The Youniverse

Being positive doesn’t mean you cover up and repress negative feelings. The path to real positivity leads through negativity. Only if you understand negativity can you truly have the power to choose positivity. Your negative feelings are meant to highlight negative beliefs you hold within you so that you can change them and then automatically be led to positivity.

To put it another way: if you try so hard to focus on the light while repressing the dark you are only looking at half of the picture. The idea is to realize that the darkness holds the light and light holds the darkness. Loving both allows you to choose whatever you prefer and allows you to experience life in its true glory.

So if you feel like shit don’t cover it up. Express your feelings without hurting anyone and you will then find out why you felt like shit in the first place. Make sure you don’t blame anyone for your feelings. Instead, accept them as your own and realize that it is only because of your perspective that you felt like shit. Remember, your reactions always say more about you than they do about the thing you are reacting to. At this point you now have the power to change your perspective so that you no longer feel like shit. This is the path of truly transforming negativity into positivity instead of putting a band-aid of fake positivity to cover the negativity.

— Sohail Desai

Digging for Gold

Celebration time! Yesterday I created a circumstance with my wife that allowed me to uncover some more hidden beliefs within me. This circumstance was an offshoot of some core beliefs that all revolve around a lack of self-worth, a lack of deservability, and a lack of self love. The circumstance worked out so that I came to the realization that I was expecting my wife to provide the love and support that I did not give myself. I realized that I considered myself a loser and a failure because I am not financially well off and that I wanted to be comforted by my wife in order to further cover up these hidden feelings. I now see why life seems to be unchanging for me, even though I thought I made significant changes within me. I realize that I hadn’t changed the one deep rooted core issue of lack of self-worth. Now it’s no wonder why life keeps reflecting different circumstances to highlight this. 

It was a big releasing for me yesterday and it caught me completely by surprise. I didn’t even realize what I was saying when I voiced my feelings and the beliefs that caused them. They seemed foreign to me because I kept avoiding them for so long. There was some crying and some reconciliation with my wife. All in all though, it was a great experience! I feel much better knowing what was previously unknown and I am taking actions to provide myself with the love and support I now know I need. The relationship between my wife has also benefited from the experience, so there is much to celebrate. 

Previous to this experience I knew my life wasn’t working in the way I wanted, but I couldn’t or wouldn’t put my finger on what internal cause was causing the issues. The thing is though, I recently started to be willing to find out why and I believe that made all the difference. Yesterday’s experience happened shortly after a nap, maybe because my defensive guards I normally keep up to shelter me from my deepest feelings were relaxed while I slept. It seemed to be happening in perfect timing and it unexpectedly allowed me to find out how to truly make changes in my life. I now know through my experience that life can always work when we let it. The thing is though, how many of us allow it to work instead of getting in its way all the time?

Through my experience I now plan to be more honest with myself and with others by voicing my feelings instead of hiding them. I also plan to be more understanding, more loving and caring with myself and with others and I will not criticize myself or anybody else any longer because I truly know how much that hurts. 

Onwards and upwards!

Your Power

Your Power can never be taken away from you. It is completely intertwined with your Being. Now, I am not talking about power (with a lower case) in the way you may have thought of it up to now, which tends to do with domination or control. The power to dominate or control can be taken away at any time and so doesn’t really qualify as true Power. The true Power that I am talking about lies with your ability to choose. 

You are a Being of choice. Every moment you are exercising your choice, whether that choice is conscious or unconscious. Now, most of our choices tend to be of the unconscious variety and so we may not even know that we are exercising it. Think of how insidious this is: when making unconscious choices we are using our Power to choose to make it seem as if we don’t have the Power in the first place. Allow me to explain more clearly: I have discussed in previous posts how circumstances in life are devoid of meaning and that we are the ones who apply meaning to it, usually on an unconscious basis. This ability to choose and apply any meaning is one of our greatest Powers and yet we choose to give that Power away to others. We tend to automatically apply the meaning they taught us rather than making our own decisions about what they mean. The importance of this particular Power cannot be underestimated. Realize that nobody has the power to come into our minds and make us think in a certain way without our consent and yet that is what we do time and again. This is one of the greatest Powers in existence and it is your birthright to use it, so claim it consciously.

