The Youniverse

No matter who you are, your past contains just as many, if not more, triumphs than shortcomings, and it is not more virtuous, no matter how much you think it is, to highlight those shortcomings over those triumphs. What you highlight from your past, in the present, creates your future, so you must step outside your shortcomings and highlight your triumphs if you are to move into a triumphant and desirable future.

— Sohail Desai

If you’re not happy with who you now are, don’t be afraid to start over. Don’t be afraid to re-invent yourself. Don’t be dissuaded by others who think they know you, who hold a concept in their minds of who you should be. If you have to, surround yourself with new others. Make new friends. Meet people who have no concept of who you should be. Move to a new part of town, or to a new town altogether. Start over, and over and over again until you’re happy with the self you’ve created.

— Sohail Desai

At some point you will decide to take that leap of faith and simply allow yourself to be who you want to be. At that point you will decide to follow your joy and to trust the process of life from that point forward. It’s just a matter of when you decide to make that decision, whether it’s right now, 5 years from now or 5 lifetimes from now.

— Sohail Desai

All is perfection. It is only due to our limited perspective that we do not see the perfection in everything, in every moment of life. When we declare something as imperfect, we are making that declaration from the same limited perspective. We are making a declaration that what we call imperfect does not belong and has no purpose in existence, when the very fact that the “imperfection” exists is proof of its validity. Its validity and purpose may only be to facilitate change, but in that context it is perfect, if we perceive it as such. By seeing the perfection in the imperfection we can accept the imperfection and allow it to serve us positively, rather than resist it and be served negatively by it. All moments are perfect in that they hold lessons to lead us to the next moment. All “imperfection” is an invitation for us to expand our perception so as to include the imperfection in our definition of perfection.

— Sohail Desai

Surrendering to life is not giving up your reasoning. It is accepting that your reasoning is limited and so cannot truly grasp the reasoning of life itself. The reasoning of life, that is the way life finds solutions to problems, is infinite. Life is literally full of an infinite number of solutions, since it is, by definition, all solutions. Surrendering to life means you understand you cannot grasp the truly infinite number of ways your problems can resolve themselves, because your mind is but a limited idea, capable of thinking finite thoughts. Surrendering to life and living in openness to it, rather than restricting it with your mind’s reasoning, allows life to show you how problems can be solved. It requires trust on your part and it requires you to accept that the solution sometimes may not make sense, or it might, or it might only make sense in hindsight.

— Sohail Desai

Sometimes it is more beneficial to act in the way you prefer before your mind gets in the way and starts analyzing your actions. In other words, sometimes it’s better to act before you think. This is especially true when making a significant change in your life. For example: say you’re a shy person and want to become more outgoing and confident. If you have already made the decision to be outgoing and confident you may get the urge or inspiration to suddenly say hello to somebody, or start up a conversation. At this point, if you think before you act you may start to anticipate what will happen in the conversation, and since you were previously a shy person, you may anticipate the worst, which will lead you to ignore the inspiration and revert back to being your normal shy self. Instead, it would be more beneficial to start the conversation and feel the change within you. The consequences of the action may surprise you in that they may be completely different than what you used to imagine as a shy person. Even if the conversation goes nowhere, you will have moved out of your comfort zone and grown a little, which is always relatively exciting compared to staying in your comfort zone and staying the same. To put it another way: when making decisions, you can literally think a decision to death, creating no action because you are too afraid to take any step, which then creates stagnation and misery. Many times growth requires you to be out of your mind.

— Sohail Desai

Live through the uncomfortableness

Does it feel weird when you imagine yourself living your desired lifestyle? If it does, the weirdness is telling you that you are resisting changing yourself to become the self that lives that life.

