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I know the video and audio quality is pretty bad, but I promised myself that I would post this video about growth and discomfort. 

I think I will supplement my posts (or at least some of them) with videos, to develop myself into being a more open and extroverted person. 

So this post is about growth and discomfort. Here is what I had written down and what inspired the video:

The only reason I slowed my growth or stopped it altogether is because of my unwillingness to be uncomfortable.

It’s kind of ironic though, because staying in my comfort zone started becoming uncomfortable, and I started to want to grow to be comfortable! So I started to want to be comfortable with truly being uncomfortable, but I refused to do so and I remained the same. In my case, the discomfort of being in my comfort zone was a little less uncomfortable than the uncomfortableness of growing, so I stuck with being the same. I was uncomfortable nonetheless, but it was a vaguely miserable discomfort, rather than the vivid discomfort of making changes and growing.

I now yearn for the joyful uncomfortableness that comes with all types of movement and growth. I see now that life really does begin at the end of our comfort zones. I love the discomfort of not knowing things, and the thrill of learning that comes with it. I love the discomfort of being a novice at so many things, and the thrill of becoming better at them that comes with it. I love the discomfort of choosing to be happy when I have been used to being unhappy, because it is a sign that I’m growing in the way I prefer. I love the discomfort of trying out new ideas and perspectives, because through them I feel expanded.

All growth and all change requires an acceptance of discomfort. Even the most positive change requires it. It can be very uncomfortable for a miserable person to let go of that misery and try to be joyful. It can be extremely uncomfortable to be loving when we’re so attached to being hateful. So the idea is not to let discomfort stop you from making the choices you prefer. Welcome it and be joyful for it.

I want to add a bit to this because I’ve had a few more interesting thoughts since I wrote that and made the video. 

I find that being in my comfort zone put a lot of things on automatic. All my thoughts, words and actions were automatically happening. My interactions with others were similar in theme, even if the conversations themselves were different. I was simply being who I thought I was, and the world was what it was. It was all automatically happening and while I was miserable with the way I was and the way the world was I didn’t think I could do anything about it. Actually, it was probably more that it was too uncomfortable to do anything about it. So I stayed in my miserable comfort zone for quite a while. 

Now that I am moving out of it though, I can see that I was choosing to remain in the comfort zone by protecting myself from discomfort. This included the discomfort of choosing to be who I wanted to be. It is extremely challenging and uncomfortable to constantly choose how I want to respond to life and to choose to be who I wish to be rather than simply automatically being who I thought I was. It is extremely challenging to perceive life in the way I choose to rather than simply automatically looking at it through my old disempowered perspective. Yet it is also so enjoyable to choose to create myself rather than being a kind of robot, running on automatic ideas. It is so enjoyable to create my experience of life rather than allowing myself to automatically experience it. It is this joy that keeps me moving through the discomfort I am now experiencing.

There have been so many attempts from my ego to stop this progress and to keep me comfortable. (By the way, I have no doubt that meditation has helped me see these attempts more clearly. So I definitely believe meditation is very useful in any self transformation.) In my case, the ego would belittle my ability to change in any meaningful way. “What good would that do?” I would think just as I was going to consciously shake things up in my routine and move in the direction I prefer. “The world is still going to shit,” is another thought, trying to get me to stay the same. Basically, it all has to do with playing up the permanency of my current state in order to keep me there. There were many more negative thoughts, and there still are, but I am seeing them and I let them pass through me and I keep moving towards my goal. I celebrate every little progress, because I want to play up the feeling of progress and of change. People may think it’s no big deal to be open with somebody or to connect with a person by having a conversation, but then they haven’t been me and don’t know the challenge that simple conversation represents. If I let them belittle my progress I will never get where I want to go. 

So while I have not reached my goal, and while I may never reach it, I don’t care right now. I want to progress regardless. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and I want to grow. There is a part of me that knows when I get the ball of self-development truly moving with actions rather than thoughts alone, I will change quite dramatically. As I’ve written in another post, it’s just a matter of commitment and determination. 

As a side effect of my own self-development, I now empathize with people who are on their own path. I empathize with people who are overweight and who are making small steps to become healthy, for example. Or people who are depressed and are making small steps to become happy. My message is it may seem hopeless, but it isn’t. Keep making incremental changes. Don’t allow the ego to belittle your ability to change. Keep going. You will get there. 

Nobody is in this alone. Nobody lives alone and segregated. We are all interconnected. It is important and beneficial for us to expand our sense of identity so that it includes everyone and everything else around us. It is important and beneficial for us to treat others as we would treat ourselves, because in the end if others suffer we suffer, and if others succeed we succeed. So give others compliments. Be genuinely nice to everybody. Wish the best for others and help them achieve their dreams. Let go of competitive thinking. Let go of negativity. Do it all for selfish reasons. Do it all for your best interest, because what you do for others you do for yourself.

