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Try to think of one thing you tried that you didn’t get better at with consistent effort.

I couldn’t find anything in my life. The stuff I’m good at is because I consistently made the effort to keep trying and I got better incrementally until I was suddenly pretty good at it.

The stuff I’m not good at I haven’t given consistent effort to. I either decided I didn’t like it, which is fine, or I liked it but I didn’t go further for some reason, which is usually not fine.

Commit to What Matters to You

If you love something and it brings you joy, then it matters to you. If it matters to you, you should commit yourself to it.

Don’t ever get discouraged because you aren’t very good at it at first and it turns out to be a difficult challenge. If you stay committed to it, it will get easier. You will get better at it. And you will thank yourself for having the courage and determination to commit to your dreams.

If you do get discouraged and settle for something that doesn’t really matter to you, you will feel “off”. You will have lost the feeling of joyful growth and you will be out of it and just going through the motions in Life.

Through your commitment to what matters to you, what matters to you will grow. Everything you do now; every one of your accomplishments and the skills you’ve developed, grew because of your commitment to them.

For me, I can remember how much of a challenge it was to get used to being in a committed relationship. For the first time, I was in an intimate partnership where secrets could not be kept without harming the partnership. I had to learn to communicate openly so that no resentment built. I learned that by first experiencing resentment and realizing what caused it. I experienced all the things that can put relationships at risk of collapsing. Not once did I think of giving up though, and neither did my wife. We were committed because we mattered to one another. I am happy to say we still matter to one another, because we see that challenges in the relationship are temporary if we work at them together. We look back now, after being together for seven years and are shocked at how much we’ve grown in our relationship. It is a source of pride for both of us.

I look to that determination and commitment as inspiration for the rest of my life. I also look to the times I learned to drive a car, ride a bike, beat a video game, graduate from school, or any other challenge. I accomplished them by committing to them, and my commitment didn’t feel like work, because each of my challenges mattered to me. Of course, there have been challenges that I chose to drop because they didn’t matter. Those felt like work and struggle.

So I now look at what I want to improve in my own life, spiritually, physically, and mentally, with renewed optimism. Last night, I made a list of things i want to commit to and the things that will improve for me, because they are one and the same. Remember: what we commit ourselves to will grow. So if we are committed to settling for less than we want, guess what? Our ability to settle will grow and soon we will be perfect settlers!

So it is probably a good idea for each of us to look at our own lives and see what we want to improve, and then choose to commit to the challenges. My list includes: meeting and connecting with more people; getting physically stronger; continuing to learn Spanish; committing to running my business as best as I can and improving my finances; getting better at swimming, snorkeling, and perhaps scuba diving; becoming a better basketball player; being more positively oriented; getting better at writing; being more self-confident and being true to myself; being more free-spirited; being a better husband, brother, son and friend by paying attention to those around me. It is a growing list, which I love, because I think I would be a bit bored without it.

I know that if I commit to my challenges, they will improve for me. I don’t care how much I fail at first because I also know the pain of letting go of things that matter. I will get back up and move towards being who I want to be and I will enjoy the feeling of getting better at all that matters to me. It is a great feeling to grow in the way you prefer to! That feeling sums up my list. I love to improve in things that matter to me, and that is why I will commit to them.

Winning a championship is a delicate balancing act, and there’s only so much you can accomplish by exerting your will. As a leader your job is to do everything in your power to create the perfect conditions for success by benching your ego and inspiring your team to play the game the right way. But at some point, you need to let go and turn yourself over to the basketball gods.
The soul of success is surrendering to what is.

— Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success by Phil Jackson

It is not about becoming abundant; it is about uncovering the abundance that is already here.

It is not about becoming intelligent; it is about uncovering the intelligence that is already here.

It is not about becoming brave; it is about uncovering the bravery that is already here.

It is not about becoming joyful; it is about uncovering the joy that is already here.

It is not about becoming confident; it is about uncovering the confidence that is already here.

It is not about becoming expanded; it is about uncovering the expansion that is already here.

It is not about becoming passionate; it is about uncovering the passion that is already here. 

It is not about becoming supported; it is about uncovering the support that is already here.

It is not about becoming free; it is about uncovering the freedom that is already here.

It is not about becoming healthy; it is about uncovering the health that is already here.

It is not about becoming loved; it is about uncovering the love that is already here.

It is not about wanting; it is about uncovering the fact that we already have it.

We already contain everything we desire. Our world already contains an infinite number of experiences, some of which also represent our desire. Life itself already contains an infinite number of experiences. 

Our desire does not create ourselves anew, but rather uncovers another aspect of what we already contain. Our desire does not create the world anew, but rather uncovers another aspect of what the world already contains. Our desire does not create Life anew, but rather uncovers another aspect of what Life already contains. 

This is a completely different perspective from our current limited perspective. Now, we can be seen as what we actually are: beings that contain an infinite number of possibilities, waiting for us to uncover them. The world can be seen as what it actually is: a field of infinite possibilities, waiting for us to uncover them. Life can be seen as what it actually is: an even larger field of an infinite number of possibilities, waiting for us to uncover them as well. 

If we went back in time, we would tell the people of the past that they already contain the ability to create all the great things we have created today. It is only their limited perspective of themselves and their world that stops them from seeing this potential ability. Similarly, if our future selves came back to our present time, they would tell us the same thing. We, and our world, already contain what we wish to be and experience in the future. It is only our limited perspective that is stopping us from seeing this right now. 

Of course your desire will be unrealistic at first; that is why you’re desiring it. If it was realistic, what you desire would be your reality already and you wouldn’t need to desire it! So don’t get swayed from your desire just because it isn’t your current reality. Keep it strong, because it is only those desires that are truly and fully desired that then become our reality.

Sohail Desai

You don’t usually realize what a gift a rush of inspiration can be until you find yourself in boring, mundane situations. Enjoy your inspirations when they hit you by acting on them with joy and passion! Who cares about the outcome? Enjoy the feeling of being inspired for what it is! It is one of the most delicious feelings there is and it deserves to be celebrated as often as possible.

Sohail Desai

It’s not a fear of failure that stops us from following our dreams. It is what failure means to us. Failure itself is meaningless, and has an equal capability to serve a positive purpose as a negative one. In fact, failure has served us positively numerous times before, by highlighting our mistakes for us. It is those of us that have sadly given failure an exclusively negative meaning that then fail to live our lives fully.

It all comes down to self-worth. The only underlying reason any circumstance generates negative emotion within us is because it threatens our sense of self-worth. This is because we have been taught to measure our worth solely by external circumstances and situations. So, if any circumstance or situation is anything less than what we deem to be perfect, we react negatively because to us it means we ourselves are less than perfect and so we become unworthy in our own eyes. The moment we are totally secure in our sense of self-worth is the moment we stop reacting negatively to every little mis-step in Life.

Take the script others hand you about who you’re supposed to be and shred it.

That script was made up. It was artificial. The reality is that there never was a script for you. Be your natural self and make your own script, and don’t be afraid to change it whenever you want.

The wonder of being a human being is that there are an infinite number of ways a human being can express itself. You get to imagine what being human is for you. You get to choose who you’re going to be. Don’t allow anyone else take away that right.