The Youniverse

The Creator is Within

The Illusion was meant to be your joy. It was meant to be your tool. It was never intended to be your burden and your sorrow, your trial and tribulation. And it will cease to be so when you understand the Ultimate Reality: There is no sepa­ration.

There is no separation of anything, from anything. There is only Unity. There is only Oneness.

You are not separate from each other, nor from any part of Life. Nor from Me.

Because Disunity does not exist, Insufficiency can not. For The One That Is is sufficient unto Itself.

Because Insufficiency does not exist, Requirement cannot.

For when there is nothing you need, there is nothing that you have to do to acquire anything.

Because there is nothing that you have to do, you will not be judged by whether you have done it or not.

Because you will not be judged, you cannot be con­demned.

Because you will never be condemned, you will know at last that love is unconditional.

Because love is unconditional, there is no one and no thing that is superior in God’s kingdom. There are no rankings, or hierarchies, there are not some who are loved more than others. Love is an experience total and complete. It is not pos­sible to love a little, or to love a lot. Love is not quantifiable. One can love in different ways but not to different degrees.

Always remember that.

Love is not quantifiable.

It is either present or it is not, and in God’s kingdom love is always present. That is because God is not the dispenser of love, God Is Love.

Now I have said that you and I are One, and that is what is so. You are made in My image and likeness. Therefore, you, too, are love. In a word, that is Who You Really Are. You are not the receiver of love, you are that which you would seek to receive. This is a great secret, and knowing this secret changes people’s lives.

People spend whole lifetimes seeking that which they al­ready have. They have it, because they are it.

All you have to do to have love is to be love.

You are My beloved. Each of you. All of you. None of you is more lovable than another, because none of you is more of Me than another—although some of you remember more of Me, and, therefore, more of yourself.

So do not forget yourself.

Beloved, be love.

Do this in remembrance of Me.

For you are all a part of Me, a member of the Body of God. And when you remember Who You Really Are, you are doing that quite literally. That is, you are re-membering— becoming a member once again of the One Body.

There is only One Body.

One Being.

Always remember that.

Because there is no Superiority, there are not some who know more than others, and some who know less. There are merely those who remember more, and remember less, of what has always been known.

Ignorance does not exist.

Now I come to tell you again that this is what is true: Love is unconditional. Life is unending. God is without need. And you are a miracle. The miracle of God, made human.

This is what you have wanted to know all along. It is what you have always known in your heart, and what your mind has denied. It is what your soul has whispered time and time again, only to be silenced by your body, and the bodies around you.

You have been asked to deny Me by the very religions that would invite you to know Me. For they have told you that you are not Me, and I am not you, and that to even think so is a sin.

We are not one, they say, but rather, the Creator and the created. Yet this refusal to accept and know yourself as one with Me is what has caused all of the pain and all of the sor­row of your life.

I invite you now to a meeting with the Creator.

You will find the Creator within.


We are loved beyond measure, literally. To clarify: love is the energy that creates bonds and integrates and we are connected to infinite existence through an infinite number of bonds. We are each connected to each and every aspect of infinite creation. In fact, we are One with each and every aspect of creation. This is what it means to be loved beyond measure: there is simply no way to measure the number of bonds between each of us and infinite existence. 

This recognition doesn’t need to be on some airy philosophical level either. The bonds can be recognized strictly through observing life as it is right now. Take a look at our existence in our wonderful bodies. For our bodies to exist they must be connected to the workings of the planet, which produces the air they breathe, the water they drink and the food they eat. These are the basics without which life as we know it cannot exist, and they are provided through the loving bond between ourselves and our planet. 

Taking this recognition a step further, the workings of our planet itself is based on its connections with the rest of the Universe. Without its unique connection with the Sun, for example, our planet wouldn’t have the environment to be able to provide the basics we need for us to exist as human beings. This we usually take for granted. The Sun in turn is connected to other larger parts of the Universe and its workings are based on its own connections. The point is that the more we look at every aspect of existence, the more we realize how each part of it is dependent on the whole and how the whole cannot be whole without each aspect. Nothing exists in isolation. Everything is connected to everything else. Everything is loved beyond measure.

