The Youniverse

In the most general of terms, the various levels of existence are only separated by the number of choices available to each level. The “higher” one goes in existence, the greater the number of available choices, and the greater the freedom. The highest thought, therefore, is the thought which carries the greatest feeling of freedom with it.

The Void of Existence

Any thought cannot truly describe nor comprehend the silent still space between thoughts. Further, anything describable, finite, known and limited cannot truly describe nor comprehend the indescribable, infinite, unknown, and unlimited.

This is why the mind resists surrendering in meditation and the human being resists surrendering in death. To the mind, being separated from thought through meditation is an alien experience, just as to the human being, separation from its body through death is also completely alien.

This type of fear also comes into play when we, human beings, encounter the unknown and the infinite possibilities it contains. Perceiving ourselves as finite, known and limited beings, we relentlessly cling to the known out of our deep fear of the unknown. We cling to what happened in our past by constantly remembering it and we use what is known in the present to attempt to create a predictable and knowable future. We cling to our thoughts, beliefs, ideologies, youth, gender, sexual orientation, relationships, material possessions, bodies, or anything else we can to create our identity and to remain known, finite and limited, even to the point of our own misery. 

Not only do we do this clinging ourselves, but we also attempt to force others to do so. We like to identify others through neat little definitions and it bothers us when they do not conform to these definitions, such as when many of us encounter a gay person for the first time- who challenges our known definition of what it means to be a man or woman,  or when we encounter a person from a different race- who challenges our known definition of what it means to be human, or even when a person we know changes their idea of themselves so that it no longer fits into our previous idea of them. Through their non-conformity to our definitions we come in contact with our fear of the unknown yet again.

For most of us, this clinging to the known gradually replaces our childhood curiosity as we mature. As young children we are so used to the unknown because the majority of the world is literally the unknown. As children we innately understand that without accepting the unknown we are unable to grow, but sadly this understanding slowly dissolves as we mature. As children we are open to meeting strangers, trying new activities, or just exploring for the sake of exploring. Our curiosity is what drives us, while in adulthood we temper that curiosity and allow our fear of the unknown to drive us instead. In adulthood we take fearful steps and sometimes stop ourselves from taking steps at all, due to our fear of losing our identity, of losing what we consider ourselves to be. The fear of the unknown grows with our fear of dying, which is essentially the fear of losing ourselves, whether that self is our body or our personality. 

It’s truly futile though, this clinging to preserve our identity, and its futility is demonstrated best through physical death, which we must all face and which pries our grip from what we know and forces us to finally realize our true nature as the infinite, unknowable, unlimited and indescribable. In finally diving into the unknown beyond death we will realize that it is not the empty void we feared, but the infinite space that gives birth to the finite, sort of like the silent space between thought that gives birth to thought. To put it simply: a void is experienced not only when there is nothing in it, but also when everything is in it, which is the paradox of the void of existence. We are a part of this void. This void is our home from which we came and to which we shall return.

I recall so many people describing this void inside them which they try to fill with anything and everything external to them. This is why people cling. Once we have found something to occupy our mind, whether it is the love of another or our job, or anything else external, we cling to it so that we don’t feel the void once again. “I feel empty”, people say when they lose something cherished, or “I don’t know who I am anymore”. They are feeling the void again. I now understand why that feeling of emptiness is there. I now understand that the void, the emptiness cannot be filled by anything because the void actually is everything. Everything is within us. We are everything. We are the void. We are the emptiness from which everything springs.

The good news is we don’t need to wait for the void of death to let go of our fear and to embrace the unknown that we are. We can understand that life is the result of the infinite undefinable - call it God if you want, defining itself as the infinite variety of forms around us. We can understand that form is the result of this act of defining and that all form, whether it be as small as an ant or as large as a star, cannot help but constantly redefine itself because of its true underlying nature as the undefinable. Through this understanding we can become flexible and practice attached detachment, knowing that all form shall change and that clinging to it is impossible. 

We can understand that the most accurate description of unconditional love is the freedom of the infinite and undefinable to define itself in any way it can. That is, to unconditionally love someone or something is to allow them to define themselves in the way they prefer.

We can understand that every form is by its very nature unconditionally loved and so is completely and utterly free to define itself anew over and over, whether that redefinition is allowed to takes place through the process of life or whether it is “forced” through the process of death. 