The question now is, why are you resisting? The reason is simple: you have identified with your current lifestyle so completely that the change feels alien to you. You can’t comfortably imagine being the self you desire to be because you cannot identify with that self yet. Your identity, your sense of self, is derived from your current life and so changing your life leads you to the unknown. It leads you to a new alien identity and so you resist changing for fear of losing who you are or who you know yourself to be. This resistance is what is keeping your life the same. You want to be the other self but at the same time you don’t and so you feel conflicted, keeping you exactly where you are, yet unhappy with where you are at the same time. It’s a recipe for misery.

What would happen if your life completely changed this instant? What if tomorrow morning you are living the life you dream of? How would you truly feel? Would you feel comfortable stepping into those shoes and living that life fully? Would you feel comfortable being joyful, spontaneous, creative, loving and abundant, assuming those are the attributes your desired self expresses? Would you feel comfortable smiling, laughing, playing, and just generally behaving as that desired self behaves? 

What if you started behaving that way right now? What if you identified with your desired self right now and behaved as that self even if your life didn’t change? How would you feel? Would you feel like you’re deceiving yourself? Like you’re acting or pretending? Be honest. If you would feel like you’re deceiving yourself you are still too identified with your current self or your current life and it will most likely be very  difficult to make the change into your desired life- because all difficulty rises from resistance, from not being willing to change like you desire to change.

The trick is to stop identifying with your current life, stop identifying with your current identity, your current story. Instead, you can start identifying with your desired story, your desired life.

This doesn’t mean you deny your current life, but it does mean you stop deriving your identity from it and stop becoming it. Instead you step outside of it and see it as a story you were playing, which you can now change. You need be able to see your true infinite identity, which is the creator of all stories, not the limiting story itself. This happens through understanding that your identity must be outside of your life situation, otherwise you wouldn’t even be able to see your life situation or your desired life situation. You and the situation would be one, and you would truly be stuck in it, without even knowing there was a way out.

Become aware of this true identity and you will have found the key to your freedom and to the reality of your dreams.

Once again, the difficulty in making this change arises because you don’t know who you are, but you think you do. You think you are your current personality, your current story, but you are not that. You are the undefinable awareness that gives birth to the story. Remember this and you’ll be free. Remember this and you won’t feel as weird when imagining the life you desire, and you will be that much closer to living that life.

Don’t allow life or anyone else to define you. Don’t even let your own mind define you, unless those definitions work for you, unless those definitions bring you joy. You are the awareness that allows the mind to be. Don’t let others who have confused their own identity, who have become trapped in their own limiting definitions to cloud your perception. Become clear. Become the grandest vision of yourself that you can imagine. Live the life of your dreams. Live through the uncomfortableness, let go of the old limiting definitions and become comfortable with the new self and the new life. 

Misery is greatly underrated. We like to avoid it as much as possible, but a period of deep misery can be one of the most productive and beneficial periods of our lives. Misery occurs when there is resistance within us that hinders us from being who we wish to be. It arises when we have desired to be a certain way, but stopped ourselves from being that way due to baggage we carry from our previous way of being. Misery allows for a period of sadness, anger, and depression, which takes our focus away from the external world and redirects it to our inner world, within which we can release the old identity we no longer want to identify with and move into the identity we desire to move into. It allows for introspection, to help find out why we hold onto our past, a past that no longer serves us and actually hinders us as we choose to become who we now wish to be. So the idea is not to avoid misery but to feel it fully so that we can find out what the misery is conveying to us. By doing so we can then let go of the old resistant ideas that create the misery. This is the path to being the people we wish to be and it is the path of happiness that we seek. The more resistance we hold, the more misery we will create and the longer our path to happiness will be.

— Sohail Desai

The feeling of doubt arises when you’ve attached your identity to a previous form of life so fully that you do not fully believe you can create a new identity by attaching to a new form just as easily and naturally. Releasing resistance by letting go of your previous idea of yourself and fully moving into the new idea of yourself allows the doubt to dissolve.

— Sohail Desai

Life is about whatever you say it is about. There are no rules to it and there is no perfect life against which you must measure your own. Your life lived your way is perfect for you.

