The Youniverse

The ongoing desire for expansion is the call of the infinite, constantly beckoning us home.

In religious terms then, the most godly act we can do is to be the most expanded versions of ourselves that we can be. This flies in the face of most religions though, which propagate the idea that god wants us to fit into a fixed idea of who “he” wants us to be.

god- which is the imagination that gives birth to everything in existence, imagined an infinite number of beings within itself, each with their own imagination, to individually create through their own ever-expanding imagination whatever they choose to create. We are among those beings and our imagination is our connection to the infinite (or god). Through it we use the power of the infinite to create the lives we experience.

Being who I really am- an unlimited being, allows the reality that I am to expand and support the expansion of my understanding of my self.

It cannot be otherwise, for my reality and I are one and the same. I am in physical reality with the ability to create many identities. Physical reality must be able to support the infinite being, the creator of identities I am, otherwise I would not be here as I am right now. Everything fits in existence. I belong as I am. 

The desire to express yourself differently- to change jobs, to travel somewhere, to take up a new hobby, or any other change in your expression, comes from the part of you that knows the reality of you, that knows you are a being of infinite imagination and that you can use that imagination to express yourself in an unlimited number of ways.

Following that desire and expressing yourself in ways that excite you is the way to validate and celebrate you, the real you. 

First get in touch with the reality of being human. Then decide what aspect of being human you would like to express.

If you don’t first get in touch with the infinite nature of yourself as a human being, you are very likely to get stuck in the aspect of being human that you have chosen to express.

In other words, if you do not find out what it means to be natural, then you may become unnatural, which will cause you to experience the pain of opposing your nature.

This is humanity’s plight right now: it has given up its nature and it has replaced it with the limitations of normalcy. It has gotten stuck in normalcy and so has opposed its nature, which is unstuck and free of limits. The limitations of normalcy is choking us and killing us. 

Anyone- and this includes you, who tries to label you, define you, and limit you through your outward appearance and circumstance is missing the reality and the depth of the true you. The depth of you is found in the inner you- in your imagination and your ability to define yourself. Herein lies your power. You may use this power to decide to join others in their definition of you, in their limited idea of you, but it is still only one definition within you, not the totality of your being. This definition can be changed at the moment of your choosing. Don’t lose the reality of you in a limited definition. Remember that you hold infinity within your being.

A void is experienced not only when there is nothing within it, but also when everything is within it. This is the paradox of infinite existence. The infinite paradoxically feels like nothing in particular. Everything is melded. Everything is one. Only the finite feels like something in particular.

— Sohail Desai

People may like to think they know you. Or you may like to think you know people, but truly nobody knows anyone. To know somebody is to limit them to a concept in our mind. To declare that we know someone denies their true infinite nature and their innate ability to change. In reality everyone is in a state of flux, constantly changing and completely unknowable. We like to reduce our interactions with people based on our previous knowledge of them and on their knowledge of us, because we are afraid of not knowing, afraid of the unknown. Everyone is truly unknown, but that frightens us, so we try to hold them to our limited concept of them rather than acknowledging the infinite beings they truly are. Whatever concept a person is right now, there will be a time when they no longer are that concept. If they are a mother, there will be a time when they won’t be one any longer, or when their concept of motherhood will change. This is true of any concept; they are all temporary and transitory. Wife, husband, child, employee, job title, youth, gender; all concepts are transitory. The true being is infinite, containing all concepts within it. The true being is at full choice as to which concept it currently wants to express. This is the unknowable nature of each being. They may be a certain way in their current interaction with you, but that does not guarantee that they will be the same way in your next interaction with them. Therefore, each interaction is unique. To truly acknowledge this uniqueness is to interact without limiting concepts and to see each person as the infinite being they are, rather than the limited concept we may have perceived them as. Names do not help in this regard; they usually cause us to associate a person with our memories, limiting them to who we think they should be. We all know that just because a person has the same name and looks the same as they used to this does not mean they are the same personality.

— Sohail Desai

The nature of God can be understood by taking a look at yourself. You know yourself to be a single person, yet each being you interact with has a different perspective of you, which gives you a multi-dimensionality that you would not have without those perspectives. Through those perspectives You become many yous, with each you being experienced by a different being. Which you they experience is utterly determined by their own perspective, which is filtered by their beliefs. So their experience of you says more about them than it does about you. In essence then, even if you see yourself as a single person, the truth is that you are infinitely multi-faceted. This is the nature of your existence. This is the nature of God’s existence as well.

— Sohail Desai

Attached detachment: Knowing that whatever you are experiencing right now is but a blip in eternity. It means not getting attached to any one thing and it is the natural way to be when realizing your eternal nature. It means not being attached to your current circumstances, your body, your age, your sex, your partner, the fact that you have a partner, your pets, your family, or your possessions. All of these and more will reveal themselves to be flickering lights within the vastness of eternity. This doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy the lights, but it does mean that you enjoy them as lights and not things that you will hold on to forevermore. With attached detachment you appreciate the moment and what it holds, because it is the only moment like it in all of existence, but you let it slip through your fingers, holding onto only your experience of it and nothing else, because there is nothing else to hold onto.

