The Youniverse

Live each day with the spirit of celebration.

Celebrate that you are.

Celebrate that you didn’t need to do anything special to deserve to be, and that the Universe just had to have you within it at this time.

Celebrate that you have the opportunity to experience life in this wonderful Universe.

Celebrate that the Universe contains so much that you prefer, and that some of what you prefer, even if it’s just a tiny bit, has somehow made it into your experience.

Celebrate that not only do you get to experience life, but that life contains things that actually bring you joy.

Celebrate the fact that you can celebrate and that celebration exists at all.

Celebrate that joy exists within you, and so does the opposite of joy, so that you can actually experience joy as its own distinct experience.

Celebrate that the sun shines, that the rain falls, and that nature is so naturally beautiful.

Celebrate the music on your iPod, or the existence of your iPod itself.

Celebrate the food you eat.

Celebrate the clothes you wear.

Celebrate that the Universe contains so much inspiration for you to continue being yourself.

Celebrate that you’ve found some of that inspiration.

Celebrate that you don’t prefer everything, and that what you don’t prefer allows you to focus on what you do prefer.

Celebrate that you have the power to choose and that you can prefer whatever you want to prefer.

Celebrate all these things by acting on them and enjoying them.

Celebrate your favourite music by dancing to it.

Celebrate your clothes by wearing them proudly.

Celebrate the sun by basking in it.

Celebrate nature by beholding it.

Celebrate your power to choose by making preferable choices.

Celebrate life itself by enjoying the living of yours.

— Sohail Desai

Joy is the feeling of celebrating the fact that you are being yourself. The joy you feel as you dance to your favourite music, or play with your pet, or eat your favourite meal, or follow your curiosity, is your feeling of celebrating that you are being most “you” and that you’ve chosen an experience that reflects the being you prefer to be. As you’re joyful, colours get more vivid, the sun shines more brilliantly, your heart sings, your very cells tingle with excitement. It’s as if the whole universe is smiling and celebrating the birth of the wonderful being you have chosen to be.

— Sohail Desai

Contrast and Self-Acceptance

These past few weeks I have been re-integrating with society, meeting and interacting with a growing number of people. This experience has given birth to and solidified a strong, almost overwhelming, desire to be myself. Seeing what I truly do not prefer, created by people I do not prefer to be like has provided me with the necessary contrast to allow this desire to be fully born within me.

In a roundabout way, this contrast has been extremely beneficial for me, so I cannot even say I do not prefer it. I have enjoyed it because it has allowed me to focus strongly on my true preferences. Previous to this experience of contrast, I was in a haze, unsure of who I was or if I wanted to be who I was. I definitely did not think it was alright to love or accept who I was in each moment. I simply did not appreciate who I was or many of the things surrounding me in life that reflected my preferences. 

Now though, at the end of the day, as soon as I’m done working and interacting with these people, I take a deep breath, centre myself and blast my favourite music, all while falling in love with myself and my view of life. At that exact moment I am overjoyed with who I am. I feel relieved and ecstatic at the same time. I feel like I’m coming home after an exhausting journey. I rejoice in all the little things that make me who I am. I rejoice in my choice of clothes, my family, friends and culture, my choice of music, my choice of my wife, my choice of the pets that I share my life with and my choices of being vegan and the types of food I enjoy. I rejoice in how I like to create and decorate my apartment. I rejoice in the choice of what I desire to experience in my life and what makes my heart soar. Yet all this rejoicing is done simultaneously and holistically. I don’t break it down and focus on individual aspects of me. Instead I take in that breath and feel what it is like to be me, the real me, and that somehow encapsulates everything I currently prefer. It’s an awesome feeling!

I have found many benefits to this overwhelming feeling of self-acceptance. It gives me a strong confidence to honestly be who I prefer to be in my interactions with others. It allows me to create a space for myself, safe from the influence of others, so that I can consciously choose what I prefer to incorporate within me and what I choose to leave out. It gives me the confidence to disagree with others when I truly wish to disagree. It allows me to face any criticism and keep on going, as long as I’m not harming anyone. It just makes me happy to be me, and that feeling is priceless. 