With this in mind, it can be said that everything is love. That is, everything can only exist through loving connections and so everything is given existence through love. Now, humanity has talked about love since we came into being, but we usually limit our recognition of it to only a few circumstances. We talk about loving certain people, or loving certain circumstances but if we only recognize love in these circumstances we limit the amount of joy in our lives. Love is infinite, existence is infinite, to exist is to be loved. Recognizing this can make every moment of existence a joy! There is no need to wait to feel loved by someone special. There is no need to feel lonely or worthless because our existence is proof of the love around us. Every breath we take is an act of love and a gift from existence. Every utterance, every action, every thought is an act of love but we just don’t realize it.

How would you behave if you knew of this love? How would you treat others, who are obviously also loved by existence? How would you treat yourself? How would life change? The challenges we face on our planet mainly arise from us not realizing the depth of love existence has for each of us. To solve our challenges we need to remind ourselves of this love by taking notice of our connections, by taking notice of the air we breathe and where it comes from, or the water we drink or the sun lighting up our world. Once pointed out, nobody can deny these obvious signs of love from existence, we just have to take notice of it.

Once we recognize this love around us, it is up to us to pay tribute to it. We pay tribute by living our lives joyfully, which comes from knowing our sense of worth. We pay tribute by behaving lovingly and living with a deep sense of gratitude. It is up to us to recognize how loved we are and to portray our recognition through our thoughts, words and deeds. Right now, we are behaving out of not recognizing the love of existence and out of our sense of worthlessness that arises from not noticing the love. 

In fact, by not recognizing the love that has always been there we have been destroying the signs of the love around us. We have been poisoning our air, water and food so that we reaffirm our belief that we are not loved by our world. We look at the Universe as something out to get us and snuff us out of existence and yet nothing could be further from the Truth. We look at each other as competition who we must struggle against for the love of existence, not recognizing that their existence is proof that they too are also loved. 

Our society itself is based on connections between one another, and yet we treat others as if there is no connection. We fail to recognize that the clothes we wear, the entertainment we enjoy and the rest of the extras in life that make life as beautiful as it is all come from our connections with the rest of our society. Because we fail to recognize these connections we continue to treat the others, especially those in “poor” countries, as less than worthy and we risk ending their current form of existence. What we have done to ourselves, by not recognizing the love of existence, we do to others, creating in them the same sense of separation from the rest of society and from the rest of existence. 

Were we to pay tribute to the love of existence, our society would obviously reflect this. We would recognize our connections with each other and lovingly strengthen them, creating a greater sense of the unity and love that already exists.  

This lack of recognition of love has also given birth to our religions, through which we declare our sense of worthlessness even more, creating more of a sense of disconnection from existence. Paying tribute to the love of existence would create religions that aren’t built on obligations to God or attempting to get his love, but would rather celebrate the love that is already there. Prayer wouldn’t be offered from a sense of worthlessness but a sense of being loved. It wouldn’t be offered to create more of a sense of separation from existence and to get love, but would be a grateful tribute to the ever-present loving connections around us. 

In summation then- as I’ve said in previous posts- what we need on our planet, is a recognition of our loving connections to existence. Whether those recognitions are strictly on the physical level or on the spiritual level doesn’t matter. Each of us can choose whichever is most easily recognizable to us, but the recognition is important. The recognition itself is so powerful that it can change our world in ways we can’t yet imagine.

Once again, as I’ve said in previous posts, it’s up to each of us. It starts on a personal level by paying tribute to the love of existence through our thoughts, words and deeds. Our lives lived is the tribute we pay. Joyful existence is the only real tribute and it is an effortless tribute at that. The question remains, “What would love do now?”, which is another way of saying “How can I recognize my connection with this circumstance?” Because the connection is there, if we look for it. That’s all that is required to create lives of joy, both on an individual level and on a collective level. Recognition of connection and love, always and all ways. 

The Infinite Space for All Truths

Existence is the infinite space which holds all truths. Each truth is a different perspective of existence and each truth is valid in its own right. Existence has enough space within it to allow each truth its own space to be valid and to grow infinitely without having to contradict any other truth. This is the beauty of existence. It allows each aspect of itself infinite potential for growth and expansion without condition or question.

