The Youniverse

Limited Identity

Only your limited idea of yourself keeps you limited.

Your body reflects the idea you hold of yourself: the weirdness you feel in your body as you express a new idea of yourself is only there because you are still associating your identity predominantly with another older idea of yourself. The weirdness is the feeling of resistance between the old idea and the new idea, because you are perceiving a separation between the two ideas instead of perceiving them as different aspects that are contained within you. You contain every idea you express.

All ideas are manifestations rising up from your true identity, which is infinite and unlimited in nature. As you identify with this true identity, the weirdness of expressing any idea will naturally dissipate. Why should it remain, when you perceive every idea as you in another form? Think about that for a second: no matter what idea you choose, you will only be choosing another idea within your true self. 

As you identify with this true, infinite identity, following your joy becomes the natural thing to do. No longer will you spend time invalidating the direction or the transformation of the expression of your joy, because you won’t perceive it becoming anything other than what you already contain. So, for example, if your joy in one moment is taking a walk, you will take the walk and you will enjoy that walk fully, knowing it is an equally valid aspect of your identity. In the next moment, if your joy is to play video games, you will play video games, knowing even that expression is also a part of your true identity. In this way, you will be unconditionally loving of yourself, and you will be you, finally. You will be trusting that no matter what direction your joy takes you, it will only lead you to more of yourself, and that is always a great occurrence. 

It isn’t really the transformation of your joy that gets you into trouble in life; it’s only your invalidation of your joy and your invalidation of the rest of yourself that causes you problems. In other words, it’s the feeling of weirdness about being you, that causes the issues in your life. Move past the feeling of weirdness. Embrace and express your full identity. 

The degree to which you feel uncomfortable when making a change in your life is utterly dependent on how attached you were to the form of your life before you decided to change. The more you seek to find your identity in the forms of your life the more you will resist the inevitable changes that occur. Or, you will even resist making changes you desire to make because to do so will threaten your perceived identity. For example, if your identity is attached to youth, you will resist the inevitable change to old age. Another example: if your identity is attached to a particular job, you will resist changing that job no matter how miserable it makes you. The same can be said when it comes to changing relationships or anything else in life. Another prevalent example: if your identity is attached to a particular religion you will resist changing that religion no matter how miserable it makes you. In fact, you will resist others who follow another religion because they are perceived as a threat to your identity. On the other hand, the more you perceive your identity as the infinite awareness in which the changes of life occur, the easier it is for you to go with the flow of life. Then you are the flow of life and your identity is never at risk no matter how it flows. Then you can change easily when your choices begin to cause you or anybody else harm, whereas before you couldn’t change even if your choices caused everybody harm.

— Sohail Desai

That void you feel when you lose something you love is your true nature, it is who you actually are. That feeling of emptiness is the feeling of sending yourself back home to yourself from the world of form around you. Losing the thing you love forces you back, forces you to recoil back to the void, to the centre of your being.

Stripped down to nothing, when everything external is taken away, you will feel this void more than ever. You will not know who you are, and this is the state of pure existence, of pure you. This happens when you lose a dearly loved friend, pet, lover, husband, parent, or even a car or a job. The external thing you identified with is gone, leaving you with nothing to identify with, separating you from the identity you thought you were and reuniting you with your true identity as the infinite awareness.

Being infinite feels like being nothing in particular. In this infinite state you are in touch with everything in existence rather than being the limited personality, attached to the set of forms around you. This transformation from limited personality to infinite awareness usually manifests as the period of mourning that usually takes place after any significant loss. The sadness of mourning is the manifestation of releasing the old personality, usually through recalling and releasing the memories of past experiences with the departed loved one.

As you finish saying goodbye to the old personality you were, come out of mourning and come back from this void you will come to what should be a marvelous realization: the void didn’t swallow you up like you feared, but instead gave birth to a new you, as a new personality. From the void you will create yourself anew, creating a new identity by identifying with something else- a new job, lover, or a new place to live perhaps. If you pay attention this time though, you’ll realize the true nature of the new identity and you won’t get too attached to anything, because you will remember the true you. You will have awakened to the illusion of the personality, and you’ll play the game of the personality that much more joyfully this time.