Now, every other choice we make is based on our choice of perspective. In essence, it is our perspective that shapes our behaviour, which is nothing more than a series of choices acted out. So we can see how responsibly and consciously using the Power of choice is imperative to taking control of the total experience of our lives. 

In closing, if you want a life of happiness and joy, simply choose it. It is in your Power to do so. Choose to do what you prefer to do in life, rather than what you don’t prefer. Choose to be yourself rather than who others want you to be. Choose to think thoughts that bring you joy and happiness rather than thoughts that bring you misery. Choose to listen to your inner voice rather than the voice of others. Choose to realize your Power to choose and never let go of it. Ever.

Note: Sorry if there are any grammatical errors in this post. This one was pounded out while on a late night caffeine fuelled ramble. :)

Every action taken is an attempt to fulfill a desire. Take a look at all the actions you have taken today and realize how many times your desires, no matter how small or insignificant they were, have been effortlessly fulfilled. Keep that feeling of fulfillment within you. It will help lead you to being fulfilled in larger, more expanded ways.

The Importance of Ideas

External circumstances don’t completely make up who we are. Rather, it is our idea of who we are that make up external circumstances. I feel this is a huge misunderstanding that causes many people a lot of pain (including me).

We constantly chase the external circumstances that we feel will make us feel whole and complete, but those circumstances can only truly show up when our idea of ourselves is one of completeness. Otherwise even if we attain the circumstance we want, through hard work usually, it inevitably will fade away to reveal the true idea we hold within us.

The external world and all that it contains is actually an expression of our inner ideas. It is simply the physical translation of who we hold ourselves to be. We can learn a lot about ourselves individually and collectively as a society, by viewing the expressions we create. The external world is a feedback mechanism allowing us to constantly refine our ideas and reinvent ourselves. 

We don’t need to look far into our history to see how our ideas have changed the world. It is mainly the idea that each person or a group of people holds about themselves that creates the response from the rest of the world. For example, when black people gave up the idea of their inferiority and realized their equality we got the civil rights movement. When women also did this they created new opportunities for themselves. Our world would not be the same were it not for these ideas and a number of others that I don’t really have the space to get into right now.

Changing ideas do not only occur on a large scale of course; they occur everyday in individual peoples’ lives. As a person changes the idea of themselves they change their life and their experience of the world. The bigger the change in the idea, the bigger the change externally.

One could say we are nothing but an idea. We are who we think we are. Without an idea of ourselves or our world, would we have any experience at all? I don’t mean to say that we are an idea in order to diminish, but to expand. When we see ourselves as an idea, we can be anything we wish to be. It allows for an ever changing life full of possibilities. The importance and the power of the ideas we hold cannot be underestimated. 

Look about the world today and see the changes taking place. The Arab Spring and other uprisings are the result of new ideas beginning to take hold within people’s minds. Our technological innovations, sociological programs, cultural traditions and any other aspect of our society constantly change with our ideas of who we are and of the world we live in.

I always think about how people in the past would react if we were to take our technology like WIFI and the Internet back in time and show it to them. They would probably consider it to be some sort of magic, but this is only because of the idea they hold about themselves and the world and what is possible in life.

I can see this kind of effect when thinking of the future as well. As our past selves would freak out about our technology now, we would certainly freak out just the same if we were to see our world in the future. Many of the ideas that are on the fringes of society today will be mainstream tomorrow. I believe these ideas include the existence of aliens, parallel realities, the spiritual awakening of ourselves as creators of the universe and many others. It is hard to imagine where we will end up by following these ideas, but I know that it will definitely be an exciting journey, for some of us at least. 

A Letter From My Inner Self

Dear Outer Self,

I understand why you didn’t trust in me. I know you didn’t even know I existed and that’s partly the way we planned it, you and I, when we decided to live this life. This life has been a great experience though, hasn’t it? Where else could we play the game of separating ourselves into pieces and experience the forgetting of Who We Are? Yes, there have been some dark trials and lots of pain, but if you could see and when you do see the amazing experience we have gained you will say it has been worth it. 

I have been waiting patiently for you; for the day when you realized that you were connected to me and accepted your true nature. I have waited for our conscious reunion; to become the whole being that we are, and it is finally here! I have watched you cut through the darkness of the world, finding your way back to me with incredible determination. You took my signals and kept your head up, even though you didn’t even know where you were heading! You are truly amazing, but you know that now, don’t you?