As a society we have forgotten this. The way we see it, there is only room for one truth in existence and so this one truth must actively deny and attack any opposing truth. Each religion believes this, each political party believes this and each person believes this in one way or another. Humanity as a whole believes this. This is the reason humanity seeks to deny and attack nature’s truth, or the animal kingdom’s truth, or the truth of other aspects of humanity. We believe that our truth is powerless and invalid without the invalidation of any other truth. 

Take a look at our experience and you should be able to see how this is true. The fact is most people are not expressing their own unique truths, but are rather expressing what others say should be their truths. This is why our society, actually our world, is in a state of misery. Invalidating truths is the fastest way to cause misery. Joy, on the other hand, is found by validating all truths and this is why it is said by many spiritual teachers that existence is joyful in nature.

The other thing our society has forgotten is that the validation of others’ truths does not negate our own truth, but rather enhances it. An example: the validation of nature’s truth obviously enhances the truth of humanity for humanity wouldn’t even exist to express its truth were it not for nature. Another not so apparent example is that the validation of everyone in society enhances the whole of society.

I believe our experience as a society will be moving towards that of the nature of existence, if it isn’t doing so already. Our society will allow all truths within it and yet each truth will see that if it is to enjoy its validity it must not be hypocritical by infringing on any other truth. In this way each truth will be based on each person alone and will not have anything to do with the approval or disapproval of other people, unless the truth is known to affect others in a negative way. Each truth will be declared and expressed freely and joyfully and will intermingle with all other truths to create a loving tapestry of valid truths. I believe we will create a microcosm of the nature of existence on our own planet and what better model is there to base it on?

To find God you must be out of your mind. This is because God is the ultimate process of integration, which gives rise to the One being or All-That-Is. The mind is a tool of separation and so will deny integration wherever possible, making it impossible to find God by using it alone.

Trying to find God through the mind is how religions started and is why they continue to separate humanity from God rather than integrating humanity with God.

To find God you must deny what your mind tells you about your experience and seek a feeling of Oneness, unity and integration with all of creation. When you’ve found God, which means when you’re feeling integrated with everything in your experience, people will probably call you crazy or “out of your mind”. They’ll never know how accurate their statement is, until they’ve found God themselves, that is.

— Sohail Desai

For most people the things they do in life are not for their enjoyment, but merely to continue living life. People go to work producing things they don’t really want to produce so that they can get money, which then allows them to buy other stuff that other people produced through hard work, all so that we can all continue to live.

But what if we decided that there was enough of life to go around and that there was no need to compete for life? What if we realized that we are life itself, rather than something that has life? Well, the first thing that we wouldn’t really need is money, at least not in its current form. Right now, the only reason people want money is because without money they cannot get the stuff to keep them alive. The struggle for money is the struggle for life. Without the struggle for life, there is no need to struggle for money anymore.

What happens then? Do people get lazy and just wait for others to feed them? Or do people simply create things for the sake of joy and for freely sharing with the world? To put it simply: if you didn’t need money to survive, why would you hold back on sharing your joyous creations with the world in an open and free manner? The short answer is: you wouldn’t. You also wouldn’t insist on producing more stuff if it started hurting someone or something, like the environment, for example (unlike the majority of producers today). The destruction of the very environment that we live in, by the producers of the world (and to a certain extent the consumers as well), is ironically driven by our desire for life, which we all believe is scarce.

The shift to the consciousness of unity is going to change life in a profound way. When we no longer see ourselves as that which has a life and start seeing ourselves as life itself, we will no longer compete with each other for what we already are. We will treat each other as all part of the One life that exists for all eternity. We will create a heaven on Earth where abundance is expressed joyfully. In one way, we will return to the lives we lived as children, when we lived and expressed ourselves simply for the joy of it.

— Sohail Desai

The ego was created by God/Goddess/All That Is in order to create the illusion of separation within itself. The ego is the vehicle through which God/Goddess/All That Is can experience itself.