The understanding of the void of existence has the power to positively change our world in unimaginable ways. Well, the first thing to change is that we will be willing to change, because we will be embracing the unknown rather than running from it. This willingness to change is missing in many people around the world and it is exactly what is needed at this time.

It is time to let go of identities that do not work for us and embrace identities that do. It is time to let go of out-dated societal systems that we attempt to preserve out of our desire to preserve our false identity as the limited, known, finite, and describable. It is time to embrace our true nature as the unknown and dive into the unknown in an act of reunion with ourselves. It is time to embrace the unconditional love of existence that we are through this new understanding of our true selves and of life. 

The nature of God can be understood by taking a look at yourself. You know yourself to be a single person, yet each being you interact with has a different perspective of you, which gives you a multi-dimensionality that you would not have without those perspectives. Through those perspectives You become many yous, with each you being experienced by a different being. Which you they experience is utterly determined by their own perspective, which is filtered by their beliefs. So their experience of you says more about them than it does about you. In essence then, even if you see yourself as a single person, the truth is that you are infinitely multi-faceted. This is the nature of your existence. This is the nature of God’s existence as well.

— Sohail Desai

Existence is the ever expanding amalgamation of an infinite number of experiences rising from an infinite number of perspectives creating an infinite number of variations of the One. Existence and everything in it is holographic in nature in that what appears to be many different things is actually just One thing being experienced from an infinite number of perspectives. The infinite number of perspectives allow the One to experience itself as the infinite possibilities it is.

— Sohail Desai

Are you paying tribute to the love around you? Are you loving yourself just as the whole Universe loves you? The whole Universe is spinning and doing its thing so that you can continue being you. It is literally moving planets for you. Why argue with the Universe about your worth? Obviously it believes you deserve to exist because if you didn’t deserve it you wouldn’t be here. Telling yourself that you are worthless is the same as telling the Universe that it is all worthless, that all of its spinning and loving and supporting is worthless to you. You declare that the entire Universe is worthless when you say you’re worthless. But the Universe doesn’t care, because it knows its own worth and it knows your worth and so it won’t give up on you. The truth is it can’t give up on you because it is you and you are it. You are One. It knows this. Do you?

— Sohail Desai


We are loved beyond measure, literally. To clarify: love is the energy that creates bonds and integrates and we are connected to infinite existence through an infinite number of bonds. We are each connected to each and every aspect of infinite creation. In fact, we are One with each and every aspect of creation. This is what it means to be loved beyond measure: there is simply no way to measure the number of bonds between each of us and infinite existence. 

This recognition doesn’t need to be on some airy philosophical level either. The bonds can be recognized strictly through observing life as it is right now. Take a look at our existence in our wonderful bodies. For our bodies to exist they must be connected to the workings of the planet, which produces the air they breathe, the water they drink and the food they eat. These are the basics without which life as we know it cannot exist, and they are provided through the loving bond between ourselves and our planet. 

Taking this recognition a step further, the workings of our planet itself is based on its connections with the rest of the Universe. Without its unique connection with the Sun, for example, our planet wouldn’t have the environment to be able to provide the basics we need for us to exist as human beings. This we usually take for granted. The Sun in turn is connected to other larger parts of the Universe and its workings are based on its own connections. The point is that the more we look at every aspect of existence, the more we realize how each part of it is dependent on the whole and how the whole cannot be whole without each aspect. Nothing exists in isolation. Everything is connected to everything else. Everything is loved beyond measure.

With this in mind, it can be said that everything is love. That is, everything can only exist through loving connections and so everything is given existence through love. Now, humanity has talked about love since we came into being, but we usually limit our recognition of it to only a few circumstances. We talk about loving certain people, or loving certain circumstances but if we only recognize love in these circumstances we limit the amount of joy in our lives. Love is infinite, existence is infinite, to exist is to be loved. Recognizing this can make every moment of existence a joy! There is no need to wait to feel loved by someone special. There is no need to feel lonely or worthless because our existence is proof of the love around us. Every breath we take is an act of love and a gift from existence. Every utterance, every action, every thought is an act of love but we just don’t realize it.

How would you behave if you knew of this love? How would you treat others, who are obviously also loved by existence? How would you treat yourself? How would life change? The challenges we face on our planet mainly arise from us not realizing the depth of love existence has for each of us. To solve our challenges we need to remind ourselves of this love by taking notice of our connections, by taking notice of the air we breathe and where it comes from, or the water we drink or the sun lighting up our world. Once pointed out, nobody can deny these obvious signs of love from existence, we just have to take notice of it.

