The Youniverse

Be a witness to the love of the Universe. Take a moment and pay attention to your breath. Think of the trees where the air that fills your lungs came from. Think of the water, soil and sun that gave rise to those trees. Think of our planet that is perfectly located to cultivate an environment where the water, soil, and perfect amount of sun can come together to give rise to the tree and to continuously give rise to the wonder that is you. Think of the Sun and its boundless energy bathing our planet and making life possible. Think of the loving gift of breath offered to you endlessly by an adoring Universe. Don’t turn the gift down. Breathe it in deeply and make use of it. Witness the love of the Universe and use this love to live your life joyfully. Grow into the person you want to be. Create the life of your dreams. All the ingredients are there for you to do so, just like all the ingredients are there for the trees to grow also. Everything is in your favour. How can you not think so when the entire Universe has shaped itself perfectly to give you the opportunity to be a living witness of its love? All is well. Life is good.

— Sohail Desai

Every moment of every day, you are always being something. You can’t help it; you are a human, being. The question is: what are you being? Are you being successful? Are you being happy? Are you being peaceful? Or are you being poor? Or unhappy? Or uncomfortable?

Focus more strongly on what you are being rather than what you are doing because what you are being matters more than what you are doing. Too many people focus on what they are doing and end up being unhappy without ever knowing why. Focus on your preferred way of being and let the doing flow from there. This is the way to true happiness.


When is the last time you were truly happy? Like I mean truly, deeply happy. Sadly for me, I think it was when I was a small boy. Back in my childhood I was generally happy with occasional short periods of unhappiness. As life progressed though, I became more and more unhappy until I reached the point where I was generally unhappy with occasional short periods of happiness.

I now know why the happy moments were short and occasional. It’s because I was looking to my reality for things to make me happy and to bring me out of what was a deep general feeling of various types of unhappiness.

My unhappiness wasn’t very strong so I usually didn’t notice it. It was just there in the background, becoming more and more subtle because I had just gotten used to being unhappy. Occasionally I would be severely depressed for a few days at a time, usually with thoughts of suicide rattling around in my head.

I now know that those depressing moments were supposed to be my wake up calls. They were there to amplify my unhappiness and show me that I had gotten used to being unhappy. They weren’t the only wake up calls though. The external circumstances of my life were a complete mess. I would run from one external symbol to another looking for happiness. Every time though the happiness would fade and I would be knocked back to the centre of my being. I would get bored of my new car or have issues with it, or I would get into fights with my wife (back when she was my girlfriend and sometimes when she became my wife), or my pets would get sick. My recently launched business, which I was completely psyched for, sputtered along with no real growth. Things were grinding to a halt. I wasn’t making much money and was dependent on my wife and my family for financial support. I became more and more unhappy. Even the reality creation stuff I was learning didn’t have much of an effect on me. My wife would always tell me that I was angry or sad and that it didn’t seem like the stuff I was learning was making a difference in my life.

It was true of course, but that is because I was still looking for external things to make me happy. I would get furious when things didn’t go my way, and believe me things didn’t go my way very often. I couldn’t get out of my malaise. It just became too easy to be negative so I stayed negative for a little while longer.

Due to recent events though, I think I have reached the bottom of my negativity. Thankfully it wasn’t a life-threatening situation that woke me up, but I have now realized what I was doing. I now see that I have been generally negative and I am now taking steps to be positive. I am focusing on my state of being rather than external circumstances. I don’t want to repeat what I did previously. My objective is now to be as unconditionally happy as I can be. That means I will appreciate more, play more, joke more, laugh more and simply enjoy more. If I have learned anything from all this reality creation stuff, it’s that everything external will fall into place. I am ready for life to reflect my new found true happiness rather than my artificial, conditional happiness I was so used to earlier. It feels so good to be happy after such a long period of unhappiness!

Do you know how special you are? I don’t think you do.

You are so special that the infinite universe would not be infinite without little old you. Without you the universe would be incomplete. That is how integral you are. The universe knows this.

That’s why it loves you unconditionally. It has always allowed you and will continue to allow you to do, believe or have anything you choose. It will even allow you to believe that you aren’t special. That is how special and unconditionally loved you are.

Because you are unconditionally loved, the universe doesn’t need anything from you. Just the fact that you exist is enough. As you continue to exist for eternity and live in whatever way you want, you reinforce the infiniteness of the universe. You fit exactly as you are.