You are here to create what life will be like for you. You are a creator of life and you act like you are an observer! Stop being an observer, looking to others to see how you should live your life or what life is all about. Stop passively observing circumstances through others’ definitions and start actively creating your observations by defining circumstances yourself.

Life wants to be created through you! You are the sole authority of your life and you can do whatever you want to do. You can also be whoever you want to be, because you aren’t merely observing yourself, you are creating yourself!

You can always live a successful life if you live your life your way rather than striving to meet another’s arbitrary measure of what it means to be successful.

The more you realize that you are an empowered creator of your experience the less you will be afraid of life. You can live fully, openly and honestly by fearlessly creating your experience of everything in your path, sharing everything you are with everyone and everything in every glorious moment of your life.

— Sohail Desai

6 Steps to Being the Creator of Your Life

Shift your perspective from knowing yourself as an observer to knowing yourself as the creator of your experience through these 6 steps

  1. Pay attention! It’s ironic that to be the creator of your experience you must first be the observer. To consciously be the creator you must know what you want to create or how you are currently creating, and that requires your attention. Not paying attention turns on your auto-pilot and turns you into the perpetual observer of this auto-pilot rather than taking conscious control of your experience. 
  2. Be responsible for everything that shows up in your life rather than being reactive to everything. Creating how you experience life requires being responsible for everything- or should I say “response-able”? When you are “response-able” you have the ability to consciously create your preferred response to the circumstances in your life. When you are an observer you are a reactive person, automatically resisting circumstances and pushing them out of the influence of your creative power. Reaction creates victimhood, response creates creatorhood.
  3. Create, create, create! To be the creator you must always look to consciously create. What you create doesn’t matter at first, the important thing is that you start creating rather than observing. The process of creation starts with knowing what you desire to express through your creation or how you desire your creation to be expressed. For example, you see the expression of an unmade bed in the morning and you imagine your desired expression of a made bed. The first step is knowing what you desire to create, which in this case is a made bed. The second step is to take action with what you have. Don’t become the observer by putting it off until some other time. Don’t use the excuse of thinking you don’t have what you need to create what you desire. Do what you can with what you have and take it as far as you can. This point may not be relevant to making the bed per se, but it is relevant to more advanced expressions, such as starting a business for example. Remember: at this initial stage in becoming the creator, it isn’t really about the results of your creation. It’s about participating in the creative process. The great thing about the creative process is that once you decide you have enough of whatever you think you need to begin creating, and you take the action of creating, you will attract more things that you truly need to continue the creative process. Also remember this: Observers create excuses, creators create, period.
  4. Start with creating yourself. You are your own most important creation. Up to now you’ve probably been an observer of yourself as well as the external world around you. You saw yourself as a hopeless victim of not only the outside world, but also your body, your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviours. Everything was out of your control and you reacted to yourself as if you were constantly fighting or subjugating to your mental and physical body. Not anymore. Begin the creative process on yourself. Create yourself anew. Ask yourself who you desire to express yourself as. Do you have an image or feeling of who you would like to be? If you do, take whatever steps you can to create yourself anew in the image of your desired expression. Use whatever you have in the creation of yourself. Think like you desire to think, speak like you desire to speak, dress like you desire to dress, act like you desire to act. Consciously create all aspects of yourself in every moment. Once again, don’t wait. Create now! Take action now, in whatever way you can! Exercise if you have to, educate yourself if you have to, meet new people if you have to. Remember that you don’t need nearly as much as you think you do to start the creative process. 
  5. Create your environment. Once you’ve worked on taking  conscious control in the creation of yourself, start working on your environment. Take action to create your environment anew. Make the symbolic gesture of creating, no matter how small the gesture. Shift your furniture around in your apartment, do your bed or put artwork and/or memorable photos on your wall. No action is too small because any creative action puts you in touch with your creatorhood and takes you out of victimhood. 
  6. Create your relationships. Lastly, there will be moments when you may fall back into the idea of victimhood when things seem to be out of your control. You may be the creator of the environment of your apartment, but what happens when you meet another person and they are mean to you? You cannot control or create their actions toward you or their thoughts about you. This situation is the final step in realizing your creatorhood. In circumstances like these that seem out of your control, you can express your creativity by creating your response to the circumstance. This ties into point number two, which was about being “response-able”. Being “respons-able” means you take responsibility for every situation, even those that seem out of your control, and you bring them under your control by creating your response to them. This level of creation is different from creating your environment in that it is predominantly an internal creation and can be seen as passive to some people. Nothing could be further from the truth; creating your relationships has the power to completely alter your emotional responses to your life and that takes great internal strength. The process of consciously creating your relationships is based on the understanding that you utterly determine your relationship to everything. No one has the power to create how you relate to something or how you define it. This is your domain and you have complete control over this. You can create your definitions of everything in your life in the way you desire to and release your victimhood even on this level. 

