The Youniverse

When others demand that we become the people they want us to be, they force us to destroy the person we really are. It’s a subtle kind of murder … the most loving parents and relatives commit this murder with smiles on their faces.

Jim Morrison

Check out to read an amazing interview with Jim about freedom. I absolutely loved it!

More on Marineland and Cetaceans in General

Why do we have such an affinity for cetaceans? I mean, of all the wild animals on our planet, none have captured our hearts as cetaceans have. We’ve made movies about them, we constantly film them in the wild, we spread stories about them beaching and their images are spread on items throughout our society. Sadly we also capture them and use them for entertainment. But why them?

I have a theory that they represent certain aspects of ourselves that we yearn to express in our own lives. Whales for example- and I am inspired by Bashar when I say this- represent a sense of absolute conviction and certainty. There is no animal other than an elephant maybe, that demands the sort of respect a multi-ton whale does. The way a whale expresses the aspects of certainty and conviction can be clearly seen- at least by me- as it moves through the ocean. It’s not hard to see why they are so certain in their movements; there is no other animal big enough to question a whale’s movements. Whales are some of the largest animals that have ever graced our planet, with the Blue Whale being the largest of all animals ever. Whales are so large that they must live in the ocean because there is no way for their mass to be supported by legs on land. It’s pretty incredible stuff. (By the way, check out this video to see what I’m talking about)

Notice I said previously that whales are some of the largest animals that have ever graced our planet. Grace is another word to describe whales and it is their grace that grows our fondness for them. Whales are large enough to be the absolute tyrants of the oceans, and yet they aren’t. They exist with a sense of balance and respect for all the other creatures in their habitat. They don’t trash about, disturbing everything in their wake, but rather slip through the water very cleanly. Even when they jump out of the water, they exude a graceful strength and power.

Whales are also inquisitive and intelligent. There seems to be a reasoning behind their movements, which seems to be missing from the other creatures of the ocean. I am constantly amazed that giant whales don’t attack divers or break little kayaks when they breach. Once again, there is that sense of grace again.

On the other side of the cetacean scale, we have the dolphins. Now, I don’t think I have to explain why dolphins are so deeply embedded in our hearts. One look at their permanent smiles, their playful nature and their inquisitiveness is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. Dolphins play for no other reason than because it’s fun. They exude a sense of unbridled joy and enthusiasm for life and I think it is this aspect of them that we so deeply yearn to express in our own lives. Very rarely will you see a person who has that same depth of joy and enthusiasm as a dolphin portrays.

Now, some of you may have seen the video of my thoughts on the animal abuse at Marineland. I’m continuing the theme here because I saw a symbology in the situation at Marineland that reflects the nature of ourselves. You don’t have to know Marineland to relate to this symbology. You can use SeaWorld or an other aquarium instead. So here goes: The situation at Marineland, where animals lived in poor water conditions is reflective of the mental conditions we ourselves live in everyday. Earlier I said that the cetaceans represent the aspects of conviction, certainty, playfulness, joy and enthusiasm. These aspects are the exact aspects we hold captive within ourselves. We don’t allow these aspects of ourselves to be expressed freely in the way we may wish to in the same way I believe the captive cetaceans wish to express their natural behaviour freely in the wild as well. 

To take this symbology a step further, I perceive the ocean, the home of the cetacean, to represent our consciousness. The ocean, like our consciousness, is very fluid, vast, mysterious, varied and yet uniform at the same time. The ocean represents the massive potential and sense of freedom within each and every one of us. It is the deep within. The cetaceans represent an image of our spirit, our soul or who we wish to be. We wish to explore our consciousness freely, boldly, playfully and enthusiastically, just as the cetaceans explore the ocean.

The situation at Marineland and marine parks around the world is representative of the limitations we have placed on ourselves. We have limited ourselves to a very extreme degree so that the depth of our consciousness is but a shadow of what it could be, and we explore this limited mental environment with a sense of burden and sadness. We sit in our limited consciousness while building up negative emotions more and more until we are living in utter mental filth. We feel the pain of this limitation and we yearn to break free, but we can’t. We continue to hold ourselves captive so that we may be seen as productive people or people of worth to the audience watching us. We put on a show to portray a sense of happiness and exuberance, all the while deeply desiring to break free and express our true nature. 

