The Youniverse

The idea of prevention is always based upon fear - for you do not want to prevent something that is joyful. Often, therefore, preventative medicine causes what it hopes to avoid. Not only does the idea [of prevention] continually promote the entire system of fear, but specific steps taken to prevent a disease in a body not already stricken, again, often set up reactions that bring about side effects that would occur if the disease had in fact been suffered.

— Seth through Jane Roberts

The medical field treats symptoms. It does not treat causes of the symptoms because it does not understand causes. It doesn’t know why one person gets cancer and the other doesn’t. This is because it hasn’t looked where the answer lies, either through its own ignorance or arrogance.

The answer lies in each person’s beliefs, thoughts and emotions. They don’t look there because it’s easier for them to mass medicate everybody with similar symptoms rather than finding out who each person is so that they may find the particular and unique root cause of the sickness in each person and heal it without harsh drugs.

In fact, we could say that the experiences of life, that is its circumstances and situations, themselves are also symptoms in a similar way. They are simply projected outside the body rather than within it.

Here we are just like the medical field, treating symptoms by running around trying to change the external experiences of our lives. Meanwhile, the true causes have been and always will be within us. Treating these causes will automatically and effortlessly alter the symptoms.

— Sohail Desai