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Humanity is miserable right now….and that’s alright

The human race as a whole is currently predominantly in a state of misery.

After all that we’ve been through in our relatively short history, we have come to some core conclusions about what we want in life. We want peace, we want joy, we want freedom, we want love, we want compassion, we want abundance, we want passion and we want harmony, among other things.

Yet the majority of us are not living the way we desire to live and this is where the misery comes in. The misery is created because we desire to be a certain way and yet are resistant to change so that we can be that way. We hold on to past ideas that no longer serve us as the people we wish to become.

This is humanity’s point of depression, where nothing seems to be working and a lot of introspection is taking place. Jobs are lost, houses are foreclosed, economies are failing, wealth gaps are growing, environments are destructing.

At this point in time, humanity’s locked itself in its room and is huddled under its covers, crying and raging, taking a deep look within itself to find the source of its misery. To coincide with this introspection, secrets are being revealed in many aspects of society so that more informed decisions can be made.

When this period of depression is over, much of humanity will be transformed. Through the releasing of humanity’s rage and sadness many systems and ways of life will be dropped as they are seen as outdated and non-serving to its new desires. Resistance will be released and humanity will move into a radically new identity of itself.

In the meantime, much turbulence is ahead, both individually and collectively. It is a time of introspection and release, which may seem destructive outwardly, but is actually highly creative and beneficial. Take the time to release your own personal misery. Move into your own preferred identity and allow the changes to occur throughout the rest of humanity. Above all else, do not fear the changes and do not resist them. They are representative of changes humanity desires to make within itself. Flow with them and create a new identity for yourself. 

I feel angry today.

Why do I feel angry? I feel angry at myself and at society in general for falling under the illusion of powerlessness. I get this feeling that nobody wants to take a stand and live their lives the way they truly want to. Everywhere I look I see people doing things that I know they don’t really want to do. I see a ton of people stuck in traffic on their way home from another day at a job they hate. I can see the lifeless look on their faces behind the wheel and I sense a feeling of despair and hopelessness behind their glazed eyes. 

I see people with no passion in their lives. I see them driving cars they don’t really like. Econo-boxes and generic SUV’s in endless shades of grey and black, as far as the eye can see. I see people with their spouses and kids, going through the motions when they buy groceries, weighing in their minds whether they can afford to buy the stuff they like or whether they should settle for something “good enough”. I hear them responding, “nothing much” when I ask if anything new and exciting is happening in their lives. I see them and I realize that zombies do exist. We live amongst them everyday and they have infected the rest of us with their blandness. I can see the zombies infecting the hopeful children, squashing playful hopes and dreams, conforming their young minds to be “realistic” just like the rest of them. 

I see people afraid of their urges for freedom. I see them bottling up their souls, sucking any signs of enthusiasm from their faces. I see them desperately trying to control others so that they can feel secure and safe, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment. I see them hiding behind insurance, airbags, and secure jobs so that they can numb the fear that builds up within them and envelops them when they turn on the news. I see them mindlessly giving over their power to authorities in exchange for security. I see people then crave to express the power they gave away, lashing out in acts of violent surrender because they have forgotten what true power is. I see meekness and conformity encouraged and aggressiveness and boldness frowned upon. 

The weird thing is, the more people outlaw aggressive action, the more they crave it in violent forms through their entertainment. Have you ever noticed how people glorify and romanticize criminals in movies and TV shows but lock them up in real life? Have you noticed how contact sports with extreme acts of violence are watched enthusiastically? The reason for this is so obvious yet nobody wants to really look at what attracts people to this type of entertainment. 

I am angry because I feel powerless in front of people’s powerlessness. I have fallen under their spell, but I’m writing this to remind myself and whoever else wants to listen to break free and to stop being afraid. I want to feel like the powerful creator I am. I want to enjoy life fully by accepting my responsibility in creating my experiences. I don’t want to be a victim of life, cutting myself off and protecting myself more and more until I suffocate under all the armour. I want to open myself up to life in vulnerability and strength, smiling and feeling the joy of truly being alive.

Purpose in Life

What is our purpose in life? Why are we here? Why do we do what we do everyday?

These questions may get buried underneath the ongoing drama of our daily lives, but their answers are so important in generating the experience of our lives. Most people don’t bother looking at these questions and so go through life on auto-pilot, which can be fine for a while, but usually ends in an unfulfilling experience.