The moment we ourselves finally decide to stop living to be productive for others and start living to be true to ourselves is the moment we will realize the animals’ plight in zoos, aquariums and water parks around the world. The moment we break free from our limited minds and express our true nature is the moment we will release the animals we hold captive. The moment we stop polluting our own consciousness with negativity is the moment we stop polluting the oceans and the habitats of the animals with the wastes of our “productivity”.

The reflection is there for us to see, if we choose to look at it as a reflection. The animals in Marineland and other water parks are there to reflect to us what we are doing to ourselves and what we are doing to them as a result. I am grateful for the fact that these captive animals have provided this reflection out of their unconditional love for us. I keep the dolphins and whales in mind to remind myself of the potential within us all. I look forward to seeing positive reflections from them and interacting with them in a more joyful and loving manner, in their natural home, when we have finally learned from the negative reflections being portrayed today. 

Being positive doesn’t mean you cover up and repress negative feelings. The path to real positivity leads through negativity. Only if you understand negativity can you truly have the power to choose positivity. Your negative feelings are meant to highlight negative beliefs you hold within you so that you can change them and then automatically be led to positivity.

To put it another way: if you try so hard to focus on the light while repressing the dark you are only looking at half of the picture. The idea is to realize that the darkness holds the light and light holds the darkness. Loving both allows you to choose whatever you prefer and allows you to experience life in its true glory.

So if you feel like shit don’t cover it up. Express your feelings without hurting anyone and you will then find out why you felt like shit in the first place. Make sure you don’t blame anyone for your feelings. Instead, accept them as your own and realize that it is only because of your perspective that you felt like shit. Remember, your reactions always say more about you than they do about the thing you are reacting to. At this point you now have the power to change your perspective so that you no longer feel like shit. This is the path of truly transforming negativity into positivity instead of putting a band-aid of fake positivity to cover the negativity.

— Sohail Desai

What the world needs more than anything is a giant reset button. We need to reset everything, and I mean everything, so that we can truly take a look at how we want the game of life to be played when we turn it back on.

Luckily for us, the spiritual awakening that is happening right now is just such a button. More and more players are resetting their lives and choosing to play them with more joy, more compassion, more abundance and more harmony.

Expectations take the mind out of the moment and so interrupts its ability to clearly receive inspiration and translate that inspiration into decisive action.

Expectations create doubt and hesitation.

Expectations deny the acceptance of the fact that life works perfectly.

Expectations create separation between one’s self and reality and also create an environment of victimhood.

Expectations create a sense of powerlessness through an attempt at controlling life’s flow rather than trusting it and going along for the ride.

State of Being, Perception and More on Being Realistic

Perception is generated by state of being. You cannot perceive what you are not the state of being of. A staunch pessimist literally cannot perceive how any given situation can be positive. They are blind to positivity.

State of being not only affects outward perception, but also inward perception. A person who’s state of being is one of despondency will not be able to perceive positive inspiration originating from within in order to move out of despondency. The voices in their head will only reinforce their despondency because that is all they can perceive during their current state. The positive inspiration is always sent to them, but they must make the change of state for them to perceive it and use it.

Similarly, a person can only perceive lack if their state of being is one of lack. To perceive abundance they must change their state of being so that they may perceive the abundance that is already around them. There is always an abundance of something positive and supportive, otherwise the person wouldn’t exist in the first place. It is just that they have been blind to the abundance around them due to their state of lack. Our society is a perfect example of this selective perception. We are surrounded by more symbols of abundance than ever before and yet we are more in debt and feel an ever increasing amount of lack. Our experience is one of lack even though we are surrounded by abundance. A change in state is all that is needed so that we may perceive the abundance around us and also so that we may produce more abundance through the inspirations that come to us from our state of abundance. An economy built from a perspective of lack and scarcity will only generate more perception of lack and scarcity. 

