The Youniverse

It is from the world of the dead, the world of non-physicality, that each of us made the choice to create the experience of being a human being in physical reality. We chose this experience simply for the uniqueness of it, and for the deliciousness of it. The choice wasn’t made in order to gain acceptance or to fix a problem, or to complete a mission. There was no need and there is still no need to justify why we desired and continue to desire the experience of physical reality. Keeping this in mind can allow us to appreciate and enjoy our current experience more fully, and for its own sake, while keeping it light-hearted. The choice to experience physical reality was made out of pure joy and a strong desire to enjoy it, after all. We can realize this perspective now, while we’re still within this experience, or later when we transition to the world of the dead to choose our next adventure. In the end, we will appreciate every bit of our experience.

— Sohail Desai

When someone cries uncontrollably over a loss we say they’re “breaking down”. It’s a pretty accurate description, more accurate than we may think. What is happening through the crying is the releasing of an old personality, an old way of life. The crying is a manifestation of the “breaking down” of the old personality, after which composure is regained and a new personality is born. The more the old personality was attached to whatever was lost the more breaking down is needed. The mourning period will be longer, sometimes taking as long as the person’s life itself.

— Sohail Desai

That void you feel when you lose something you love is your true nature, it is who you actually are. That feeling of emptiness is the feeling of sending yourself back home to yourself from the world of form around you. Losing the thing you love forces you back, forces you to recoil back to the void, to the centre of your being.

Stripped down to nothing, when everything external is taken away, you will feel this void more than ever. You will not know who you are, and this is the state of pure existence, of pure you. This happens when you lose a dearly loved friend, pet, lover, husband, parent, or even a car or a job. The external thing you identified with is gone, leaving you with nothing to identify with, separating you from the identity you thought you were and reuniting you with your true identity as the infinite awareness.

Being infinite feels like being nothing in particular. In this infinite state you are in touch with everything in existence rather than being the limited personality, attached to the set of forms around you. This transformation from limited personality to infinite awareness usually manifests as the period of mourning that usually takes place after any significant loss. The sadness of mourning is the manifestation of releasing the old personality, usually through recalling and releasing the memories of past experiences with the departed loved one.

As you finish saying goodbye to the old personality you were, come out of mourning and come back from this void you will come to what should be a marvelous realization: the void didn’t swallow you up like you feared, but instead gave birth to a new you, as a new personality. From the void you will create yourself anew, creating a new identity by identifying with something else- a new job, lover, or a new place to live perhaps. If you pay attention this time though, you’ll realize the true nature of the new identity and you won’t get too attached to anything, because you will remember the true you. You will have awakened to the illusion of the personality, and you’ll play the game of the personality that much more joyfully this time.

You’ll remember that the void is the real you, the infinite you, from which you can create yourself to be any type of person you desire to be. You will realize that everything else is a set of props to assist you in the act of creating yourself. As you change who you are, the props will naturally change, as they always do. To say they are props doesn’t mean you devalue them however, but it does mean you enjoy them while not getting overly attached.

As you adopt your true nature as the void you will mourn less, become depressed less and enjoy more. You will always acknowledge the void and so won’t force yourself to reunite with it in a dramatic way. You will not be as shocked when things change around you, as you realize they always will. In fact, you will accept change and give everything the freedom to change, yourself included. No longer will you cling to everything in the hopes of carving out a permanent identity. Instead you will let go of the old with grace and accept the new with excitement and joy. You will be a being of freedom and love, an infinite being of unconditional love.

— Sohail Desai

More Rambling.

Almost all false thought is based on separation and all separation is an illusion. Everyone is fighting and competing for the resources they believe allows them to live when they don’t even realize that they are life itself. That’s right. YOU are life. You do not live life, you ARE life. This game of separation we all are living makes it seem as if we have a life and that we must fight to survive because otherwise we will lose life and become separate from it by dying. When you think about it, that is why death is so scary to so many of us. It is the ultimate separator. It is the great void that nobody has returned from. The fear of death is really the fear of separation and loneliness. 

All pain is based on these ideas of separation. The pain of not knowing you are the creator of your experiences can only exist if you believe you are separate from your experiences. The pain of living in doubt of how life will turn out can only be experienced through separation. There is no doubt about life. You exist now and you always have and always will. There is nowhere for you to go except deeper within yourself. You are completely safe. No matter what you allow anybody to do to you, you will never be able to remove yourself from existence. You can never become separate. You can fail miserably in this life and die a depressing death alone in an alleyway somewhere, but guess what? It won’t change a thing. You will learn from your failing and you will try again. Because you will still exist and you will know that there is no limit to second chances. This is why you are unconditionally loved by creation. What kind of punishment can it put upon you for failing? It knows that any pain it inflicts upon you it inflicts upon itself because you and it are one. All separation is an illusion. Creation cannot get rid of you and so why would it spend any moment berating you for anything that you do? You are an integral part of it. You will always be supported and you will always be given second chances. 