The universe rejoices at every little thought you run through your mind, every breath you take, every action you make. It adores you in ways that you cannot yet imagine.

Take this to heart when you are feeling any self-doubt. Close your eyes and feel this adoration. Look at yourself through the eyes of the universe. Love yourself unconditionally and you will get in harmony with the infinite. Through this unconditional love will you find your truth.

Cause and Effect

I’d like to get into the concept of cause-and-effect. The concept revolves around the idea that for every effect there is some sort of cause(s) and vice-versa. It is a fundamental and very influential concept in our lives; we experience it in every moment of them. It is so ingrained in our psyche that most of the time we don’t even give it a second thought.

So how influential is this concept? Influential enough that it somehow affects every action we take. Our repetitive actions are based on our previous understandings of certain types of cause-and-effect. A typical example of a repetitive action is walking across a room. We know the effect we want (to be on the other side of the room) and we know without a doubt the cause that will create that desired effect (walking). On the other hand, new actions are based on discovering a new type of cause-and-effect. For example, learning to drive a car for the first time is all about discovering the causes of the desired effect (movement) we wish to create from the car. Seems simple enough, right?

On a larger scale, cause-and-effect has been the driving force behind our civilization’s quest to understand the workings of the universe. As we have progressed, we have been discovering many of the mysterious causes of the effects in our world. As a result of our gained knowledge we have been gaining the ability to now take control of many causes and direct them in various ways to create new types of desired effects. Electricity comes to mind as a typical example of this. I believe science in particular, has become the influential force it is today partly due to its impressive track record of being responsible for almost all of these discoveries. Where most of us previously associated almost all effects to supernatural causes (gods and the like), we now understand, thanks to scientific exploration, that many of the causes are actually physiologically based.

However, there has been a constant glimmer of hope for the believers of supernatural causes, a perpetual thorn in science’s side. This has been the outlier in any study. Many times when scientists figure that a specific cause will generate a specific effect, they discover some sort of outlier that rips apart their assumptions and frustrates them to no end. These outliers contradict the notion that a specific effect must be tied to a specific corresponding cause. Some examples: the person who cures cancer without chemotherapy, a “fatal” car accident turning out not to be, a blind person regaining sight, and so on. 

The experience of these outliers has now caused most of us to believe in some concept of luck. We have good luck, which we normally refer to as “miracles” and bad luck, or “accidents”. Now, depending on whether you come from a spiritual or religious perspective or a scientific perspective, luck tends to be attributed to, once again, either a supernatural force or “random chance”. Both of these sources are equally mysterious and ethereal in nature and consequently, most of us believe that the cause of the experiences in life is mysterious, that we ultimately have little say in some aspects of it and that “anything can happen” (albeit usually in a negative manner). 

I don’t believe in luck, or that life has to be completely mysterious or even that we don’t have a say in its outcomes. The reason for this is that I believe that there is another hidden cause behind the effects in life, one that we have ignored for long enough. So, what is the cause? To put it simply, it is us. More specifically, it is our consciousness. 

You see, what we call “life” is just a bunch of experiences strung together. To relate to the concept of cause-and-effect, the experiences in life can be seen as effects. I believe the corresponding cause of these effects is our consciousness. Our consciousness causes every little experience, including our bodies, our planet, the entire physical universe and every concept or idea. Absolutely everything is an effect. Everything you have ever learned, are learning now and will ever learn are all essentially effects.

Similarly to how we have discovered many causes by studying the effects in our universe, these effects help us discover more about their own cause. That is, they tell us about the nature of our consciousness. (As a side note, I believe it is hard to describe pure consciousness, because describing it is just a description of it, not what it actually is. So the experiences of life describe our consciousness at any given moment, but don’t describe the true nature of it. Furthermore I believe the concept of God will actually turn out to be this unaltered pure consciousness, which technically should have many of the qualities we thought God would have, such as infiniteness, unconditionally loving, etc…Consequently I believe that we are the God we have been searching for all this time)

Human existence is another effect generated from the cause of our consciousness. So all the rules and regulations we have thought of as universal are actually germane only to this type of experience. What we have thought of as “life”, and all of the necessities to allow it to continue (food, water and the like) is only one type of effect. They are not the cause of life itself. This means that life is not just attributed to the physical universe, but that the physical universe is attributed to the grander concept of “life”.