The answers to these questions are for each of us to answer alone. They are completely subjective. However, most of us have allowed others to answer them for us and we live with the consequences everyday. We end up carrying other people’s beliefs with us and they ultimately hold us back from being the people we prefer to be.

As we grow up through childhood, we pick up many ideas and beliefs about how to behave in life. We pick them up from our parents, teachers, and other people and we incorporate them in order to manipulate our behaviour so that we can gain acceptance from these people. When we grow up though, we have the opportunity to ask ourselves “Why?”.

On a personal note, the main question that came up for me is: why do I need to fit into my own or others’ ideas of who I should be, rather than just being myself? So many times I catch myself thinking about how I can change myself in order to conform to a certain idea of who I should be. For example, I need to get a certain amount of money in order to be “successful”. The idea of what it means to be successful and what is required of me to fit into this idea are both arbitrary. They are arbitrarily set by me or by others indirectly. If I didn’t see that, I would constantly chase the circumstances I required in order to fit into that idea. 

There are many such ideas, each requiring us to manipulate ourselves in order to fit into them. Together they coalesce to create the idea of our ideal self. This concept of an ideal self is constantly changing and expanding, based on the constant barrage of manipulative messages we receive everyday. Everyday of our lives, advertising, governments, peers and co-workers, lovers, children, and many others are constantly explicitly and implicitly telling us who we should be. Falling for their messages, we then live a life of lies in which we are not true to ourselves. We live a life of others’ preferences, not our own. In a sense we actually live others’ lives instead of our own.

However, we can realize this and not fall for the messages. When we stop listening to these messages we can truly relax into ourselves. We can be who we truly are in each moment, instead of constantly striving to be who we think we should be. We can learn to truly enjoy life as it is, rather than being in a state of constant struggle in order to manipulate it into what we think it should be. We can liberate ourselves from the heavy burdens placed on us by all of these other people. We can lighten up and have a bit of fun with life, sort of like we used to when we were small children, before the world told us who we should be. 

Everything is a Commodity

In our current economic system, everything is a commodity for the banks. The profitable aspects of our society get the funding, everything else is relegated. To put this into perspective, take a look at what parts of our earth remain free of human development. The only part that comes to my mind is the desert. It’s pretty obvious why: nothing grows there, it is unbearably hot and if nothing can be made from the materials under it or within it it is left alone. 

In this system you and I are commodities as well. As long as we generate a net profit by living our lives, we are allowed to continue to exist. If we can get loans and produce more stuff or help others to produce more stuff in order to pay back our loan and the interest accumulated, we are allowed to live a comfortable life, possibly with a house, some holiday time and a retirement fund. If we don’t produce profit we will be foreclosed on and sent into the streets to struggle and beg for scraps. 

Why do we insist on living this way? Who put the banks in charge and allowed them to commoditize everything? There is no one to blame but ourselves. It is time to take a stand against profit mentality. Let’s put ourselves and the world we live on before profit. Let’s look for win-win solutions for all members of our society. If we don’t we will surely be cast aside by those who seek profit merely for profit’s sake and we will have lost our wonderful world as well. 

How much of your life is dedicated to making money, either to pay off debts or to simply live your life?

How free are you when those with the most money can dictate your lifestyle?

Why does it cost money to live life when all the necessities for it are so abundant around us? Remember, we are not poor. Only the banks and those who work for them want us to think we are poor. We are so focused on money, which is a piece of paper, that we miss the true wealth that our world offers us in absolute abundance.

Ask questions. Think outside the box. It is time to claim freedom for all of us.

Poverty is a myth. The fact is that the world is not poor and never has been. You can realize this by looking around and seeing the vast wealth that surrounds us. The earth provides for everyone’s desires to be fulfilled.

Do not allow the financial world to convince you that there is such a thing as poverty. The reason the big banks take huge “risks” with their money is because they know that money is fictitious. They know that they can get a bail out by creating money out of nothing.

The governments are supposed to serve the people. Instead they are in service to those they are in debt to. When you follow where all the owed money leads to you will find the source.

This source is the central banks. Money is debt and so controls us rather than serving us. The new economy must be beneficial for ALL of us. We do not need to be slaves to the economy at all.