We have allowed our ego to create such a degree of separation that we have fallen under its spell and we have forgotten about our connection with God/Goddess/All That Is. We have fallen under the influence of the ego so much that we listen to its messages about separation exclusively, resisting any thoughts about the underlying truth of unity of all things. We have strongly believed that we are the ego, rather than the God/Goddess/All That Is that has given birth to the ego.

Our theologies about the Universe, life and God have all been filtered by the ego so that they speak of more separation rather than unity. We must break the spell of the ego if we are to create the life we wish to create on our planet. We must realize that we are not the ego, but that we are using it to experience the wonder of ourselves. In this way we can be balanced beings, separated and yet united. We can be joyous in our illusion of separation because we know the truth of unity.

— Sohail Desai

Everyone is blindly running around listening to what others tell them is their purpose. They read “sacred” books which apparently contain the commandments of God regarding how they should live their lives. They strive to be as close to the image portrayed to them through advertising of what a “perfect” human being is. They chase after the things they think they need solely to fulfill the purpose of being this perfect human being. What happens when they match that image? Is there some ecstatic reward that comes with achieving the perfect life? Has anybody achieved it yet? No, nobody has reached perfection because there is no such thing. The advertised image of perfection is constantly changing and so this chase for more clothes, better looks, bigger houses, and whatnot goes on forever in misery.

If only the people would realize that they do not need to look to others to find their purpose because they have their own direct feed of knowledge. They have been receiving direct messages from within themselves about how to fulfill their purpose. Those messages have been and are still conveyed through their emotions. If only they followed their emotions they would quickly see that their only purpose is to be themselves by choosing to express themselves in whatever way they wish. They would realize that they do not need to strive to become some perfect human being because they are perfect as they are. The would see that the only reward for doing anything is the joyous feeling they generate when they do it. They would see that the image of the “perfect” human does not get them any extra reward if they achieve it. The reward is joy and there is no reason to put off feeling it until sometime in the future.

Now, I’m not saying it is “bad” to want the things people want, myself included. However, it is ignorant to believe those things can bring us joy. They can be representative of our joy, but they cannot bring us joy.

Joy is in the journey. It is in being who we are, right here, right now. The people who understand this live lives of joy and ecstasy. The people who don’t, chase after what they think will bring them joy, then feel cheated after they achieved it and realized it didn’t bring them any miraculous reward with it. God’s reward is joy. Joy is found in being who you prefer to be. In other words: you are rewarded for being you. How wonderfully simple is that? No more need for striving or struggling. Just feel the joyous ecstasy of being, forever and ever.

Is it any wonder that so many people simply do not know how to be themselves?

After all, for most people, their birth was the product of their parents seeking a type of fulfillment. Literally the purpose of their existence was (and sometimes still is) in order to seek validation from their parents and allowing their parents to be fulfilled. Their purpose was not to be themselves, by using their free-will and choosing their own purpose, but to fulfill the purpose of their parents. Their life’s purpose became a constant seeking of approval, but the source of their need for approval expanded to include teachers, peers, spouses, and many others, including, incredibly, people they didn’t even know.

This habit has become so ingrained in so many people that we now have a world full of people living their lives in order to meet expectations. Expectations is just another word for purpose. The people live their lives in order to fulfill the purpose others have chosen for them. Everyone is trying to fit themselves into an acceptable definition so that they can be validated. This is why people struggle to become “successful” and “wealthy” or “married” or any other type of definition. It is one of the reasons why so many people compete in the first place. This is also why our society has various types of centralized authority and large corporations employing anywhere from thousands to millions of people. A society full of people looking for validation from others will inevitably put others into positions of power, just so that they can be validated and be “good” or “model” citizens. People have become afraid of exercising their free-will or have lost their concept of free-will entirely. Scarred from their experiences of childhood they just want someone to tell them what to do so that they can have a rewarding life (and sometimes, in the case of religion, a rewarding after-life).