Now, if the effects in life are generated from our consciousness, what does that tell us? It gives a clue as to why life has appeared to be random in some ways and helps to explain the outlier I mentioned earlier. Basically, the effect generated in the experiences of life comes down to how we manipulate the cause. We manipulate the cause, our consciousness, by changing the beliefs, definitions and emotions that we entertain within it. As I have said in previous posts, the environment and experiences in life are basically meaningless props. They are devoid of any beliefs or definitions. We are the ones that give them their meaning. The effect we get out of these experiences is completely dependent on the meaning we give them. This is why we can’t really say what effect a person will get from a certain experience until we study their definitions and beliefs of it, not the experience itself. 

So life appears random and mysterious because each of us have different beliefs and definitions. Furthermore, it is the differences in beliefs and definitions that allow us to experience similar circumstances in completely different ways. For example, an earthquake may hit a certain area. One person may not be affected at all by it while others around him/her will experience great destruction. Using our new understanding we can take a look at the people’s different belief structures and see how they directly influenced their experience. 

Similarly to how we can control many physiological effects based on our understanding and manipulation of the causes, we can now create the experiences we have in life by manipulating our consciousness in ways we desire. We can choose to have beliefs, definitions and emotions that we prefer, no matter what others choose. We can choose to look at the experiences in life as expressions of our consciousness that are not separate from us. They are a feedback system and can be used as such to make meaningful changes in each of our lives. 

Once we realize this fact, it will have the power to not only change the experience of our individual lives, but the experience of the entire world as well. Because the world is not separate from us. It is an expression of us and we have the power to change it by changing ourselves. I think Gandhi said it best: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Please feel free to ask questions or add comments. I hope this all makes sense, but I can’t be sure without feedback.

The Non-Physical Nature of our Experience

I am really freaking out about the neutrality of life. I started thinking about how my experience of the world consists of my concepts and others’ concepts about it. Without these concepts and definitions, the world would be completely meaningless. 

That is insane! What is even more mind-boggling is that I have realized that these concepts actually exist within another world that our world is built on. For now, I will call it the “World of Ideas”. The very fact that I am writing this in a language that others can comprehend is evidence of the World of Ideas. Language and its complex meanings and emotions do not exist on their own in the external world. We have created it from the World of Ideas.

Think about it: we use our bodies as instruments to convey ideas that cannot exist without us. For example, we use them to make some noises through our mouth and somehow, these noises will convey abstract ideas that may or may not make sense to anybody else. For a second, sit and think that you, the reader is looking at a series of pixels lit up in a particular configuration to create an intricate pattern on your computer screen. The pattern then somehow miraculously conveys a whole language, the description of the colours, the layout of the page, etc….

Furthermore, the words you are reading each have their own definition, which most of us agree upon. These definitions do not exist at all in the world! They are simply made up and we agree to them so that we can communicate in a synchronous manner with one another. I hope I’m getting the point across, but this is mind-blowing stuff to me. 

I also started thinking about how all emotion is also based on non-physicality and is created within us based on the type of definition we have about something. Emotion is such a huge part of our experience, it unites us in an empathic bond between us and other people and even animals and it drives us to continue living. The only reason we want to continue to live our lives is because we can experience the emotion of joy. It is crazy to think that joy and all other emotions stem from our non-physical definitions and beliefs.

To put it another way, if it were not for our ability to create definitions or beliefs, we would be dull, emotionless and completely clinical. I have not met anyone who is completely like that. Even scientists, who pride themselves on being objective and focused on facts and data, have an emotional connection to their work and their lives. If not for their emotions, why even bother searching for answers to the mysteries of the universe? The plain fact is: the reason they do it is because of the emotion of joy they attach to that particular activity.

Now, the conclusion I come to because of my discovery of the World of Ideas is that we are not merely physical human beings living on an objective world. If we were just physical human beings, we would only perceive our environment with no experience as we know it. It would merely be a recognition of the environment with no way to interact with it. To interact with it, in all the infinite ways we do, requires imagination and creation of concepts, both of which are based in non-physicality.

The truth seems to be that we are connected to the much larger subjective World of Ideas. Imagination, definitions, emotions and all other non-physical attributes of our experience all come from there. I believe that our physical world is actually based on that world and could be a neutral symbolic representation of non-physical concepts.

This is pretty exciting because if the world is a neutral symbol with no built in meaning and no ability to create emotion within us, we can each define it the way we want based on the emotions we prefer. 

Now, I have been getting into this kind of thinking in my post on consciousness that I continue to work on. Hopefully I will be able to clarify my thoughts a little better by the time I post it.