The Youniverse

The Non-Physical Nature of our Experience

I am really freaking out about the neutrality of life. I started thinking about how my experience of the world consists of my concepts and others’ concepts about it. Without these concepts and definitions, the world would be completely meaningless. 

That is insane! What is even more mind-boggling is that I have realized that these concepts actually exist within another world that our world is built on. For now, I will call it the “World of Ideas”. The very fact that I am writing this in a language that others can comprehend is evidence of the World of Ideas. Language and its complex meanings and emotions do not exist on their own in the external world. We have created it from the World of Ideas.

Think about it: we use our bodies as instruments to convey ideas that cannot exist without us. For example, we use them to make some noises through our mouth and somehow, these noises will convey abstract ideas that may or may not make sense to anybody else. For a second, sit and think that you, the reader is looking at a series of pixels lit up in a particular configuration to create an intricate pattern on your computer screen. The pattern then somehow miraculously conveys a whole language, the description of the colours, the layout of the page, etc….

Furthermore, the words you are reading each have their own definition, which most of us agree upon. These definitions do not exist at all in the world! They are simply made up and we agree to them so that we can communicate in a synchronous manner with one another. I hope I’m getting the point across, but this is mind-blowing stuff to me. 

I also started thinking about how all emotion is also based on non-physicality and is created within us based on the type of definition we have about something. Emotion is such a huge part of our experience, it unites us in an empathic bond between us and other people and even animals and it drives us to continue living. The only reason we want to continue to live our lives is because we can experience the emotion of joy. It is crazy to think that joy and all other emotions stem from our non-physical definitions and beliefs.

To put it another way, if it were not for our ability to create definitions or beliefs, we would be dull, emotionless and completely clinical. I have not met anyone who is completely like that. Even scientists, who pride themselves on being objective and focused on facts and data, have an emotional connection to their work and their lives. If not for their emotions, why even bother searching for answers to the mysteries of the universe? The plain fact is: the reason they do it is because of the emotion of joy they attach to that particular activity.

Now, the conclusion I come to because of my discovery of the World of Ideas is that we are not merely physical human beings living on an objective world. If we were just physical human beings, we would only perceive our environment with no experience as we know it. It would merely be a recognition of the environment with no way to interact with it. To interact with it, in all the infinite ways we do, requires imagination and creation of concepts, both of which are based in non-physicality.

The truth seems to be that we are connected to the much larger subjective World of Ideas. Imagination, definitions, emotions and all other non-physical attributes of our experience all come from there. I believe that our physical world is actually based on that world and could be a neutral symbolic representation of non-physical concepts.

This is pretty exciting because if the world is a neutral symbol with no built in meaning and no ability to create emotion within us, we can each define it the way we want based on the emotions we prefer. 

Now, I have been getting into this kind of thinking in my post on consciousness that I continue to work on. Hopefully I will be able to clarify my thoughts a little better by the time I post it.