All of this wouldn’t take place if each person knew their own value and that they have the free-will to choose their own purpose. People will eventually come to realize that the purposes others have had for them were just made up in any case and that they could just as easily make a purpose up for themselves. If each person knew their purpose was simply to be themselves, they wouldn’t compete to meet external expectations. They wouldn’t live lives of lies. They would be honest, open, and I believe, friendly and loving people, both to themselves and others. This is because they would know that they do not need to fear being judged. They do not need to be validated and so they let go of all the protection they put up in order to fit into the idea of what others thought they should be. In order to not be hypocritical they would also cease making others fit into their expectations of them. Each person would be free and would allow others to be free, creating an integrative world of individuals being themselves and yet fitting in with all others as well.

This concept is a beautiful one, at least in my mind, and I sincerely look forward to experiencing it.


The progress of humankind has essentially been one of integration. Over time, we have been integrating ourselves through various stages starting from individuals, to families, to tribes, to cities, to countries, to religions and races, to continents and now we have reached the point of beginning to integrate as one world.

The energy that manifests all aspects of our experience has been moving towards integration in an ever accelerative manner, and this can be seen all around us in our world. However, this process of integration is most brilliantly illustrated by the progress of technology. Our technology has broken down so many barriers, both physical and ideological, that used to separate us, and has intertwined our lives so completely that we can no longer truly separate our experiences from one another and live in our little bubbles. When one part of our world suffers, the rest of us feel it. When another part of our world is jubilant, the rest of us also feel that joy. We are more connected than we have ever been and we are growing more and more connected as the days go by.

Now, we have reached a point in our progress where many old systems, still based largely on separation and disintegration, are teetering on the brink of collapse. This can readily be seen in our economy. The efforts of the authorities to avoid the collapse and boost the economy have failed because they do not realize that the system cannot stand under the stress of the creative energy of integration. The energy will always prevail because there is so much momentum behind it and because it is the actual energy that gives birth to our experience. Many other systems based on separation will also be feeling the effects of this integrating energy soon. The most prevalent of these systems is religion, government, and the military.

Religion will feel it as people realize that the God we have searched for is actually not “out there” somewhere, but is right here. God is the universe and everything in it. We will be integrating ourselves as pieces of God rather than a separation from God.

Governments will feel it as people integrate themselves and realize that we are our governments and that we have the power to shape “them” through our everyday actions. An authoritative government thrives on perceived separation and this perception can no longer hold. Therefore, the governments will take on a less authoritative stance and more of an integrative one in which they truly serve the people.

A military is very obviously based on separation and perceived threats. An integrative world obviously cannot give birth to militaries. I don’t think this needs much more clarification, does it?

On another note, the rise of quantum physics and information such as The Secret and the Law of Attraction are also symtoms of this process of integration. The information reveals that the perspective of separation we have held for so long is illusory and that the reality we thought was outside us is actually a part of us. The information states that we create our reality and this can only be possible if there is no separation between us and it. Otherwise, what would we create our reality out of? It’s not like we can go to the hardware store and get some reality creation tools and magically put it together with something we don’t already contain. Reality is made of us. 

Once we realize reality is made of us, the next question most of us will ask is, who or what are we? We cannot merely be bodies of flesh if reality is actually made of us. Our bodies exist within reality, not the other way around. I believe this path of questioning and discovery will lead us to more integration as we no longer identify with our bodies alone, but rather see ourselves as energy or consciousness itself. This ties in nicely with being integrated with God.

Lastly, once our world is integrated as one I believe we will expand our reality so that it includes other worlds and beings from other worlds. We will explore the rest of the universe that we are, integrating larger and larger portions of ourselves, until we reach what we have called God, which is the one integrated being, containing everything in existence. This won’t be the end though, since we cannot cease to exist, we must continue the process of integration forever. We are infinite, existence is infinite, and God is infinite. There will never be an end. 

If we do not consciously choose the ideas we hold within our minds and make them our own ideas, we leave ourselves open to accepting ideas from others with no discernment. We end up living others’ lives rather than our own. This is the plight of many people around the world. They’re running around with others’ ideas in their minds, doing things the others tell them to do, and they’re all the more miserable because of it. They essentially become prisoners, entrapped within these ideas. At some point they’ll realize that they were holding the key to their freedom all along. They will learn to never give the power to choose their ideas away to another.