Why deny it? We are gods!

The main reason we deny our godliness is because we have an inaccurate idea of what god actually is. God is the infinite being, containing everything there is, was, and ever will be. This obviously must include us.

This realization isn’t about denying our imperfect selves or our imperfect lives, or the imperfection of others and their lives; it’s about realizing that the imperfect self and life is also a part of god. It is about opening up our perception of what god is so that it includes everything and excludes nothing. This is god consciousness. It is seeing everything and everyone as a part of you and it is embracing all as a part of you. This is the consciousness of Oneness.

God is in equal parts the small and the great. In fact, it is in the context of growing and expanding from small to great that god can actually be experienced. If god was nothing but the greatest it could not experience its greatness or even know that it exists. 

The experience of god or of existence itself happens in the process of change, because all experience happens within the context of other experiences. For god to experience its existence it must change and grow in its awareness of itself. For this to be possible, god must be something lesser at some point and grow into its greatness. This is where we are. We are god experiencing itself through the process of growth in each of our lives. We are god seeking to grow in awareness so that we include more and more of ourselves. This is why each and every one of us strives to be greater than we were and reach higher and higher. It is also why we seek to unite with others in harmony. It is in our nature to do so.

So, the idea is to stop judging ourselves for being where we are. We are not any less godly because we are in poverty or sickness or limitation. We are not any less great or powerful because of our current situations. It is not where we are that matters, but where we’re going. It is about how we respond to where you are right now that matters. We can choose to respond to them as the gods that we are. We can embrace ourselves unconditionally, and move forward at the same time. We can remember the gods that we are and allow ourselves to grow into the highest ideas we have of ourselves right now. Once we become and experience those highest versions of ourselves we will become aware of higher versions to become still, and this shall go on forevermore.

This is the path of god. It is eternal growth and expansion. The experience of god is all about the journey, because the journey is infinite and unending. It cannot end because all experience happens in journeys, and it is experience we are after. We want to experience ourselves, over and over again. To exist is to experience existence. To experience existence is to change and grow. This is the true nature of all of existence. It is all changing and growing. 

Now, when each of us declares and admits our godliness others may try to question or doubt our divine nature and our greatness, based on the appearance of our current life situations or based on who we’ve been. They may wonder how we can claim to be the great gods we are if we look like any regular human being, or if we’re living from paycheque to paycheque or bedridden with illness. Yet their words won’t matter anymore. Now we’ll see that it is their limited idea of god that doesn’t allow them to see the god in us or the god in themselves. In this state of consciousness we will let go of our limited idea of ourselves and embrace our true nature. We will move into the state of godliness, and we will grow and expand, ever more quickly, joyfully and lovingly, for eternity. 

Let’s cut ourselves some slack.

We are an evolving people, individually and collectively. We are not perfect (what does perfect mean anyway?) so let’s stop pretending that we are.

Let’s stop denying who we are, as we are right now.

Let’s stop denying our mistakes and our imperfections.

Let’s stop denying our triumphs and our joys too.

Let’s fully embrace ourselves in our imperfection.

Let us be honest with ourselves and with one another.

Let our interactions with one another reflect who each of us chooses to be rather than who we think we are supposed to be.

Let’s be honest about what we don’t like and what we do like.

Let’s have the courage to change our lives so that they reflect the experience we truly prefer rather than the one we think we must experience.

Nothing we have created is perfect. Everything is evolving. Everything is changing. So let’s stop trying to fit into our own rigid ideas of who we’re supposed to be. Let’s stop trying to make life fit into our rigid ideas as well.

Let’s give up the idea that there are requirements of us. We are who we are. And that is fine! Let’s join together in humility, forever open to changing our ways.

The experience of lack is not a failure to experience abundance, but rather points the way to it. The experience of illness is not a failure to experience health, but rather points the way to it. The experience of limitation is not a failure to experience freedom, but rather points the way to it. The experience of any failure is not a failure to experience success, but rather points the way to it.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Many people seem to be pretty distracted in their lives. Some of us can sense it in our actions or see it in the glazed eyes of others, as their minds restlessly search for something that will make them happy.

This restlessness and distraction has translated into a lot of unnecessary action and a lot of waste and clutter. It is a bunch of noise that takes away from the core experience we are after. As a result of this noise, nobody seems to know what they’re really up to. We’re all just living in a fog of confusing thoughts, rambling on and on.

