The Youniverse

You are like children with a game, and you think that the game is played by everyone. Physical life is not the rule. Identity and consciousness existed long before your earth was formed. You suppose that any personality must appear in physical terms. Consciousness is the force behind matter, and it forms many other realities besides the physical one. It is, again, your own viewpoint that is presently so limited that it seems to you that physical reality is the rule and mode of existence.

— Seth through Jane Roberts

Using your free will, you have made physical reality into something quite different than what was intended. You have allowed the ego to become overly developed and specialized. You were here to work out problems and challenges, but you were always to be aware of your own inner reality, and of your nonphysical existence. To a large extent you have lost contact with this. You have focused so strongly upon physical reality that it became the only reality that you know.

— Seth through Jane Roberts

If you are in poor health, you can remedy it. If your personal relationships are unsatisfactory, you can change them for the better. If you are in poverty, you can find yourself surrounded by abundance… Each of you, regardless of position, status, circumstances, or physical condition, is in control or your own experience.

— Seth through Jane Roberts

I come here because it is fun. I have fun when I come here. I do not come here because I feel that I have any great responsibility for your beings or welfare. Who am I to set myself against the innate wisdom of your own individual being, or to take upon my invisible shoulders the great privilege or joyful responsibility for your behavior and destiny?

— Seth through Jane Roberts

When people are convinced that the self is untrustworthy, for whatever reasons, or that the universe is not safe, then instead of luxuriating in the use of their abilities, exploring the physical and mental environments, they begin to pull in their realities to contract their abilities, to overcontrol their environments. They become frightened people and frightened people do not want freedom, mental or physical. They want shelter, a definite set of rules. They want to be told what is good and bad. They lean toward compulsive behavior patterns. They seek out leaders - political, scientific or religious - who will order their lives for them.

— Seth through Jane Roberts

Anxiety and the Law of Attraction

An anxious person usually initially uses the Law of Attraction in an anxious way. They pretend to be happy- that is they momentarily cover up their anxiety, while anxiously looking to their reality for signs of improvement. They may repeat positive affirmations, or do exciting things that used to bring them joy, or only think positive thoughts, all in an attempt to be positive, but underneath all this fake positivity the anxiety remains. 

Obviously no true sign of improvement shows up then, because the anxiety hasn’t truly been transformed; just hidden momentarily. The person, seeing no improvement, becomes more despondent than before, their anxiety bubbling up again from the depths of their being. Yet another false hope, they think, without realizing that they’re using the Law in an inappropriate way.

For improvement to occur the anxiety must be transformed and true happiness must be expressed, which means being happy without needing reality to improve.

This is an internal journey then, one in which the anxious person must face many of their fears in order to integrate them and become the positive person they desire to be. It’s all about becoming a truly happy person first, before experiencing the reality that goes along with being a happy person.

These inborn leanings or attitudes can roughly be translated as follows:

1. I am an excellent creature, a valuable part of the universe in which I exist.

2. My existence enriches all other portions of life, even as my own being is enhanced by the rest of creation.

3. It is good, natural and safe for me to grow and develop and use my abilities, and by so doing I also enrich all other portions of life.

Next: I am eternally couched and supported by the universe of which I am a part, and I exist whether or not that existence is physically expressed.

Next: By nature I am a good deserving creature, and all of life’s elements and parts are also of good intent.

And next: All of my imperfections, and all of the imperfections of other creatures, are redeemed in the greater scheme of the universe in which I have my being.

Those attitudes are inbred in the smallest microscopic portions of the body - a part of each atom and cell and organ, and they serve to trigger all of the body’s responses that promote growth and fulfillment. Infants are not born with an inbred fear of their environment, or of other creatures. They are instead immersed in feelings of well-being, vitality, and exuberance. They take it for granted that their needs will be met, and that the universe is well-disposed toward them. They feel a part of their environment.

They do not come into life with feelings of rage, or anger, and basically they do not experience doubts or fears. Birth is experienced in terms of self-discovery, and includes the sensation of selfhood gently rising and unfolding from the secret heart of the universe.

Many people believe that birth, to the contrary, is a time of trauma, or even of rage, as the infant leaves it’s mother’s womb. Birth is life’s most precious natural process. Even in births that are thought of as not “normal”, there is on the infant’s part a sense of discovery and joy.

We will have more to say about the process of birth later on in this book. For now, I simply want to make the point that in the most basic of terms the human birth is as orderly and spontaneous as the birth of any of nature’s creatures - and a child opens itse selfhood even as a flower opens its petals.

The inborn leanings and attitudes that we have been discussing should ideally remain with you for the rest of your life, leading you to express your abilities, and finding fulfillment as your knowledge expands through experience. The same feelings and beliefs should also ideally help you die with a sense of safety, support and assurance. While these inbred psychological supports never leave your entirely, they are often diminished by beliefs encountered later in life, that serve to undermine the individual’s sense of safety and well-being.

— Seth | The Way Toward Health | 1984-01-27 | pp.67-70 (via sytantris)

…Now I ask you, how far do you think a flower would get if in the morning it turned its face toward the sky and said, “I demand the sun. And now I need rain. So I demand it. And I demand bees to come and take my pollen. I demand, therefore, that the sun shall shine for a certain number of hours, and that the rain shall pour for a certain number of hours .. and that the bees come - bees A, B, C, D, and E, for I shall accept no other bees to come. I demand that discipline operate, and that the soil shall follow my command. But I do not allow the soil any spontaneity of its own. And I do not allow the sun any spontaneity of its own. And I do not agree that the sun knows what it is doing. I demand that all these things follow my ideas of discipline?

And who, I ask, you, would listen? For in the miraculous spontaneity of the sun, there is discipline that utterly escapes you, and a knowledge beyond any that we know. And in the spontaneous playing of the bees from flower to flower, there is a discipline beyond any that you know, and laws that follow their own knowledge, and joy that is beyond command. For true discipline, you see, is found only in spontaneity. Spontaneity knows its own order.

— The Seth Material, Chapter 13

Amid the mad scramble, you do make your own reality. I admit that this sounds too simple, but you will not be caught in an earthquake if you do not want to be, and no one dies who has not decided to do so. You make your own reality—or you do not.

And if you do not, then you are everywhere a victim, and the universe must be an accidental mechanism appearing with no reason. So that the miraculous picture you have seen of your body came accidently into creation, and out of some cosmic accident attained its miraculous complexity. And that body was formed so beautifully for no reason except to be a victim.

That is the only other alternative to forming your own reality. You cannot have a universe in between. You have a universe formed with a reason, or a universe formed without a reason. And in a universe of reason, there are no victims. Everything has a reason, or nothing has a reason.

So—choose your side.

— Seth through Jane Roberts