The Youniverse

The more we allow the sub-conscious to operate the details of the form-ation of our experience, the smoother and more effortless the experience will be.

The conscious mind is needed to simply direct the sub-conscious mind, but the sub-conscious takes care of numerous important details that the conscious mind cannot deal with.

When will we realize the mistake of limiting people, animals, nature or anything else to concepts in our minds? When will we realize the pain we cause others or ourselves when we deny anyone the freedom to change or the ability to be free from our limiting concepts?

— Sohail Desai

You already have what you’re looking for. Stop looking for it and you’ll see that it’s true. Don’t expect to find it by thinking about it though, because your mind will most likely push it away in your experience. Your mind, being responsible for your experience of separation, will deny that you already have what you’re looking for and so if you listen to your mind you’ll never see that you had what you’re looking for all along. Finding what you’re looking for is realized by knowing that you have it and knowing that you have it is realized by remembering your Oneness with it and everything else in existence. Then it’s not even a matter of wanting what you’re looking for, but rather just simply choosing it.

— Sohail Desai

By minding when things you don’t prefer happen in your life, you only make them matter more. That is, by minding them or thinking about them intently, you only make them materialize more strongly in your experience.
If you don’t prefer poverty, don’t mind it. If you don’t prefer sickness, don’t mind it. If you don’t prefer people being mean to you, don’t mind them. If you don’t prefer limitation, don’t mind it. If you don’t prefer negativity, don’t mind it.

— Sohail Desai

Subconscious, What Subconscious?

We created the subconscious mind by shoving things we didn’t want to look at into the corners of our conscious mind. These things could be hurtful memories or perhaps they could be beliefs that we absorbed when we were younger. Essentially the subconscious is really just parts of our conscious mind that we choose not to look at. We then blame this subconscious for many of our emotional issues and life issues in general. We become a victim of the subconscious that we created in the first place! We then go through life wondering why things are working the way they are.

Remember that we create the experiences of our lives through our beliefs and the emotions they generate. So because of these hidden beliefs we go through life experiencing negative emotions without ever knowing why. We become used to the negative emotions and the surprising negative experiences in life. These negative experiences usually show up as accidents or sudden illnesses, all of which are surprising only because we don’t look at the beliefs that generated them. So we go on and on stumbling along through life blindly until we finally can’t take it anymore and then we usually create the BIG experience that shakes us up and forces us to finally take a look inside ourselves. At this point we usually head to the psychiatrist’s office, going through years of therapy, if we are rich enough to afford the privilege to do so. If we aren’t rich enough we usually just suck it up or become depressed and suffer some more. 

So what can we do? The answer is to realize that we are powerful enough to illuminate our subconscious and make it conscious. We must realize that nothing is truly hidden unless we want it to be. We must also realize that our conscious mind is extremely powerful. It is responsible for directing the automatic portions of our experience, which includes the process of reality creation and the automatic processes of maintaining our body. In other words, whatever thoughts we think and beliefs we hold within our conscious mind will be automatically translated into creating the experience in our lives. Therefore the solution for living a life we prefer is to stop creating a subconscious mind and instead create a conscious mind full of beliefs we prefer. 

We must take an honest look at our lives and make a determination whether we truly prefer the way they are or not. Then we must illuminate our subconscious to find the beliefs responsible for creating the undesired portions of our lives. Finally we must replace what we find in our subconscious with beliefs we prefer and then allow the translation of our new beliefs into the new experiences in our lives.

We must take responsibility for our experience in life. We are not at the mercy of a subconscious or a foreign external reality. We are fully in control if we choose to realize it. We can be fully conscious beings, utilizing our full power with absolutely no resistance, creating the lives of our dreams. To truly be the powerful gods we are, there really is no other choice.

Rambling Mind.

On and on my mind rambles about how I need this and need that. How I should worry about how life will work itself out. How I should try harder and how I should not fail.

On and on it goes and I begin to feel its effects emotionally. The slow creep of worry and fear start to appear. “How will everything work out?” I ask myself internally. Then, out of the blue, I suddenly realize that I have fallen under the illusion once again. I decide to put and end to the worrying. How? I say out loud to myself, as if telling my mind, that it is illogical to think that the future is incomplete and that I have to make everything fit and work. I say that the universe is complete and infinite. I say that the future that everything works out already exists along with the future that everything fails. All I have to do is choose which one I prefer by focusing on it with an attitude of gratitude that I always get what I choose to experience. I say that by worrying about the future I am choosing the one where everything fails and I will get that future because I always get what I choose.

I literally convinced my mind that everything will be fine and that it was being illogical. I cannot believe it actually works.

The brain deals exclusively with camouflage patterns, transforming vitality into physical environmental camouflage patterns. The mind deals with basic principles inherent on all planes. The brain is itself part of the camouflage pattern, and can be interpreted and probed by physical instruments. The mind cannot be probed by physical instruments. It cannot even be found by physical instruments. The mind is the connective. It is here that the secrets of the universe will be discovered, and the mind itself is the tool of discovery.

— Seth through Jane Roberts


You are not who you think you are. Right now you probably think that you are your body or your personality. However, this is not true. Both your body and your personality are transient and are limited ideas within the true whole you.

You are simply the infinite, boundless awareness that plays with the tools you call “personality” and “body” so that you may create the experience that is human life.

The real you is unchanging, infinite and eternal. That is your truth. Everything else is essentially an illusion.

The addiction to drugs, food, alcohol, etc. is nothing compared to the addiction we humans have to thinking. Sitting quietly in silence is so foreign to most of us that the mind quickly starts thinking of its “problems” simply because it feels more “natural.” We say we want peace, but because of our conditioning many of us actually feel more comfortable worrying. Worrying about what? Anything, the mind is not picky.

Michael Jeffreys (via journeytoenlightenment)

Heart and Mind

I live my life through my mind way too much. My thoughts are constantly wandering from subject to subject, mostly in some kind of worry. Unless I am having a conversation (most conversations, anyways) or doing something completely involving, my attention will waver. I am finding that I am missing much of the experience of my life because I am not paying attention to it. For example, the other day I was driving down a street that I drive on every week and I noticed some nice lofts for the first time. The lofts were always there, but I never paid attention to them because of my wandering mind.  

It’s not only the physical environment and experiences that I am missing. It is also my own subjective internal experiences. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own thoughts that I don’t even notice what I am thinking about. This leads to me snapping out of those thoughts abruptly and finding myself in a shitty mood without even knowing why. I then usually realize that I was worrying about something in the future or dwelling on some negative experience from the past.

The predominant use of my mind also causes a stagnation of action in my life. I find that I constantly analyze what I should do next. Every move I make must be weighed against other possibilities and causes so much contemplation, setting off deeper levels of thinking, which can get really frustrating.

Now though, I have decided that I am going to be getting out of my head and listening to my heart a little more (not literally, of course). I will pay attention to my emotions, which will tell the story of exactly what type of thoughts I am thinking, whether I am enjoying my current external experience, and what experience I would prefer to have next as well.

In my previous posts I have talked about the importance of definitions and beliefs in the experience of life. These definitions and beliefs can be very hard to notice when I am constantly thinking about random things. However, once I pay attention to how I am feeling I can trace back those emotions and my thoughts to a definition or belief I hold that I may or may not prefer.

I now know that if I really want to live a life that I desire, I must pay attention to my emotions first and then follow my emotions to my thoughts, not the other way around.