The change happening in our world is fundamentally a change in state of being. We are opening our eyes to the wonders around us that we have taken for granted for so long. We won’t be perceiving anything new per se. We will instead be perceiving what was already there, but we were too blind to see from our current state. From our changed state of being we will be inspired to search for and find alternate solutions for living harmoniously on our planet. Some of these solutions are so far out of our realm of possibility right now, again due to our perception. However, when we do uncover them we will wonder how we could have not seen them for so long. 

I am beginning to understand that existence is full of every possible experience possible, but that we will only perceive what our state of being allows us to perceive. So we get to choose what portions of All-That-Is we want to perceive and that is how we create the experience called life. We create the experience of experience by focusing on portions of All-That-Is in a certain way.

As I said in my previous post, to be a true realist we must understand that all possible experiences exist, both positive and negative. We do not deny negative experiences anymore than we deny positive ones. Then it is a matter of choosing which types of experiences we wish to perceive. Being realistic means we understand that reality is filled with every possibility. However, this means being realistic is highly impractical since we wouldn’t choose to perceive any one experience over another. Once we understand what realistic means, we must then make a choice to be positively oriented or negatively oriented and then choose what portion of reality we wish to perceive. We will come to the understanding that it is only our definitions which make it seem as if it is more realistic to focus on the negative aspects of reality rather than the positive. 

Being Optimistic is Being Realistic

Being told by others to be realistic has been one of the biggest buzzkills for me personally. Or I should rather say allowing myself to be swayed into being realistic has been one of the biggest buzzkills for me. The word “realistic” is usually thrown about as a way of getting us back down to earth and away from our heady dreams and aspirations. To be realistic means for us to stare at the tangible facts of reality and base our aspirations on them rather than on our intangible dreams. In essence, it is a way of dulling the optimism that comes with dreaming or hoping or just being happy about the future. It usually implies anticipating and protecting ourselves against pain and struggle in the march on the path towards our dreams. Yesterday I had an epiphany though, that to be truly realistic, that is to base our perspectives, goals and dreams on the facts of reality, is actually akin to being optimistic. I intend to show you, my dear reader, that you have every reason to smile today and look forward to tomorrow with joy in your hearts.

Now, let’s talk about the people we get our picture of reality from: the realists. Realists are always harping on about the cold hard facts of reality. Their bible is a conglomeration of statistics about how the world is. However, as I will prove by the end of this post, their views and the statistics they use to provide their views with credibility are actually highly pessimistic and negative in nature. To be realistic in the way we have thought of being realistic, is actually to be highly pessimistic and negatively oriented. It is to stare at the most negative aspects of our lives, in the past and the present, and constantly use them to dictate our behaviour and our aspirations. The true definition of realism has gradually been replaced with the definition of pessimism.

Until today, we took the realists at their word about how the world works and the dangers they said we should protect ourselves against. We went to school, got the secure job, got insurance for everything that may go wrong, took our preventative medication and saved our money for a rainy day in the future. We all assumed that the rainy day would come, that our bodies would become sick if we didn’t give them drugs to protect them from the harsh, germ-filled environment. We assumed that inevitably somebody would crash into our cars someday and that people are out to rob us of our belongings. We listened to the realists on the news and in the government who constantly painted what we thought of as the realistic picture of our world. We grew more and more scared and fewer and fewer of us strayed from the safe path we were told to stay on, for our own sake, of course.