So the question is: what is it that we’re up to? What are we really reaching for?

Put simply, it is being.

We are looking to express and experience our being, but this being usually gets lost under the relentless raging river of thoughts flowing in our minds. 

If we were to dive under that river and discover the states of being that we prefer to experience, I believe most of us would come to some similar conclusions. Most of us want: 

  • a sense of unity and belongingness or love
  • abundance
  • clarity
  • growth and expansion
  • creativity
  • power
  • freedom

There may be more, but this is the core of our desired experience. Yet how many of us are familiar with this list? How many of us have another list that we are familiar with- a list of actions and things to acquire? How many of us have confused these lists and focused on the wrong one (wrong in the context of what it is that we truly want to experience)? Judging from our experiences, many of us it seems.

Make no mistake about it though: state of being is what we are after. Everything else- our actions and our possessions- are the ways in which we are trying to express these core states of being. Seen in this light, we can probably see that many of our actions don’t actually  represent our desired states of being, but rather express their opposite. We may wake up to realize that we have been predominantly expressing anxiety or fear or powerlessness.

And here is where we find the core reason for our dissatisfaction in our lives. We have lost track of what truly matters to us and have been trying to find our way back, down a complicated path of actions and acquisitions. The separation this path has caused between what we want and where we are, is what our dissatisfaction is all about. And it’s no wonder that we’ve been separated from what we truly wanted- we didn’t even know what we truly wanted in the first place! We’ve been sleep-walking through life, entranced by what doesn’t matter.  

Maybe this is why yoga and meditation have been becoming increasingly popular. Maybe people are intuitively seeking to wake up from the fog of their minds and their ongoing dissatisfaction and get to the core of their desires. 

Whichever way people are going about it, more of us are waking up to the simple fact that it is state of being that we are after. Once we realize this, and realize that our actions, possessions and our entire experience is a reflection of the state of being we have already achieved rather than the path to a certain state of being, we can focus on choosing that preferred state of being and simply allow everything else to fall into place. By simplifying and focusing on what we truly want, instead of complicating things by focusing on everything else, we can quickly close the gap between what we want and what we are experiencing. Simple, right?

Ah, what is this feeling?? Clarity. Peace. Joy. Satisfaction. At last!

Our Contradictory Efforts

What is the point of effort if that effort stems from a negative attitude? Any effort is usually created from a desire to improve the current situation, but there must first be a strong belief that the current situation is impermanent and can be improved, otherwise there would be no point in making the effort in the first place. So if you are currently unhappy with your life you must see the potential to be happy, otherwise what’s the point of going on? Moreover, if you truly and vividly see the potential for improvement in your current unsatisfactory situation, and a potential to experience a situation you prefer, why have a negative attitude? Why not focus on the desired improvement and move in that direction fully, with a positive attitude?

A lot of our pain and negative attitude is associated with second-guessing Life. We live to launch and fulfill desires, but most of us doubt Life’s capability to fulfill those desires. As a result we are mentally torn. We focus on problems, competition, conflict, lack, limitations, disease, and all manner of negativity and yet somehow still hold out hope that our dreams will one day be fulfilled.

Our efforts reflect this torn mentality. For the most part they lack conviction in the belief in the positive outcomes we desire. They predominantly stem from a negative mindset and are contradictory in nature. So most of us do not move boldly towards our authentic dreams, but rather work to deny them and instead attempt to protect ourselves from the pain and negativity that we truly believe in. It’s no wonder most of us feel like crap. 

Life continually causes desires for improvement because it has the unending capability to be improved. As Abraham Hicks would say, ask and it is given! Hold that positive mental attitude and create that positive state of being. Believe in your dreams, so much so that you are constantly and effortlessly talking about them and looking forward to them with true positive expectation. Live from that positive expectation and optimism. Believe in the infinite, unlimited unfoldment of yourself and of Life. It is what you are truly aiming for. Anything less will always leave you feeling sort of empty. 

Nothing else matters. 
Just watch how fast the things in your life crumble when you’re not in a positive state of being. 
The things in your life that you thought made you happy can lose that power pretty quickly if you’re in a crappy mood. Relationships, possessions, even health can be useless to you when you’re not in an emotional state to enjoy and appreciate them. 
So was it really the things that made you happy in the first place? View Larger

Nothing else matters.

Just watch how fast the things in your life crumble when you’re not in a positive state of being.

The things in your life that you thought made you happy can lose that power pretty quickly if you’re in a crappy mood. Relationships, possessions, even health can be useless to you when you’re not in an emotional state to enjoy and appreciate them.

So was it really the things that made you happy in the first place?