The Youniverse

Why deny it? We are gods!

The main reason we deny our godliness is because we have an inaccurate idea of what god actually is. God is the infinite being, containing everything there is, was, and ever will be. This obviously must include us.

This realization isn’t about denying our imperfect selves or our imperfect lives, or the imperfection of others and their lives; it’s about realizing that the imperfect self and life is also a part of god. It is about opening up our perception of what god is so that it includes everything and excludes nothing. This is god consciousness. It is seeing everything and everyone as a part of you and it is embracing all as a part of you. This is the consciousness of Oneness.

God is in equal parts the small and the great. In fact, it is in the context of growing and expanding from small to great that god can actually be experienced. If god was nothing but the greatest it could not experience its greatness or even know that it exists. 

The experience of god or of existence itself happens in the process of change, because all experience happens within the context of other experiences. For god to experience its existence it must change and grow in its awareness of itself. For this to be possible, god must be something lesser at some point and grow into its greatness. This is where we are. We are god experiencing itself through the process of growth in each of our lives. We are god seeking to grow in awareness so that we include more and more of ourselves. This is why each and every one of us strives to be greater than we were and reach higher and higher. It is also why we seek to unite with others in harmony. It is in our nature to do so.

So, the idea is to stop judging ourselves for being where we are. We are not any less godly because we are in poverty or sickness or limitation. We are not any less great or powerful because of our current situations. It is not where we are that matters, but where we’re going. It is about how we respond to where you are right now that matters. We can choose to respond to them as the gods that we are. We can embrace ourselves unconditionally, and move forward at the same time. We can remember the gods that we are and allow ourselves to grow into the highest ideas we have of ourselves right now. Once we become and experience those highest versions of ourselves we will become aware of higher versions to become still, and this shall go on forevermore.

This is the path of god. It is eternal growth and expansion. The experience of god is all about the journey, because the journey is infinite and unending. It cannot end because all experience happens in journeys, and it is experience we are after. We want to experience ourselves, over and over again. To exist is to experience existence. To experience existence is to change and grow. This is the true nature of all of existence. It is all changing and growing. 

Now, when each of us declares and admits our godliness others may try to question or doubt our divine nature and our greatness, based on the appearance of our current life situations or based on who we’ve been. They may wonder how we can claim to be the great gods we are if we look like any regular human being, or if we’re living from paycheque to paycheque or bedridden with illness. Yet their words won’t matter anymore. Now we’ll see that it is their limited idea of god that doesn’t allow them to see the god in us or the god in themselves. In this state of consciousness we will let go of our limited idea of ourselves and embrace our true nature. We will move into the state of godliness, and we will grow and expand, ever more quickly, joyfully and lovingly, for eternity. 

What we are predominantly looking for, is a sense of belonging. All that we desire is desired to accentuate a feeling of belonging. This means all the health, wealth, knowledge, love, support and other joyful experiences are desired for this very reason.

The solution for this seeking is to first believe we belong, which leads to a perception of all the ways in which we belong. If we believe we belong, we perceive the world completely differently. We see a world that supports our growth rather than one that inhibits it. We experience a world that is reflective of our joys rather than our fears.

To believe we belong we must believe that we are not some sort of freak accident that just happens to be here. We must believe that the world and everything in it is not an accident. We must believe that if we are not an accident, the world is our home and is capable of supporting us as we naturally are. The question is: if we don’t assume the world is our home, and therefore supportive of us, then where is our home? Are we doomed to being nomads in an inhospitable Universe forever?

If we assume the world is our home and supports us, this would mean that the world is in fact an infinite, unlimited space, capable of expanding infinitely to reflect our own continuous expansion. But we will not experience this infiniteness if we don’t first believe we belong. It all stems from this foundation.

Our negative response to a situation only arises because we feel the situation says something about us that we don’t want to hear. Usually at its core this something is about our worth as people.

To get a hold on the creation of your life, forget about reality and pay attention to your feelings above all else. Your feelings stem solely from definitions that you have chosen. The definitions are not in the reality you’re experiencing. Creating a positive life is not about the reality you experience, but about the definitions you apply to the reality you experience. A happy life is a life filled with positive definitions.

Reality is old news. It is the evidence of how you once defined yourself. It does not tell the current truth of who you are. Your current truth is found in how you define yourself in relation to reality and to the old self that defined that reality.

Trying to find the meaning in Life will always leave you feeling empty, because there is absolutely no meaning in it. Creating your meaning in Life, on the other hand, will always leave you feeling fulfilled, because you have fully imbued your experience with the meaning you prefer to give it.
Remember: you are a creator in every sense of the word, even when it comes to the definitions in Life.

The fact that Life is meaningless doesn’t mean it has no capability to hold meaning. It actually means it is capable of holding an infinite number of meanings. This is why people can have vastly different experiences of the exact same Life situation. Each person will get a completely different effect from the situation, depending on the meaning they give it. The wonder of this is that the same situation is capable of providing completely different experiences. Seek not then to find the meaning in any situation, because there is none. Rather, seek always to create your own meaning.