I am so excited to work in harmony with you, to show you our true power by creating a life of miraculous ecstasy. I am here, as always, lovingly listening, waiting to hear your desires and to help you manifest those desires for your experience. Now that you know I am here it will be much easier for me, since I probably won’t have to work around your many previous fears and doubts. 

So relax into your knowing and feel our connection. I am the internal feeling of joy, unconditional love, peace and bliss that you feel in your natural state of grace. Externally, I work behind the scenes, so to speak. I am the beating of your heart, the breathing of your lungs, the blood running through your veins. I am the wind blowing through the trees, the birds singing their beautiful songs, the warm sun rays on your face and the glowing stars in the inky night sky. I am the little coincidental events that tell you of my love for you and of your connection to me. I am constantly speaking with you as you speak to me through your beliefs, emotions and desires. Look for me all around you and I promise you will be amazed. All you need is a little trust in me; set some time aside to connect with me consciously and, for both of our sakes, provide a lot of love for yourself. I will do the rest effortlessly. 

Thank you for your incredible bravery and determination. I love you, but you know that already don’t you?


Your Inner Self

The medical field treats symptoms. It does not treat causes of the symptoms because it does not understand causes. It doesn’t know why one person gets cancer and the other doesn’t. This is because it hasn’t looked where the answer lies, either through its own ignorance or arrogance.

The answer lies in each person’s beliefs, thoughts and emotions. They don’t look there because it’s easier for them to mass medicate everybody with similar symptoms rather than finding out who each person is so that they may find the particular and unique root cause of the sickness in each person and heal it without harsh drugs.

In fact, we could say that the experiences of life, that is its circumstances and situations, themselves are also symptoms in a similar way. They are simply projected outside the body rather than within it.

Here we are just like the medical field, treating symptoms by running around trying to change the external experiences of our lives. Meanwhile, the true causes have been and always will be within us. Treating these causes will automatically and effortlessly alter the symptoms.

— Sohail Desai

Rambling Mind.

On and on my mind rambles about how I need this and need that. How I should worry about how life will work itself out. How I should try harder and how I should not fail.

On and on it goes and I begin to feel its effects emotionally. The slow creep of worry and fear start to appear. “How will everything work out?” I ask myself internally. Then, out of the blue, I suddenly realize that I have fallen under the illusion once again. I decide to put and end to the worrying. How? I say out loud to myself, as if telling my mind, that it is illogical to think that the future is incomplete and that I have to make everything fit and work. I say that the universe is complete and infinite. I say that the future that everything works out already exists along with the future that everything fails. All I have to do is choose which one I prefer by focusing on it with an attitude of gratitude that I always get what I choose to experience. I say that by worrying about the future I am choosing the one where everything fails and I will get that future because I always get what I choose.

I literally convinced my mind that everything will be fine and that it was being illogical. I cannot believe it actually works.

Words and their associated emotions that convey illusion:


























Words and their associated emotions that convey truth:























That’s all I got for now. Which words is your mind occupied with most of the time? I’ve been aware of my thoughts recently and found that there are some sneaky ones around lack that I barely noticed were there. 

The brain deals exclusively with camouflage patterns, transforming vitality into physical environmental camouflage patterns. The mind deals with basic principles inherent on all planes. The brain is itself part of the camouflage pattern, and can be interpreted and probed by physical instruments. The mind cannot be probed by physical instruments. It cannot even be found by physical instruments. The mind is the connective. It is here that the secrets of the universe will be discovered, and the mind itself is the tool of discovery.

— Seth through Jane Roberts


The addiction to drugs, food, alcohol, etc. is nothing compared to the addiction we humans have to thinking. Sitting quietly in silence is so foreign to most of us that the mind quickly starts thinking of its “problems” simply because it feels more “natural.” We say we want peace, but because of our conditioning many of us actually feel more comfortable worrying. Worrying about what? Anything, the mind is not picky.

Michael Jeffreys (via journeytoenlightenment)

Create the beautiful painting that is your life. Your palette is filled with your emotions, beliefs and thoughts. Using positive beliefs and emotions such as unconditional love, joy, ecstasy and so on helps to create a stunning image that portrays your truth. Meanwhile, using negative beliefs and emotions such as doubt, fear, anger and so on will create a distorted image. One image is not better than the other, it is simply your choice which kind of painting you wish your life to be.