From this day forward that realistic view is dead, to me at least. The evidence in the true, whole picture of reality is overwhelmingly in support of optimism and joy. Where do I begin? Here are some facts about the reality of life that point this reason for optimism out:

  • When travelling, there are more people who reach their destination safely and without incidence everyday than there are who get injured or die on their journey. It doesn’t matter if they are travelling by plane, boat, car, motorcycle, or any other mode of transportation. On an individual level, there are more days where you travel without incidence than there are where you travel with incidence, and this is true for almost everyone on the planet. Good luck hearing that from the travel and auto insurance industries.
  • Everyday there are less people who experience an act of violence against them than there are who experience no violence at all. This means there are less people who experience a robbery, murder, rape or any other abuse than those who don’t. On an individual basis, there are more days where you didn’t experience violence than where you did. Good luck hearing that from the Police board.
  • Everyday there are more people who are healthy than there are sick. If this wasn’t true the world would come to a grinding halt as the majority of people would need to be treated for their sickness. This means there are less people who have Cancer than there are who do. There are less people with AIDS than there are who do. On an individual basis, there are more days where you were healthy than where you weren’t. This is true for the vast majority of us. Good luck hearing that from the medical field.  
  • Everyday there are more people who experience some form of abundance than there are who experience lack of abundance. This one is tricky to see, but the truth is if most people experienced lack in the way we think they do, our population would not be booming. There are more people that must have access to food, water and shelter than there are who don’t. 
  • There are more days where natural disasters don’t happen than there are where they do. Once again, this is blatantly obvious. If they happened all the time our civilization would not be as developed as it is. The world is more likely to harbour life than it is to destroy life. This was true when humans weren’t on the planet and it’s true today.
  • There is a larger portion of nature that is thriving than there is that is dying. If this wasn’t true we simply wouldn’t be here because we wouldn’t be supported on this planet any longer. 
  • On an individual basis, there are more people we meet who are friendly and caring than there are who are mean and hurtful. I think most of us would become hermits and isolate ourselves from the world if everyone was mean the way so many of us make them out to be. Society is held together by the kindness and co-operation of others.
  • For all the parents out there: there are more teenagers who come back home safely at night than there are who don’t. There are also more kids who experiment with drugs who don’t destroy their lives than there are who do. 
  • To sum up these points I will simply say there are more times where things go right than there are where things go wrong. Once again, this is blatantly obvious. The fact we are living on this planet, the fact we are developing as a society, the fact that our bodies continue to operate pretty much flawlessly are all facts that provide evidence for things working out. If you’re reading this right now, more things are going right than there are going wrong. The fact is there are more moments in more people’s lives where things go right than there are where things go wrong.

Now, I know you may be thinking that there are things that go wrong and that I’m being overly optimistic in my views of the world. I’m not denying that there are negative occurrences in our world. However, I am saying that because we are so focused as a society on the relatively few things that are wrong we are blind to the vast evidence of things that are right. I believe we should be upholding and promoting what goes right more than what goes wrong, simply because it is easier to help the portions of society where the people experience more wrong than right when we are in a positive state rather than in a negative state. To put it another way, you cannot make yourself sick enough to help a sick person or poor enough to help a poor person. We must focus on what’s right so that we can help others see what’s right and how to make things right. We must find out why things go right rather than why things go wrong. We must study why healthy people remain healthy rather than why sick people get sick. We must focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want. To use an example, is it any wonder that doctors are some of the most sick people on the planet? They make themselves sick by focusing on sickness all day, everyday rather than focusing on health.

On a reality creation basis, knowing that state of being creates experience, isn’t it important to focus on what’s right so that our state of being creates more of what is right? To put it another way, we cannot perceive what we are not the state of being of. We have been completely blind to the wonders and joys around us because we have been so focused on the miseries. 

So, in summation of all this, I say be realistic. I’m not taking that away from anyone. However, be truly realistic and see the greater evidence of the beauty of the reality around us. See the positive aspects of our lives; there are so many of them if we choose to look at them. There are so many more reasons to feel good than there are to feel bad. Be optimistic because the stats support that optimism. Reality supports that optimism. It just depends on how realistic we want to be.

