The Youniverse

Different Person, Different Universe

If you are a perfect fit in the universe (and, as I stated in my previous post, I believe you do fit) then that means anytime you make a change within yourself, essentially creating a new “you” by doing so, you must also change the entire Universe in such a way that it supports the “you” you have now become.

This is how incredible it is to have the power that comes with the miracle of having the type of conscious mind we have as human beings. We have the ability to change beliefs, thoughts and by association, our personality. Think about how amazing that is for a second; we each have the miraculous power to actually become a new person by changing the contents within our conscious mind. This isn’t some seldom used superpower hidden away deep within with the rest of our potentials either. We actually use this power all the time. To illustrate, think of when you met a person you hadn’t seen for a while and they exclaimed how much you’ve changed since you last met. They were picking up on the fact that you really were not the same personality you were when you last met that person. Your appearance may have been similar, but the contents within your conscious mind had changed. You probably liked different things than you did before. Some major external change probably had occurred to mirror your internal change. You may have changed workplaces or started a relationship with someone new, for example. You really were a new “you”.

So because we have the power to become new people, this must mean that we have a corresponding power to change the actual Universe in such a way that it supports the new people we have become. If this wasn’t the case and the Universe stayed the same regardless of our change, that would mean that we would not be able to change who we are for fear of falling out of our place in the Universe. It would mean that we must keep ourselves the same and so this negates my whole argument about us fitting into the Universe as we are. If we fit as we are and the ability to change personalities is inherent within us, then that must mean that we fit regardless of how much we change our personality. We are the choosers of our personalities, they are a sort of mask we wear so that we may play a role. The Universe changes based on the role we decide we’re playing. Once again, as I said in my previous post, if we do not fit in the Universe then that would mean that nothing fits and everything is just random and extraneous, which is just completely illogical to my mind at least. 

Now, a changing Universe is not a completely alien concept in that it already fits in to the Multiverse theory, which states that instead of one fixed Universe there are an infinite number of parallel universes, each slightly different than the next. It is my belief that we actually shift through the Multiverse, from one Universe to the next, by changing the personality that we are. The larger the change in personality, the larger the shift in Universes. I also believe that each change is also a total change, so even a small change in personality is actually a totally new personality with a totally new Universe as well. 

Now, I know some of you readers may be thinking that it doesn’t seem like everyone fits in this Universe we think we all live in. I won’t deny that there are starving people and a lot of suffering to suggest a misfit between them and the Universe. However, if we take a look at the contents of the suffering people’s conscious minds we would see a perspective that allows them to believe they are extraneous to the Universe. They are being a version of themselves that creates a Universe that seems to not support them. The Universe is paradoxically supporting them fully in their belief of not being supported. Or I should rather say that they have shifted to a version of the Universe in which it seems like the Universe is not supporting them.

I know some of this logic may not make sense to some or most of you, but it makes perfect sense to me. To simplify and recap: we are infinite creators constantly and effortlessly creating new personalities throughout our lives. We do this by choosing our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and resulting perspective. The personality we create comes with its own Universe in which it resides. A positive personality that knows it belongs in its Universe will reside in a Universe full of abundance, joy and total support. On the flip side a negative personality that thinks it doesn’t belong will reside in a Universe filled with lack, suffering and the illusion of no support. I say the illusion of no support because if we really weren’t supported we wouldn’t even be able to exist at all. Existence itself is a proof of support. To put all of this into one sentence, each personality resides in its own Universe. I guess Gandhi was onto something when he said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Fighting Ourselves

What is increasingly becoming clear to me is that there is no universe “out there”. It isn’t separate from our consciousness, but rather exists within it. 

The perspective that drives home this fact is one that is at or below the atomic level. How is it that atoms join together to form our wonderfully coherent universe? They come together to create everything around us, including our bodies and they do it perfectly. This should blow anyone’s mind. Take a look around wherever you are with this perspective and marvel at the beauty and intricacy of even the most mundane object. 

It gets even more mind blowing when you go smaller and realize that atoms are actually made of % 99.99999999999 “empty space”. Essentially they do not have mass, nor location. But if that’s the case, then how do we live in what appears to be a solid universe consisting of objects that definitely have a location? Through experiments such as the double-slit experiment and a growing number of others, Quantum Physics is proving that it is actually our very beliefs and definitions that give form to our universe by altering the characteristics of atoms.

We are the creators and manipulators of matter. This never ceases to amaze me. It is un-fucking-believable. Looking at things that way, it could be said that every obstacle we face in our lives is actually created by us, along with the solution. Actually every experience in our lives is actually created by us. Our lives are reflections of the ideas, beliefs and definitions we hold within us. 

Since we didn’t know this, we have been trying to live our lives by manipulating matter in a much more arduos way. We have been pushing, pulling and making things work through brute force and action, rather that understanding the true way to make changes: from within. This doesn’t mean that we won’t have any physical action at all, but it does mean that we will have less action and different types of action. We will cease to fight ourselves by resisting the universe and instead work with it in an effortless manner.

No one said life had to be hard, but through our beliefs in a separate universe outside us, which we must struggle in if we were to survive, we have made it very difficult indeed. Life will work when we let it. The universe is listening to us in every moment, waiting to see what form it should take next. It’s up to us if we want it to form our nightmares or our dreams.

* sorry if there are mistakes in this post. It was written quickly in a haze of caffeinated excitement. I fucking love life when I think like this and I wanted to share my excitement with the people of the Internet.