Yet this self-confidence also gives me the confidence to accept others. Since I no longer feel threatened by the influence of others I tend to observe them without any negative reactions and constructively use any contrast between my preferences and theirs so that I am more focused in my own preferences. Seeing a person express negativity, for example, and seeing the results of that negativity, allows me to choose to express positivity that much stronger. In this way, I am not falsely self-confident by masking my own insecurities and fears. I have found that true self-acceptance gives birth to the acceptance of others, not the denial of them.  

So what else can I say? I’m very happy with who I am right now. I couldn’t say that a few months ago. I was waiting to be wealthy or whatever before I could accept myself. Now, I accept myself and I see and appreciate all the things in my life that already allow me to be me. There are so many little things that reinforce my recognition of myself. I find it very humbling that life has already provided me with so many enjoyable and exciting things, people and experiences. I now appreciate that the people in my life love me for who I am already, not who I may become sometime in the future. I also now feel a shift in the momentum of my life, where more and more experiences, things, and people that reflect my preferences will be showing up. I am genuinely excited. 

Hold the space of who you are, of who you’ve become. You cannot be the same as another so don’t even try to be anyone else. You cannot not be different than others in the expression of yourself, so don’t even try to be different than them either. Just be you. Love you. Hold the space of who you prefer to be.

Allow others to hold the space of who they are. They cannot be you so don’t try to make them like you. They cannot not be different than you in their expression of their self, so don’t even try to make them different than you either. Just allow them to be them. Love them. Allow them to hold the space of who they prefer to be.

We create ourselves by glistening from each other what each of us would like to incorporate into ourselves and what each of us would like to leave out. This act of creation depends on our inherent uniqueness and differences. We each are enriched by our exposure to the unique expressions of everyone else.

— Sohail Desai

True spirituality is a thing of joy and of the earth, and has nothing to do with fake adult dignity. It has nothing to do with long words and sorrowful faces.

It has to do with the dance of consciousness that is within you, and with the sense of spiritual adventure that is within your hearts. That is the meaning of spirituality; and as I have told you before, if I could I would do a merry dance about the room to show you that your vitality is not dependent upon a physical image.

It is not dependent upon your youth, it is not dependent upon your body. It rings and sings through the universe, and through your entire personality. It is a sense of joy that makes all creativity possible.

So do not think you are being spiritual when you are being long-faced, and do not think you are being spiritual when you berate yourself for your sins.

The seasons within your system come and go. The sun falls upon your face whether you think you are a sinner or a saint. The vitality of the universe is creativity and joy and love, and that is spirituality.

And that is what I shall tell the readers of my book.

— Seth through Jane Roberts

I find animals to be very inspirational. They are 100% in their beingness, without a sliver of space for anything other than the idea that they are. There is no room for doubt or hesitancy. Their actions are full of conviction. Every moment of their lives animals are gloriously being themselves.

— Sohail Desai


If there is one aspect of myself that I would like to work on currently, it would be the aspect of clarity. I would like to get clear about my views on life and what matters to me so that I can live my life through that clear vision.

Too many times I have been overwhelmed by trying to figure out the details of life, not just my life but of other people’s as well, so much so that I paralyze myself in the process.

Without clarity, my choice has been to lose focus and get distracted by trivial things. I know there is a reason I choose to be unclear. The ones that come quickest to mind are:

  • I am clear about what I want to experience, but I’m afraid I won’t get it so I will distract myself with things that don’t really matter to me. This way I can avoid the fear of not experiencing what I want.
  • If I get clear about what matters to me, others may get upset, uncomfortable or hurt by my decisions. To avoid upsetting them I will be vague and directionless.