Once we recognize this love around us, it is up to us to pay tribute to it. We pay tribute by living our lives joyfully, which comes from knowing our sense of worth. We pay tribute by behaving lovingly and living with a deep sense of gratitude. It is up to us to recognize how loved we are and to portray our recognition through our thoughts, words and deeds. Right now, we are behaving out of not recognizing the love of existence and out of our sense of worthlessness that arises from not noticing the love. 

In fact, by not recognizing the love that has always been there we have been destroying the signs of the love around us. We have been poisoning our air, water and food so that we reaffirm our belief that we are not loved by our world. We look at the Universe as something out to get us and snuff us out of existence and yet nothing could be further from the Truth. We look at each other as competition who we must struggle against for the love of existence, not recognizing that their existence is proof that they too are also loved. 

Our society itself is based on connections between one another, and yet we treat others as if there is no connection. We fail to recognize that the clothes we wear, the entertainment we enjoy and the rest of the extras in life that make life as beautiful as it is all come from our connections with the rest of our society. Because we fail to recognize these connections we continue to treat the others, especially those in “poor” countries, as less than worthy and we risk ending their current form of existence. What we have done to ourselves, by not recognizing the love of existence, we do to others, creating in them the same sense of separation from the rest of society and from the rest of existence. 

Were we to pay tribute to the love of existence, our society would obviously reflect this. We would recognize our connections with each other and lovingly strengthen them, creating a greater sense of the unity and love that already exists.  

This lack of recognition of love has also given birth to our religions, through which we declare our sense of worthlessness even more, creating more of a sense of disconnection from existence. Paying tribute to the love of existence would create religions that aren’t built on obligations to God or attempting to get his love, but would rather celebrate the love that is already there. Prayer wouldn’t be offered from a sense of worthlessness but a sense of being loved. It wouldn’t be offered to create more of a sense of separation from existence and to get love, but would be a grateful tribute to the ever-present loving connections around us. 

In summation then- as I’ve said in previous posts- what we need on our planet, is a recognition of our loving connections to existence. Whether those recognitions are strictly on the physical level or on the spiritual level doesn’t matter. Each of us can choose whichever is most easily recognizable to us, but the recognition is important. The recognition itself is so powerful that it can change our world in ways we can’t yet imagine.

Once again, as I’ve said in previous posts, it’s up to each of us. It starts on a personal level by paying tribute to the love of existence through our thoughts, words and deeds. Our lives lived is the tribute we pay. Joyful existence is the only real tribute and it is an effortless tribute at that. The question remains, “What would love do now?”, which is another way of saying “How can I recognize my connection with this circumstance?” Because the connection is there, if we look for it. That’s all that is required to create lives of joy, both on an individual level and on a collective level. Recognition of connection and love, always and all ways. 

The Infinite Space for All Truths

Existence is the infinite space which holds all truths. Each truth is a different perspective of existence and each truth is valid in its own right. Existence has enough space within it to allow each truth its own space to be valid and to grow infinitely without having to contradict any other truth. This is the beauty of existence. It allows each aspect of itself infinite potential for growth and expansion without condition or question.

As a society we have forgotten this. The way we see it, there is only room for one truth in existence and so this one truth must actively deny and attack any opposing truth. Each religion believes this, each political party believes this and each person believes this in one way or another. Humanity as a whole believes this. This is the reason humanity seeks to deny and attack nature’s truth, or the animal kingdom’s truth, or the truth of other aspects of humanity. We believe that our truth is powerless and invalid without the invalidation of any other truth. 

Take a look at our experience and you should be able to see how this is true. The fact is most people are not expressing their own unique truths, but are rather expressing what others say should be their truths. This is why our society, actually our world, is in a state of misery. Invalidating truths is the fastest way to cause misery. Joy, on the other hand, is found by validating all truths and this is why it is said by many spiritual teachers that existence is joyful in nature.

The other thing our society has forgotten is that the validation of others’ truths does not negate our own truth, but rather enhances it. An example: the validation of nature’s truth obviously enhances the truth of humanity for humanity wouldn’t even exist to express its truth were it not for nature. Another not so apparent example is that the validation of everyone in society enhances the whole of society.