Imagine a world where you have no financial worries!

Isn’t it strange that the world has never been more abundant in resources and yet has never been poorer financially? Something doesn’t add up and the answer lies in the symbol we call money.

Money truly does not symbolize the actual abundance in our world. We need to expand our concept of abundance so that it includes all the relationships, the ideas, the tangible and intangible resources in our world. We are rich beyond our wildest dreams, but we just don’t know it yet.

Do you know what would happen if we all went bankrupt tomorrow? Nothing. The sun will still shine, electricity will still work, and our world will still spin.

Nothing would change at all because money has nothing to do with actual resources. It is a scheme used by bankers to create the illusion of scarcity. Even the bankers would lose nothing because they create money out of thin air.

In actuality, we would all be better off health-wise because we would no longer worry about our financial issues.

So don’t worry about bankruptcies or any other financial meltdown; it’s all just a bunch of bullshit anyways. Once it collapses we will truly realize that the financial world has no effect on us whatsoever and that we are free from its bonds. Exciting times are coming!

The medical field treats symptoms. It does not treat causes of the symptoms because it does not understand causes. It doesn’t know why one person gets cancer and the other doesn’t. This is because it hasn’t looked where the answer lies, either through its own ignorance or arrogance.

The answer lies in each person’s beliefs, thoughts and emotions. They don’t look there because it’s easier for them to mass medicate everybody with similar symptoms rather than finding out who each person is so that they may find the particular and unique root cause of the sickness in each person and heal it without harsh drugs.

In fact, we could say that the experiences of life, that is its circumstances and situations, themselves are also symptoms in a similar way. They are simply projected outside the body rather than within it.

Here we are just like the medical field, treating symptoms by running around trying to change the external experiences of our lives. Meanwhile, the true causes have been and always will be within us. Treating these causes will automatically and effortlessly alter the symptoms.

— Sohail Desai

The Earthquake in Japan: Despair and Joy

Most of us have empathy for those who are suffering in Japan today; we want to help our fellow people get back on their feet. Our help goes out in many ways: sending money, prayer, and volunteering to help rebuild with our own personal effort. We help out of the kindness of our heart, with no real expectation for anything in return. I find it admirable that the world is so connected today that we feel for our fellow human beings and want to help. It is an example of human behaviour that goes against the competitive nature and selfishness that is supposedly inherent in our nature.

There is another group though, the economic world, that responds in a slightly different manner. I was reading in the paper the other day, that in the long run the devastation in Japan will act like a stimulus for the world economy as Japan will need a massive amount of the world’s goods and services to rebuild. The thinking goes that they will be forced to spend now because of their immense need. I got to admit, I was taken aback a little at that perspective. Here is a system that thrives on destruction, on the despair of others. It got me thinking about how our economy thrives on the general unhappiness of its members. It needs people who are sick or injured, who break the laws and end up in jail or paying fines, who are afraid of accidents and pay for insurance, who feel inadequate and seek to fulfill themselves by buying the latest merchandise and obviously people who are victims of destruction. It literally wants people to suffer so that the machine can keep running. Happy people are the kryptonite of the current economic systems.

The good news is, I believe the economic group will be a relic of a selfish past. They will not be upheld for much longer. It is only a matter of time before people realize that they are not happy and that because of that, there are people who run the system who are happy. Our generosity to those in Japan shows our true nature, which is buried in the grind of our daily lives. It is covered up by the constant gabber of the economic system, telling us to be selfish, to get our own and screw the others. We will only fight to get our own until we realize how much hurt we cause to others by doing so.

Slowly but surely, the true nature of our economic system (maybe even the grander social system) is being revealed for us to be able to make a conscious choice regarding its future. I believe that ironically, the destruction in Japan will ultimately lead to the destruction of those who profit from it.

Cause and Effect

I’d like to get into the concept of cause-and-effect. The concept revolves around the idea that for every effect there is some sort of cause(s) and vice-versa. It is a fundamental and very influential concept in our lives; we experience it in every moment of them. It is so ingrained in our psyche that most of the time we don’t even give it a second thought.