The thing is, the joy, excitement, passion and overall deliciousness of life that I so badly want to experience can only come about by first getting clear within myself. Otherwise I am too muddled to even know what to be joyous, excited, or passionate about

I guess it all comes down to this: getting clear about the type of being I prefer to be and trusting that the details will take care of themselves and that I won’t be punished in any way for being that way. In this way being clear also ties into being loving of myself and trusting that the whole of existence also supports my choices. 

This is a recurring theme for me. I know deep in my heart what makes me joyful and how I’d like to be. Yet I hold myself apart from that joy due to my own insecurities and it is really frustrating me and killing me in a sense. 

Not anymore. I promise to myself to snap out of it and to be clear as glass about who I truly prefer to be in each moment of my life. 

You can be passionate about every aspect of your experience by taking an active role in creating it according to your preference. But before you can be passionate, you must be clear about what you truly prefer and what you are passionate about, otherwise you will tire yourself out looking to others’ advice on what it is you should prefer.

A clear sign of not being clear about your preference is living in a cluttered and incohesive environment. A person of clear intent and clear preference lives in an environment that reflects that clarity. Their environment only holds that which they prefer. What is not part of that preference simply does not remain in the environment, so there is no room for excess clutter.

Once you’re clear about your preference, you can go about being passionate by creating your preferred experience when it comes to your wardrobe, your “look”, food, projects, hobbies, and life in general. Your energy will be focused only on those aspects of life that matter to you. Everything else will fall away, as it should.

— Sohail Desai

Get clear about the type of life that you prefer. What is part of that life? What isn’t?

Next, passionately go about creating that life. Live that way. Allow the feeling of your preferred life to influence your actions so that they are automatically creating the type of environment that reflects that feeling.

The feeling must come first; it must be second-nature to you. The external experience follows.

— Sohail Desai

Way to Wellness

LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY. The fact that you exist is proof enough that you are loved by the Universe. Don’t argue with the Universe by judging yourself or doubting your deservability. You belong, just as you are.

But WHAT ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? These are the first questions you must ask of yourself. Are you who you think you are? Are you who others say you ought to be? The answer to the question is deceptively simple: You are who you choose to say you are. That is what it means to be unconditionally loved. You get to be whoever you want to be and the Universe will support you in being that person. So, if you say you are only acceptable if you conform to what others say you should be, your experience shall reflect your declaration. On the other hand, if you say you are who you want to be, you shall instead be that. You are utterly free to choose who you prefer to be. You always have been. You’ve been choosing every moment of every day and you’ve been experiencing the results of those choices. Not happy with those choices? Choose again.

To choose your true preference, however, you must BE HONEST with yourself and with others. Always be honest about what you prefer and what you don’t prefer, for yourself. Lying to gain acceptance from others is an act of allowing others to dictate who you should be, by their acceptance or denial of you. By being honest, you sift through your life experience, choosing what you truly prefer to incorporate into your identity and what you prefer to leave out. You then create an identity based on your honest truth, rather than the truth of others.

To do a good job of sifting of life experience, you need to get out of your head and PAY ATTENTION to that experience. To not pay attention to your experience is to repeat it. Paying attention to your experience, concluding your own preference about it and creating new desires is the process of your life unfolding. Those preferences and desires give shape and direction to your life.

It is then up to you to FOLLOW YOUR DESIRE, which will lead you on the path of being you. Live according to what you have concluded. Follow your own intuition and your own passion. You will then fulfill the reason you were birthed by the Universe. You will have realized the joy of being you.

For you to follow your own desire, however, you must TRUST THE UNIVERSE. The Universe is supporting you in numerous ways, many of them implicit. Your distrust of it has been unreasonable, because if it truly was out to get you, you probably wouldn’t even be here to read this. Realize this and open yourself up in trust to the Universe. Your joyful expansion depends on it.

Lastly, spread this message of wellness, not by telling people about it, but by living it. Be yourself and allow others to be themselves. HONOUR OTHERS’ CHOICES. They are just as free as you are to choose whatever they prefer. Allowance is the key. Allow them to be.