After this final realization, you will be a fully realized creative and powerful being. You will simply go about your life, creating your interactions with every aspect of it. You will create how you desire to express yourself while talking with others, for example. You will create how you desire to express yourself while shopping for groceries. You will create, create, create! No longer will anything be relegated to mere passive observation. You will observe, but you will create responses to your observations instead of merely automatically reacting to them. You will be free to live life in the way you want, rather than being told by life how you need to live it. You will always look to how you can create your experience of your life rather than just observe it go by.

You will know yourself simply and joyously as the creator on all levels of your experience and the idea of victimhood will be nothing but an increasingly distant, yet valuable memory. The idea of victimhood will remain a valuable memory for you because it will remind you how to remain the creator of your experience. Victimhood is valuable in that it leads you to being the creator, just as all contrasting experience leads to its opposite. 

Remember always that love is freedom. You need no other word to define it. You need no other thought to comprehend it. You need no other action to express it.

Your search for the true definition of love is over now. Now the only question will be whether you can give this gift of love to yourself and to another, even as I have given it to you.

All systems, agreements, decisions, and choices that express freedom express God. For God is freedom, and freedom is love, expressed.

Remember always that yours is a world of Illusion, that nothing you see is real, and you may use the Illusion to bring you a grand experience of the Ultimate Reality. Indeed, that is what you have come here to do.

You are living in a dream of your own creation. Let it be the dream of a lifetime, for that is exactly what it is.

Dream of a world in which the God and Goddess in you is never denied, and in which you never again deny the God and the Goddess in another. Let your greeting, both now and forevermore, be Namasté.

Dream of a world in which love is the answer to every question, the response to every situation, the experience in every moment.

Dream of a world in which Life, and that which supports Life, is the highest value, receives the highest honor, and has its highest expression.

Dream of a world in which freedom becomes the highest expression of Life, in which no one who claims to love another seeks to restrict another, and in which all are allowed to express the glory of their being in measure full and true.

Dream of a world in which equal opportunity is granted to all, equal resources are available to all, and equal dignity is accorded to all, so that all may experience equally the unequaled wonder of Life.

Dream of a world in which judgment is never again visited by one upon another, in which conditions are never laid down before love is offered, and in which fear is never again laid as a means of respect.

Dream of a world in which differences do not produce divisions, individual expression does not produce separation, and the greatness of the Whole is reflected in the greatness of its parts.

Dream of a world in which there is always enough, in which the simple gift of sharing leads to that awareness—and creates it, and in which every action supports it.

Dream of a world in which suffering is never again ignored, in which intolerance is never again expressed, and in which hatred is never again experienced by anyone.

Dream of a world in which ego is relinquished, in which Superiority is abolished, and in which Ignorance is eliminated from everyone’s reality, reduced to the Illusion that it is.

Dream of a world in which mistakes lead not to shame, regrets lead not to guilt, and Judgment leads not to Condemnation.

Dream of these things, and more.

— Communion with God