So how influential is this concept? Influential enough that it somehow affects every action we take. Our repetitive actions are based on our previous understandings of certain types of cause-and-effect. A typical example of a repetitive action is walking across a room. We know the effect we want (to be on the other side of the room) and we know without a doubt the cause that will create that desired effect (walking). On the other hand, new actions are based on discovering a new type of cause-and-effect. For example, learning to drive a car for the first time is all about discovering the causes of the desired effect (movement) we wish to create from the car. Seems simple enough, right?

On a larger scale, cause-and-effect has been the driving force behind our civilization’s quest to understand the workings of the universe. As we have progressed, we have been discovering many of the mysterious causes of the effects in our world. As a result of our gained knowledge we have been gaining the ability to now take control of many causes and direct them in various ways to create new types of desired effects. Electricity comes to mind as a typical example of this. I believe science in particular, has become the influential force it is today partly due to its impressive track record of being responsible for almost all of these discoveries. Where most of us previously associated almost all effects to supernatural causes (gods and the like), we now understand, thanks to scientific exploration, that many of the causes are actually physiologically based.

However, there has been a constant glimmer of hope for the believers of supernatural causes, a perpetual thorn in science’s side. This has been the outlier in any study. Many times when scientists figure that a specific cause will generate a specific effect, they discover some sort of outlier that rips apart their assumptions and frustrates them to no end. These outliers contradict the notion that a specific effect must be tied to a specific corresponding cause. Some examples: the person who cures cancer without chemotherapy, a “fatal” car accident turning out not to be, a blind person regaining sight, and so on. 

The experience of these outliers has now caused most of us to believe in some concept of luck. We have good luck, which we normally refer to as “miracles” and bad luck, or “accidents”. Now, depending on whether you come from a spiritual or religious perspective or a scientific perspective, luck tends to be attributed to, once again, either a supernatural force or “random chance”. Both of these sources are equally mysterious and ethereal in nature and consequently, most of us believe that the cause of the experiences in life is mysterious, that we ultimately have little say in some aspects of it and that “anything can happen” (albeit usually in a negative manner). 

I don’t believe in luck, or that life has to be completely mysterious or even that we don’t have a say in its outcomes. The reason for this is that I believe that there is another hidden cause behind the effects in life, one that we have ignored for long enough. So, what is the cause? To put it simply, it is us. More specifically, it is our consciousness. 

You see, what we call “life” is just a bunch of experiences strung together. To relate to the concept of cause-and-effect, the experiences in life can be seen as effects. I believe the corresponding cause of these effects is our consciousness. Our consciousness causes every little experience, including our bodies, our planet, the entire physical universe and every concept or idea. Absolutely everything is an effect. Everything you have ever learned, are learning now and will ever learn are all essentially effects.

Similarly to how we have discovered many causes by studying the effects in our universe, these effects help us discover more about their own cause. That is, they tell us about the nature of our consciousness. (As a side note, I believe it is hard to describe pure consciousness, because describing it is just a description of it, not what it actually is. So the experiences of life describe our consciousness at any given moment, but don’t describe the true nature of it. Furthermore I believe the concept of God will actually turn out to be this unaltered pure consciousness, which technically should have many of the qualities we thought God would have, such as infiniteness, unconditionally loving, etc…Consequently I believe that we are the God we have been searching for all this time)

Human existence is another effect generated from the cause of our consciousness. So all the rules and regulations we have thought of as universal are actually germane only to this type of experience. What we have thought of as “life”, and all of the necessities to allow it to continue (food, water and the like) is only one type of effect. They are not the cause of life itself. This means that life is not just attributed to the physical universe, but that the physical universe is attributed to the grander concept of “life”.

Now, if the effects in life are generated from our consciousness, what does that tell us? It gives a clue as to why life has appeared to be random in some ways and helps to explain the outlier I mentioned earlier. Basically, the effect generated in the experiences of life comes down to how we manipulate the cause. We manipulate the cause, our consciousness, by changing the beliefs, definitions and emotions that we entertain within it. As I have said in previous posts, the environment and experiences in life are basically meaningless props. They are devoid of any beliefs or definitions. We are the ones that give them their meaning. The effect we get out of these experiences is completely dependent on the meaning we give them. This is why we can’t really say what effect a person will get from a certain experience until we study their definitions and beliefs of it, not the experience itself. 