The Self-Discovery Questionnaire

Want to figure out why life is working out for you the way it is? The answer lies within. Dive within yourself and find out your ideas about yourself and about life. Here are some questions to get you started on your journey:

  1. What am I/Who am I? The nature of what it means to be a human being is a foundational question we all answer in one way or another. Don’t be deterred by others’ answers or lack of answers here. Simply choose an idea that feels right to you. Essentially you want to be able to think of the nature of humanity and the nature of yourself and have a positive emotional reaction when you do. You want to be able to love yourself and others unconditionally.
  2. What is life all about? Once again, don’t get deterred by others’ lack of answers. Many of us don’t bother looking at these foundational questions because we may believe that our answers are just made up. But guess what? Everyone’s answer is made up! The answers they come up with may be based on parts and pieces of evidence they see, but they do not have the whole picture and they certainly don’t have the right to make your answer unless you let them. Make up your own answer and once again choose one that feels good to you. Having an idea that you are a victim of life, for example, works against you.
  3. What is my own purpose? Once again, choose a purpose you prefer. If you don’t choose your own purpose you will allow someone else to choose it for you. That is a recipe for misery. When you cut all the bullshit and get down to the core of this question you will see that your purpose is really just to be you. It’s up to you what you want to be.
  4. What is the nature of the Universe? This one may be connected to question number 2. What is your relationship with the Universe? Is the Universe benevolent or malevolent? Is it supportive or destructive? 

The rest of your ideas will most likely stem from these core ideas. The ones that don’t work for you will naturally fall away once you change these core ones. The important thing is to start the dialogue with yourself on a conscious basis because right now you are having it on an unconscious basis. This is why you may not know why life is working the way it is. Happy journeying, psychonaut!

Different Person, Different Universe

If you are a perfect fit in the universe (and, as I stated in my previous post, I believe you do fit) then that means anytime you make a change within yourself, essentially creating a new “you” by doing so, you must also change the entire Universe in such a way that it supports the “you” you have now become.

This is how incredible it is to have the power that comes with the miracle of having the type of conscious mind we have as human beings. We have the ability to change beliefs, thoughts and by association, our personality. Think about how amazing that is for a second; we each have the miraculous power to actually become a new person by changing the contents within our conscious mind. This isn’t some seldom used superpower hidden away deep within with the rest of our potentials either. We actually use this power all the time. To illustrate, think of when you met a person you hadn’t seen for a while and they exclaimed how much you’ve changed since you last met. They were picking up on the fact that you really were not the same personality you were when you last met that person. Your appearance may have been similar, but the contents within your conscious mind had changed. You probably liked different things than you did before. Some major external change probably had occurred to mirror your internal change. You may have changed workplaces or started a relationship with someone new, for example. You really were a new “you”.

So because we have the power to become new people, this must mean that we have a corresponding power to change the actual Universe in such a way that it supports the new people we have become. If this wasn’t the case and the Universe stayed the same regardless of our change, that would mean that we would not be able to change who we are for fear of falling out of our place in the Universe. It would mean that we must keep ourselves the same and so this negates my whole argument about us fitting into the Universe as we are. If we fit as we are and the ability to change personalities is inherent within us, then that must mean that we fit regardless of how much we change our personality. We are the choosers of our personalities, they are a sort of mask we wear so that we may play a role. The Universe changes based on the role we decide we’re playing. Once again, as I said in my previous post, if we do not fit in the Universe then that would mean that nothing fits and everything is just random and extraneous, which is just completely illogical to my mind at least. 

Now, a changing Universe is not a completely alien concept in that it already fits in to the Multiverse theory, which states that instead of one fixed Universe there are an infinite number of parallel universes, each slightly different than the next. It is my belief that we actually shift through the Multiverse, from one Universe to the next, by changing the personality that we are. The larger the change in personality, the larger the shift in Universes. I also believe that each change is also a total change, so even a small change in personality is actually a totally new personality with a totally new Universe as well. 

Now, I know some of you readers may be thinking that it doesn’t seem like everyone fits in this Universe we think we all live in. I won’t deny that there are starving people and a lot of suffering to suggest a misfit between them and the Universe. However, if we take a look at the contents of the suffering people’s conscious minds we would see a perspective that allows them to believe they are extraneous to the Universe. They are being a version of themselves that creates a Universe that seems to not support them. The Universe is paradoxically supporting them fully in their belief of not being supported. Or I should rather say that they have shifted to a version of the Universe in which it seems like the Universe is not supporting them.

