The Youniverse

State of Being, Perception and More on Being Realistic

Perception is generated by state of being. You cannot perceive what you are not the state of being of. A staunch pessimist literally cannot perceive how any given situation can be positive. They are blind to positivity.

State of being not only affects outward perception, but also inward perception. A person who’s state of being is one of despondency will not be able to perceive positive inspiration originating from within in order to move out of despondency. The voices in their head will only reinforce their despondency because that is all they can perceive during their current state. The positive inspiration is always sent to them, but they must make the change of state for them to perceive it and use it.

Similarly, a person can only perceive lack if their state of being is one of lack. To perceive abundance they must change their state of being so that they may perceive the abundance that is already around them. There is always an abundance of something positive and supportive, otherwise the person wouldn’t exist in the first place. It is just that they have been blind to the abundance around them due to their state of lack. Our society is a perfect example of this selective perception. We are surrounded by more symbols of abundance than ever before and yet we are more in debt and feel an ever increasing amount of lack. Our experience is one of lack even though we are surrounded by abundance. A change in state is all that is needed so that we may perceive the abundance around us and also so that we may produce more abundance through the inspirations that come to us from our state of abundance. An economy built from a perspective of lack and scarcity will only generate more perception of lack and scarcity. 

The change happening in our world is fundamentally a change in state of being. We are opening our eyes to the wonders around us that we have taken for granted for so long. We won’t be perceiving anything new per se. We will instead be perceiving what was already there, but we were too blind to see from our current state. From our changed state of being we will be inspired to search for and find alternate solutions for living harmoniously on our planet. Some of these solutions are so far out of our realm of possibility right now, again due to our perception. However, when we do uncover them we will wonder how we could have not seen them for so long. 

I am beginning to understand that existence is full of every possible experience possible, but that we will only perceive what our state of being allows us to perceive. So we get to choose what portions of All-That-Is we want to perceive and that is how we create the experience called life. We create the experience of experience by focusing on portions of All-That-Is in a certain way.

As I said in my previous post, to be a true realist we must understand that all possible experiences exist, both positive and negative. We do not deny negative experiences anymore than we deny positive ones. Then it is a matter of choosing which types of experiences we wish to perceive. Being realistic means we understand that reality is filled with every possibility. However, this means being realistic is highly impractical since we wouldn’t choose to perceive any one experience over another. Once we understand what realistic means, we must then make a choice to be positively oriented or negatively oriented and then choose what portion of reality we wish to perceive. We will come to the understanding that it is only our definitions which make it seem as if it is more realistic to focus on the negative aspects of reality rather than the positive. 

Perception is Action

The physical reality we perceive around us is really what has occurred in the past. It is what has happened. The act of perception and the emotional and physical reaction to our physical reality is actually what is happening. It is the only action taking place. What will happen in the next experience in our lives is based on what is happening now, so it is really based on the resulting state of being rising from our perception and reactions. 

This in essence means that our state of being is the sole determining factor on what sort of experience our future holds for us. The physical circumstance has nothing to do with it. It is what has happened already.

This observation has the power to release us from the bonds of limitation from the physical circumstance. It allows us to see that we are totally and utterly free to choose what we wish to experience next in our life. So much of our energy is spent on trying to change the physical reality around us, with little success. This sort of attention actually only strengthens the circumstance we wish to change. Instead, we can now see that we are free, that we can learn how we created the circumstance around us and change ourselves in response so that we can experience something new. We can then trust that the new experience will generate because we will not be attached to the old circumstance. Many times we wish to change our lives but we believe we cannot due to the physical circumstance around us. Not anymore.