You’ll remember that the void is the real you, the infinite you, from which you can create yourself to be any type of person you desire to be. You will realize that everything else is a set of props to assist you in the act of creating yourself. As you change who you are, the props will naturally change, as they always do. To say they are props doesn’t mean you devalue them however, but it does mean you enjoy them while not getting overly attached.

As you adopt your true nature as the void you will mourn less, become depressed less and enjoy more. You will always acknowledge the void and so won’t force yourself to reunite with it in a dramatic way. You will not be as shocked when things change around you, as you realize they always will. In fact, you will accept change and give everything the freedom to change, yourself included. No longer will you cling to everything in the hopes of carving out a permanent identity. Instead you will let go of the old with grace and accept the new with excitement and joy. You will be a being of freedom and love, an infinite being of unconditional love.

— Sohail Desai

I’ve been listening to Eckhart Tolle talk about the “I” and the difference between the true “I” and the story of who the “I” is. The true “I” is pure awareness. It is the eternal formless space that holds the story we tell ourselves about who we think we are. The identity we thought we had is only an illusory self based on nothing more than a story. Our name, our past, the job we have, our relationships, are all just part of this story. They aren’t really who we are. Who we are is the awareness that holds all those things in place. Knowing this frees us up from being trapped in the mind and the story we tell and gives us the power to create a new story and a new illusory identity if we wish. The difference this time is that we will know that the new identity is temporary and illusory and that when we get tired of it we can change it. It gives us the power to be free and puts an end to suffering. The suffering we hold now is because of the story we tell ourselves about who we are. The burdens are part of our story and give us our identity. Strangely, this means there is a part of us that wants to hold on to the burdens and wants to suffer. This is why we hold on to our false identity so strongly. We would feel naked without it. 

Identity and Experience

Can we separate our identity from experience? Most people believe that their identity exists within their body, and so they believe they are living in a world that exists separate from them. However, when you really think about it, can we even have a body to identify ourselves with without the universe to serve as a background to provide context? Can I exist as an “I” without some form of reality for me to experience?

When you really think about it, the only way we know we exist is because of the fact that we are experiencing existence. That awareness of existence is dependent upon experience, which is dependent upon some sort of reality. So in essence, can it not be said that experience itself, that the reality we thought we exist within is actually our true identity and that we are perceiving this identity through a localized perspective, which is our body?

Taking this thought further, we can say that we are existence itself, experiencing itself through a localized perspective. Now, I believe that all this reality creation stuff is based on the idea that if we change our perspective, we create a new experience of ourselves. This is why all the messages out there, stuff like the Secret, say that belief creates our experiential reality.

Now, in our experience as human beings, we have created the experience of a high degree of separation between our localized perspective and our reality. This experience of separation has been so convincing that we now believe that our identity exists within our bodies and that as a result we have no control over our reality.

-Jumping to another corresponding idea here: My understanding is that in each moment of our experience we are asking ourselves “Who am I?” and then based on our answers, which are based on our beliefs and definitions, we change the shape of our experience effortlessly. It is our state of being that changes our identity and our experience by association. The moment we believe this and act in accordance with this belief is the moment that life will change dramatically and magically. 

-All of these posts in this blog are leading up to a point in my life where I will take the leap and really live these ideas fully. These ideas have been rattling around in my head for quite a while now and I’ve been working out many of the questions that arise, either through reading, discussing with family or writing the answers that seem to arise from within me. So my message to any readers who are exploring these ideas is to feed your curiosity by questioning the aspects you don’t understand and then finding the answers in whatever way works for you. Whatever you do, DON’T just accept everything without questioning. It is through your unique questions and the resulting unique answers that you will get your own type of grasp on the information. You will get what you need to get so that you can be who you really want to be. Trust me, this has not failed me yet. I have always found answers to my questions. Peace :)