I know some of this logic may not make sense to some or most of you, but it makes perfect sense to me. To simplify and recap: we are infinite creators constantly and effortlessly creating new personalities throughout our lives. We do this by choosing our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and resulting perspective. The personality we create comes with its own Universe in which it resides. A positive personality that knows it belongs in its Universe will reside in a Universe full of abundance, joy and total support. On the flip side a negative personality that thinks it doesn’t belong will reside in a Universe filled with lack, suffering and the illusion of no support. I say the illusion of no support because if we really weren’t supported we wouldn’t even be able to exist at all. Existence itself is a proof of support. To put all of this into one sentence, each personality resides in its own Universe. I guess Gandhi was onto something when he said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

We Belong

Does anybody else find it weird that Science implies through its findings that life on Earth is some sort of extraneous random occurrence or that the Universe itself is extraneous and pointless? That’s also what Science would have us believe about each of us. We are all to believe that we are extraneous, pointless creatures who’s sole purpose is to fit in and be strong in order to survive and pass on our genes to the next generation.

The result of this thinking is that we now have so many people trying to fit in to the world because they believe themselves to be extraneous. They believe now that their natural self, that is the self that they uniquely are with their unique perspective does not fit and is extra. They believe they are to conform to the world. Taken further, the next logical step in this line of thinking is that since the natural self is extraneous, this must mean that it is also worthless. So because of this line of thinking these people go through life trying to find meaning, trying to make a difference so that they can find themselves to be valuable. Many go out of their way to help others, many also get married and have children so that they may feel that they made a difference to somebody’s life. The world may not care about their existence, the thinking goes, but at least these people they helped or their spouse or children will care to think about them after they’re gone, giving them some sort of value.

Now, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t help others or that they shouldn’t get married and have children. I’m just saying that people should realize that they are not extraneous, that they belong in the world as their natural self, that they do not need to do anything special in order to fit in and make a difference in the world. They should understand that they will never have more of an impact on the world than they already have just by their mere existence. Then, coming from this perspective of self-valuation, all actions will be based on enjoyment rather than on finding self-validation. Getting married and having children would simply be acts of enjoyment rather than sources of validation. Nobody would go out of their way and take on a great deal of responsibility in order to help another; they would realize that they’re helping in their own way automatically by being their natural selves. 

So the point of all this is to stop viewing ourselves as extraneous. We must stop trying to fit into the Universe. We belong as we are. Anybody saying otherwise doesn’t know what they’re saying. If what they’re saying is true and we don’t fit as we are, then nothing fits. If we are extraneous and pointless then the whole Universe is extraneous and its existence is also pointless. The proof that you and I belong is that we are already here. WE are already here. Not someone else, not some person we are supposed to be. WE are here as we are because we belong as we are. Our existence is not dependent on being some perfect version of ourselves that God or society wants us to be. Our existence is a gift given freely to do with what we please. We exist to be ourselves. It is as simple as that. Accept that fact and accept yourself completely. Be yourself fully and experience the magic of seeing how you fit into the grand scheme of things in life. It doesn’t mean you cannot change. You will always keep changing, but within each change you will still be yourself, you will just be a different representation of yourself.

If we live our lives as our natural selves, taking for granted that we belong, I believe we will see the evidence of how our existence automatically compliments others’ existence and how everyone fits into a sort of integrated, supportive tapestry that benefits all. Remember, a cohesive society is not built on conformity of all its individuals to a certain ideal, but rather is built of a network of strong individuals being themselves and automatically helping others be themselves. 

In a manner of speaking, your universe and all others spring from a dimension that is the creative source for all realities - a basic dream universe so to speak, a Divine psychological bed where subjective being is sparked, illuminated, stimulated pierced by its own infinite desire for creativity.