So life appears random and mysterious because each of us have different beliefs and definitions. Furthermore, it is the differences in beliefs and definitions that allow us to experience similar circumstances in completely different ways. For example, an earthquake may hit a certain area. One person may not be affected at all by it while others around him/her will experience great destruction. Using our new understanding we can take a look at the people’s different belief structures and see how they directly influenced their experience. 

Similarly to how we can control many physiological effects based on our understanding and manipulation of the causes, we can now create the experiences we have in life by manipulating our consciousness in ways we desire. We can choose to have beliefs, definitions and emotions that we prefer, no matter what others choose. We can choose to look at the experiences in life as expressions of our consciousness that are not separate from us. They are a feedback system and can be used as such to make meaningful changes in each of our lives. 

Once we realize this fact, it will have the power to not only change the experience of our individual lives, but the experience of the entire world as well. Because the world is not separate from us. It is an expression of us and we have the power to change it by changing ourselves. I think Gandhi said it best: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Please feel free to ask questions or add comments. I hope this all makes sense, but I can’t be sure without feedback.

Trusting Life Positively

I have a huge problem with trusting the direction of my life in a positive way. I am constantly trying to figure everything out from every conceivable angle so that my life can move in the particular direction I want it to. All the unknowns must be known, otherwise I fear that my life will end up being a “failure”. 

A couple of issues in the quality of my life that rise from my negative trust in it:

  • Judge, restrict and control experiences and situations based on my mental understanding of how I can make them fit into my ultimate goal in life. I will only take part in certain experiences if I perceive that they will allow me to achieve my goals. For example, I may not go out sometimes based on  the fact that I will spend money and not follow my strict financial plan, even though I may enjoy going out. Or if I do end up going out, I may look to spend less. I believe the constant restriction and control of experiences takes away from living a full life.
  • Not enjoying the current moment. Since I trust life negatively, I spend my time wanting to know everything. This always takes my focus away from this moment and the experiences contained within it and places it directly on the future and my goals. It can get so bad that I cannot truly relax in life and just enjoy it for what it is. This is directly related to my constantly wandering mind that I mentioned in a previous post. I now realize that there is no “ultimate” goal in life anyways. Any achieved goal will only be replaced with another, so I might as well enjoy the ride in life, not just the “ultimate” destination I have in mind.

The crazy thing to me is, I don’t think I was always like this. I have trusted life positively in the past and I now know that this positive trust has served me very well. I can take a look back at my life and see how I made choices in it based on no real knowledge on how those choices would turn out. The big ones were leaving work and university to start my business. Those choices could have been very scary if I thought of being secure and sticking with a predictable life. Instead I was excited to make them and trusted that they would lead me to experiences that I would prefer (I thought I would be filthy rich, haha). They led me directly to me becoming the person I am today, which I am very happy with. 

However, after I made those choices, I did struggle a lot when life didn’t develop in the way I wanted. The experiences in my life were definitely not what I had in mind. The business was stumbling along (it still is, but now I’m OK with it) because I was having a hard time getting the customers that I thought I would and the website was taking much longer to develop than I expected. I constantly questioned myself and was pretty lost, without a sense of positive direction or development in my life. 

At some point, I stopped trying so hard on the business and took another direction in life. I made a choice to learn more about myself and about life itself, even though I also thought that it was a waste of my time. I did a lot of internal development, finding my place in life and creating my present day perspective. (I still am, but less intensively)

Looking back, I can see how the choice to operate the business and its subsequent issues led to an opportunity to develop myself internally. I can see how these choices have turned out to be positive for the most part in my life. However, if I actually trusted then that they would have turned out positive, even without knowing exactly how they would, I would have saved myself a lot of struggle and unhappiness. 

Who knows if I would have made those initial choices to leave school and work if I trusted life negatively at that point in my life? I know that if I did trust negatively and not make those choices, I would be a completely different person today, possibly one who is much more miserable.

So, after learning from my past experiences, I will be attempting to trust life more positively. I will make choices in life based on my feelings of what excites me, rather than my mental beliefs on what will allow me to reach my goals. After all, I will never know how life will develop exactly, but if I trust positively, I believe it will always allow me to enjoy life more in the moment, and lead me where I need to go (internally and externally) so that I can be the person I truly want to be. Even though right now, I may not truly know who I want to be.