— Sohail Desai

More Thoughts on Existence.

We exist to experience existence in any way we choose. We are invaluable to existence because only we can experience existence through each of our unique perspectives. We are infinitely invaluable because without us existence wouldn’t be infinite. Because we are so invaluable, we each have complete and utter free will to create our experience of life. We are so invaluable that we are supported unconditionally by all of existence in all of our choices, and this is paradoxically true for each of us.

Because of the fact we are supported unconditionally and because we have free will, we are also inviolate, and so all parts of our experiences have been chosen by us on some level. We cannot be victimized unless we agree to create the illusion of victimization through our beliefs about the nature of ourselves and the nature of reality. The universe, creation, life, or whatever we want to call it, doesn’t have its own agenda for us and has no say in our choice of experience. This is because it is unconditionally loving of itself and so sees any choice we make as equal and valid. Existence allows all aspects of itself to be expressed, whether those aspects are positive or negative. That’s what makes it infinite. If it denied certain aspects of itself to us or to anyone else, by restricting the ability to choose freely, it would be lopsided and unbalanced, and would collapse in on itself.

This undying ability to make choices is also what makes us infinite and limitless. Now, I know you may be thinking that you haven’t experienced this infiniteness at all, but that’s because you and the rest of us have believed in our limitations so fully and without question. We believe the universe is one that limits us and so we experience it as such, because that limiting universe is a valid and equal experience in existence. However, it is our belief that causes the experience. The limitation is not inherent in the universe. Remember: existence, the universe or whatever we want to call it is balanced and is thus limitless. This means all of our perceived limitations are actually self-imposed.

But, why would we impose these limitations on ourselves in the first place? The short answer is because we can. The longer answer is that we chose the illusion of our limitations in order to experience existence in a certain way. And we wanted to experience existence in this way just because we were excited about it. There is no other reason for it, nor does there need to be any other reason for it.

This experience is what we have come to know as “life as a human” and it is just as beautiful an experience as any in existence, even though we may not currently think so, judging from how many people look to get to heaven or nirvana or whatever. We usually tend to think of any limitation as “bad”, but there is a hidden beauty in it. The thing is, each of us will always choose some form of limitation in order to focus on certain experiences within existence. Without limitation there would be no ability to focus. We would be limitless and infinite beings without even knowing it, because experiencing limitations and transforming them is the process of becoming conscious of the concept of limitlessness. As we grow and expand our consciousness, each of us will begin to truly understand that we have chosen limitation as unlimited beings by nature. We will no longer see our limitations as something thrust upon us from someone or something else, like we tend to now.

As we become conscious of our unlimited and infinite nature, we will become balanced. We will no longer invalidate those experiences we don’t prefer. We will see all experiences as valid and gain a greater ability to choose our preferred experiences with greater ease. Struggling and pain in life are germain to the the process of resisting certain experiences and so they will fall away under our new understandings. We will truly become self-empowered, loving, creative beings and we will love ourselves and each other unconditionally, as existence has always loved us. 

Existence Contains it All

Continuing with a similar line of thought from last post. 

Since something cannot come from nothing, I believe existence is already full of every possibility that can ever exist. This means there is nothing in existence that actually changes or comes from something because change is an illusion, which is created when a comparison is made between two or more simultaneously existing ideas. So for example, the change created by movement is an illusion created by comparing the location where something “ends up” and the location where it “began” on its journey. In reality, since existence contains all possibilities and cannot lose anything it contains, the thing exists in both places at once, but we shift our consciousness in such a way that it seems as if there is only one thing and that thing is actually moving. If movement was in fact real, that would mean something can turn into nothing since the object in its previous location ceases to exist. To put it succinctly, this means the present moment is the result of the present moment. It is not the result of the past as we have believed.

So what does this mean practically in our lives? It means we can stop waiting for some future moment in order to change our life into something we prefer, and instead simply choose what we prefer because we can understand that what we prefer already exists as another version of reality. We can truly express our infinite identity, which contains infinite possibilities, rather than the limited single personality and corresponding limited possibilities we thought we were. If all the versions of our body are creations of our true identity then we can create whatever we prefer. We can open up to unbelievable potential. However, if we believe our identity is within our body and that we are one body somehow moving through time and space, then we will continue to live limited lives of quiet desperation. The choice of perspective is ours. For me, only one makes sense, even though it may be the one that may seem crazy to most people.

Trying to find out how something will occur is an attempt at limiting the unlimited universe. The universe is infinite and by definition is unlimited. Acknowledging that fact and surrendering to it is accepting that there are an infinite number of ways for something to occur. Let go of your assumptions of how things will work out in your life and take for granted that they will, you just don’t know how they will and you can be ok with that if you choose to.

— Sohail