The source of its power is so great that its imaginings become worlds, but it is endowed with a creativity of such splendor that it seeks the finest fulfillment, for even the smallest of its thoughts and all of its potentials are directed with a good intent that is literally beyond all imagining.

That good intent is apparent within your world. It is obvious in the cooperative ventures that unite say, the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms, the relationship of bee to flower.

And your beliefs to the contrary, you have closed your minds to man’s cooperative nature, to his innate desire for fellowship, his natural bent for taking care of others, and for altruistic behavior.

— Seth through Jane Roberts


Perception is Action

The physical reality we perceive around us is really what has occurred in the past. It is what has happened. The act of perception and the emotional and physical reaction to our physical reality is actually what is happening. It is the only action taking place. What will happen in the next experience in our lives is based on what is happening now, so it is really based on the resulting state of being rising from our perception and reactions. 

This in essence means that our state of being is the sole determining factor on what sort of experience our future holds for us. The physical circumstance has nothing to do with it. It is what has happened already.

This observation has the power to release us from the bonds of limitation from the physical circumstance. It allows us to see that we are totally and utterly free to choose what we wish to experience next in our life. So much of our energy is spent on trying to change the physical reality around us, with little success. This sort of attention actually only strengthens the circumstance we wish to change. Instead, we can now see that we are free, that we can learn how we created the circumstance around us and change ourselves in response so that we can experience something new. We can then trust that the new experience will generate because we will not be attached to the old circumstance. Many times we wish to change our lives but we believe we cannot due to the physical circumstance around us. Not anymore. 

Life is For the Fulfillment of Desire

When you experience a desire in your life, do you feel excited or despairing? Do you believe you are capable of fulfilling your desires or are they hopeless pipe dreams? The way you feel when you come to think of your desires is directly responsible for your experience of those desires. A feeling of genuine excitement automatically brings those desires closer to fulfillment. You feel excited because you are concentrating on the ease with which the desire can come to fulfillment, even though you may not know the exact method through which it will be fulfilled. You are surrendering to your infinite internal being, realizing that it has the capability to bring you all that you desire, if you allow it and if you trust it.

On the other hand, a genuine feeling of despair automatically keeps those desires in the dream realm. You feel despair because you are concentrating on all the things in the way between you and your desire. Concentrating on these blocks only strengthens them and causes you to relinquish your feeling of desire. You then go through life living “realistically” because you have felt the stung of not fulfilling your desires. You live in denial and pretend that you are happy with what you have because you can’t bear to dream big and come up short again. Despair comes from a distrust of your infinite internal being and a belief in both of your limitations. 

Ideally, you want to feel the excitement of feeling a new desire, imagine how you would feel with that desire fulfilled and then let go and allow your inner being to bring it to you in perfect timing. You wouldn’t sit around thinking of how to make your desire come true. This only creates more focus on the restrictions between you and the desire. After letting go to the inner being, you then take action on whatever opportunity excites you most with no expectation. You really get out of your inner being’s way and allow it to do its thing. 

For some people this is hard to do. It is much easier to concentrate on reality and the impediments within it. Trusting the inner being or even knowing that there is an inner being is almost impossible. However, there is a way to learn to trust a bit more. All it takes is a bit of concentration on the miraculous workings of your body. Think about how everything in your body is working perfectly or pretty much perfectly without your conscious knowledge of how it is doing everything. This is how easily your inner being works. It organizes and takes care of all the processes going on within you right now for you to express yourself through your body. It listens to your cells’ desires (yes, cells are conscious) and brings them exactly what they need. Your cells don’t doubt their desires will be fulfilled, but you do. If your cells’ desired went unfulfilled you would not be alive right now. Period. Realizing this can allow you to take for granted that your true desires will always be fulfilled, though you may not know how they will be. 

So relax and take a load off your mind. Allow your desires to come to you. Get excited about your desires. Get excited about life. Live it fully while completely trusting your inner being. There is no other reason to live life other than to fulfill desires. This is true for anything and everything, whether we’re talking about an ant or a human being. Desire is the driving engine of life.