I am god and so are you

I am god playing this role as a human being. I created this universe so that I can play a game in which I can forget who I am. It’s a very challenging game because it’s not easy separating myself from the unconditional love that surrounds me, but it’s a game I desired to play nonetheless, simply because I can.

I have gone far into the darkness and experienced many previously hidden portions of myself. I have experienced great pain, suffering and anger. I hated much of what I experienced in my forgetting, but now I see that I actually wanted to experience all of it. I wanted to experience the confusion of not knowing what life was about and of not knowing what I was about. I wanted to experience what it felt like to believe that I wouldn’t be supported by the universe and that I had to fight for my very survival. I wanted to experience the jealousy of not having what others around me had. I wanted to experience the pain of losing a beloved person in my life. But most of all, I wanted to experience the remembrance of myself as god at the end of the cycle of my forgetting. 

Now, I can see how I was the one that desired to create this game and I feel much lighter. I relax into the knowing that I am eternal and that I am unconditionally loved. I now know that I have not and cannot ever get anything wrong because there is no judgement from anyone else except me. I am relieved to know that I have never been and never will be a victim of anything and that I am completely in control of my experience. I am overjoyed to remember that it’s all just a game and that life doesn’t need to be serious. I now recognize why children are so joyful and enthusiastic before us adults change their ways. I recognize that they must remember on some level that it is all a game and that there is truly nothing to fear at all. I rejoice at the thought that in the end, no matter how deep anyone goes into the darkness they will return to the light and they will be fine. I relax into not needing to change anyone else around me, because I now see that they have chosen an experience of forgetting who they are for a little while longer and I respect their decision. I see strength in their decision where I previously saw weakness. I now realize that I can have or be anything I truly want and that all that is required from me is my strong desire and my allowance. I see that I have always been and always will be worthy of anything I can conceive of. I relax into knowing that I don’t need to change who I am in order to get anything I want. I am joyful in knowing that there is no separation between life and death and that they are just two perspectives of the same thing. I relax into the knowing that there is no finish line because the game will never end and is ever changing.

I feel as if the universe is supporting me and bathing me in a warm and loving ocean of energy. I feel as if I am a part of this ocean. I feel as though I am focusing the energy of the universe to create the appearance of solid matter around me. I feel like life is happening through me instead of to me. I feel as I imagine I would feel after I no longer express myself through my wonderful body. I know that I am the manipulator of energy and that I do this through my beliefs, emotions and actions. I feel extremely self-empowered. I feel in love with myself, with life and all that it contains. I see the purpose and beauty of everything around me where I previously saw pointlessness. I am forever complete even in my feeling of incompleteness. I am happy. 

I am god and so are you.  


You don’t make yourself healthy or wealthy. You allow yourself to be those things. This is because you are naturally healthy and abundant. You have to resist your natural self and become something or somebody you aren’t in order to be sick or poor.

Contrary to popular belief, the healthiest and wealthiest among us aren’t always those who work the hardest or those who have the best diet. After ruling out hard work and perseverance, most people believe luck has something to do with success, but I believe that is just another way of saying that it is those who have the least amount of resistance in their lives who thrive.

What causes resistance? Put simply, resistance is caused by beliefs, usually picked up from others around you, that are out of alignment with your natural self. These beliefs create a negative emotional reaction within you when they are focused on. Your natural state of being is one of happiness, joy and other positive states. In your natural state your beliefs would be such that they cause those emotions to rise up within you. As a result, your reality would only reflect circumstances and situations which reinforce that state. In other words your reality would be reflective of your desires and passions.

When you are yourself, similarly to how an animal is simply itself, you have no resistance in you whatsoever. You naturally behave in the way you want to, with a deep inner knowing that you are supported by the universe, which is another way of saying that you will be as wealthy and healthy as you need to be in order to continue being your natural self. You don’t try and don’t ever need to try being anything other than Who You Are. You choose to do only those things that excite you the most while living a synchronous life by effortlessly being exactly where you need to be when you need to be there so that you may have the opportunities to continue being yourself. It is a life of clarity and bliss.