very important for how you experience your life.

Simply being yourself is enough to create many miraculous experiences. Because you are being yourself, you will be doing only those things that excite you the most, when they excite you the most and where they excite you the most. You will automatically be in the right place at the right time to experience the type of life you prefer to experience. It really isn’t important where you are physically, but where you are vibrationally, because where you are vibrationally will automatically attract you to where you need to be physically in perfect timing. 

So let go of all the beliefs, expectations, and other burdens that are not allowing you to be yourself. You got these burdens from other people who were judging you when they had no business judging you. By you carrying them around you continue to judge yourself. Stop invalidating who you are and simply live your life in the way you prefer. You will be your natural self and you will see that you fit in the universe, exactly as you are. You will be being your natural shape so that you can fit into the unique space designed for little old you in the giant puzzle that is the universe.


Life works flawlessly for everyone, no exceptions. It only gives a reflection of what we believe ourselves to be. It holds nothing back. The only reason it appears to be holding something back is because of our limited definitions of Who We Are. Expanding these definitions will generate an expansion in the reflection of life just as flawlessly as ever.

Taking abundance to be an example, it is not that a poor person is not abundant. It is that they are abundant enough to fulfill their idea of themselves as a poor person. If and when they change their idea of themselves into one of a wealthy person, they will just as flawlessly attract enough abundance to fulfill that new idea. The main issue for the poor person is that they may not even know that they can change the idea of themselves or that life will support them. They usually assume that life is just the way it is, regardless of how they view it or themselves. 

We ALWAYS get enough to fulfill the idea we are being. If we are being the idea of a sick person, we will attract the circumstances and situations to fulfill that idea as well. It is not that we are malfunctioning when we are sick, but rather that we are flawlessly functioning as a sick person. 

So far, we have been living the idea of being separate from reality and life. This is basically being the idea of a victim of life or gods or some other external force. This idea brings with it much fear, confusion and suffering so as to maintain the idea of being victimized by an external reality. What we are now realizing is that reality is not “out there”. It is simply a reflection and an expression of ourselves. Our reality is symbolic of interactions going on within our being, within our consciousness. There is nothing to fear in the reflection except ourselves. 

The next step in our evolution is to actually BE the reality we thought we lived in. We will be able to make connections between our internal beliefs and our external experience, seeing how our life has always and will always work flawlessly for us. We will see ourselves as the key that will unlock us from what we thought of as the prison of life, which was seemingly imposed on us by others. 

Choosing Your Life

It is not a matter of wanting to change your life. Your life is changing every single moment. You just don’t notice it because the changes are so subtle, but nevertheless it is changing effortlessly. All there is to do is accept this fact and then have your say about how you want your life to change. Do you want it to be similar? Do you want it to be drastically different? It is ultimately your say so take control by choosing how your life will unfold. Don’t wait for permission from life before you choose because that permission will never come. By the way, where do you think the permission comes from anyways? It’s your life, so really the permission will come from you and end up returning to you. 

So how do you choose? Simple. It all has to do with your state of being. Your state of being determines what you next experience in your life. It is like a magnet that attracts only those experiences that are resonating with that state, out of an infinite number of probable experiences. So pay attention and choose the state you prefer. Do those things in life which bring forth your preferred state of being. This isn’t some fairy tale bullshit. This is how reality and life works. If you read my past posts you will see how existence contains all possibilities, but it is up to us which of these possibilities we choose to experience. Life really can be this simple if we allow it to be. 

Every moment is a completely new moment and a new opportunity to decide what type of life you want to experience. Indeed, there is nothing else to do. So decide, because life is always anticipating your choice.