I believe our experience as a society will be moving towards that of the nature of existence, if it isn’t doing so already. Our society will allow all truths within it and yet each truth will see that if it is to enjoy its validity it must not be hypocritical by infringing on any other truth. In this way each truth will be based on each person alone and will not have anything to do with the approval or disapproval of other people, unless the truth is known to affect others in a negative way. Each truth will be declared and expressed freely and joyfully and will intermingle with all other truths to create a loving tapestry of valid truths. I believe we will create a microcosm of the nature of existence on our own planet and what better model is there to base it on?

Consciously using the power to create your reality can only happen if you realize the validity of your truth. Creating your reality can be much easier if you do not see existence as something which does not support your truth.

When it comes to creating the realities we prefer the issue for most of us is that we see reality or other people as forces that oppose our truth. We see an “other” force contradicting our truth and we struggle against it, seeking to make it wrong, rather than seeing the “other” force as just another truth which is equally valid to our own.

In this way we can see existence as it really is: the infinite space which holds all truths. We can then live our lives to joyfully choose, create, express, nurture and grow our truths. We can finally see the validity of our perspective so that we no longer spend energy attempting to convince others of its strength and validity nor seek to make others’ perspectives invalid.

— Sohail Desai

More Thoughts on Existence.

We exist to experience existence in any way we choose. We are invaluable to existence because only we can experience existence through each of our unique perspectives. We are infinitely invaluable because without us existence wouldn’t be infinite. Because we are so invaluable, we each have complete and utter free will to create our experience of life. We are so invaluable that we are supported unconditionally by all of existence in all of our choices, and this is paradoxically true for each of us.

Because of the fact we are supported unconditionally and because we have free will, we are also inviolate, and so all parts of our experiences have been chosen by us on some level. We cannot be victimized unless we agree to create the illusion of victimization through our beliefs about the nature of ourselves and the nature of reality. The universe, creation, life, or whatever we want to call it, doesn’t have its own agenda for us and has no say in our choice of experience. This is because it is unconditionally loving of itself and so sees any choice we make as equal and valid. Existence allows all aspects of itself to be expressed, whether those aspects are positive or negative. That’s what makes it infinite. If it denied certain aspects of itself to us or to anyone else, by restricting the ability to choose freely, it would be lopsided and unbalanced, and would collapse in on itself.

This undying ability to make choices is also what makes us infinite and limitless. Now, I know you may be thinking that you haven’t experienced this infiniteness at all, but that’s because you and the rest of us have believed in our limitations so fully and without question. We believe the universe is one that limits us and so we experience it as such, because that limiting universe is a valid and equal experience in existence. However, it is our belief that causes the experience. The limitation is not inherent in the universe. Remember: existence, the universe or whatever we want to call it is balanced and is thus limitless. This means all of our perceived limitations are actually self-imposed.

But, why would we impose these limitations on ourselves in the first place? The short answer is because we can. The longer answer is that we chose the illusion of our limitations in order to experience existence in a certain way. And we wanted to experience existence in this way just because we were excited about it. There is no other reason for it, nor does there need to be any other reason for it.

This experience is what we have come to know as “life as a human” and it is just as beautiful an experience as any in existence, even though we may not currently think so, judging from how many people look to get to heaven or nirvana or whatever. We usually tend to think of any limitation as “bad”, but there is a hidden beauty in it. The thing is, each of us will always choose some form of limitation in order to focus on certain experiences within existence. Without limitation there would be no ability to focus. We would be limitless and infinite beings without even knowing it, because experiencing limitations and transforming them is the process of becoming conscious of the concept of limitlessness. As we grow and expand our consciousness, each of us will begin to truly understand that we have chosen limitation as unlimited beings by nature. We will no longer see our limitations as something thrust upon us from someone or something else, like we tend to now.

As we become conscious of our unlimited and infinite nature, we will become balanced. We will no longer invalidate those experiences we don’t prefer. We will see all experiences as valid and gain a greater ability to choose our preferred experiences with greater ease. Struggling and pain in life are germain to the the process of resisting certain experiences and so they will fall away under our new understandings. We will truly become self-empowered, loving, creative beings and we will love ourselves and each other unconditionally, as existence has always loved us. 

You will never become any “better” or “worse” than right now. In each moment you are a perfect being, simply as you are. Being able to be better or worse implies that your value as a being can change and that is simply untrue.

You are an invaluable aspect of existence because existence would be incomplete without you. Treat yourself with the same unconditional love that existence has for you. You do not need anything to become better than you are now and you cannot lose anything to become worse than right now. Your perfection is without question. Never forget that.