If you knew the truth you would never fear. You would know your identity is secure. You would know that you are truly untouchable and that no matter how many people try to tear you down they cannot, because you exist. You wouldn’t even hate them for trying to tear you down because you know that they are doing it out of their own fear and their own feeling of separation. You wouldn’t try to become anything other than who you are right now. You wouldn’t try to become any more successful because you know that you are the definition of success. You exist and always will exist. You cannot become more successful by becoming more existing, if that even makes any sense. You would express your joy and your creativity simply because you want to. Your actions would be based on integrity because you would know the nature of others as well. You would know that they are not separate from you and that they also have the same birthright as you do. You would not need to exercise power over others or your environment because of your fear and anxiety about your place in existence. You would feel relaxed and loved. You would bask in the ecstasy of being aware of your miraculous nature. You would finally be you again.

Amazing Dream Last Night

I had an amazing dream last night. First off, let me tell you this dream felt completely real. I did not at any time think that I was in a dream at all. This dream was about me dying and arriving at the non-physical level of reality. I couldn’t tell that I was in another reality from appearances though, because the reality looked almost exactly the same as physical reality. The only way I could tell I had died was because I experienced the death itself (although I can’t recall how I died) and because I literally told myself that I was dead. 

Anyways so here I was dead and I was greeted by my mother and father (both of whom are still alive). My parents looked older, with an energy of something similar to grandparents, more peaceful and content. They still treated me as their son and I remember that I appeared younger than how I look now. Believe it or not, I actually brought the car I was driving before I died with me into the non-physical realm. I was sitting in the car with my mom and dad and felt like I had just made a journey to get there. I had the sensation of arrival and started taking my bags out of the car and into the apartment my parents were living in. I remember talking to my dad about the engine of the car (which was in the back, in the trunk of an Audi hatchback) and how it had huge turbochargers installed while I was in the physical realm. I talked to my parents as if we all knew I had come from there. 

Now we got into the apartment and I was having a conversation with my parents about how exciting it was to be in the physical realm and that the world was going through a huge transformation. I remember I mentioned that I was working with extra-terrestrials, namely the Essassani (I did mention Bashar’s name), beings from SIrius and a third type I can’t recall. I was very excited and joyful while describing the physical realm and I actually felt generally ecstatic. My parents told me how I was very excited to go to the physical realm before my birth and that I always was an adventurous one who wanted to be extra bold. The whole feeling of the physical realm was one of extreme excitement. I told my parents that I wasn’t going to stay for long because I wanted to go back. It was just too exciting to leave at this point in the earth’s transformation. I remember telling them it was the year 2014 on Earth. My parents responded that they would not be joining me and that there were others I knew, friends in the non-physical realm, who also never joined me in the physical. They also told me that even on that level of non-physicality they still experience a type of death, although without the sadness attached to it because it was understood to be yet another transformation instead of an annihilation. 

All this time I had no fear for those I left behind in the physical realm. My main concern was describing the experience of fun and excitement while exploring physical life. I remember distinctly that I loved the adventure. After that the dream faded away and I awoke in amazement.

The dream was absolutely amazing and it is pretty cool that I remember so much of it. I know it had symbolic as well as literal meanings for me in it. The car was symbolic for sure in that cars are one of my passions and I believe the dream was portraying the feeling of passion as something that travels and makes connections between the physical and non-physical realms. The engine of the car was in the back, which could mean an unconventional expression of passion. The large turbochargers conveyed to me a sense of rapid acceleration through the symbol of passion. I believe the rest of the dream has more of literal meaning behind it and I’m sure there are parts of it that I cannot remember, but may play a significant part in my sub-conscious.

Anyone else have any interesting dreams to share, with or without interpretations?

What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

All pain is the result of the experience of cutting yourself off from the whole, infinite being that you are. More specifically it is through beliefs that you hold that allow you to experience cutting yourself off from the whole being you are. So you can be sure if you are not thriving in life and are struggling to get by, that you are entertaining beliefs that are not true about the nature of Who You Are.

The good news is that there is no way for you to actually cut yourself off from the whole being that you are, no matter how deeply you fall under the illusion that you have. Every night when you fall asleep you reconnect with this wholeness and escape from the false illusions of your waking life. Generally speaking, the more you experience the pain of disconnection the more you will sleep. This is why when you’re depressed you don’t even want to get out of bed. 

Now, for some people, the escape of sleep isn’t enough and they continue to struggle through life, enduring poverty or illness or other types of dis-eases. Even then, the experience of disconnection can only be taken so far before they cannot express themselves physically any longer and they return to the true nature of themselves after death. 

This is why we are all truly safe. The “worse” thing that could happen to us is death and death is just the ultimate dissolver of false illusions and the reunion of ourselves with our true nature. After death we can see that it was all just a game and that we can try again if we want to because we are infinite, eternal beings. 

So don’t hold yourself back from living the life you prefer. Remember, the only way you can experience pain while living life is if you hold beliefs that are out of alignment with Who You Are. This life is about changing those beliefs and experiencing the true nature of yourself while remaining physical. You don’t have to die to realize your infiniteness. Surrender to life, because in your surrender you will find and change your beliefs and experience the grandness of yourself. Or worse case scenario you “fail” so miserably that you die and realize that it is all fine anyways. I highly doubt that you will “fail” because you are reading this blog and are probably seeking information from many other sources, all of which empowers you to succeed. All is well. 

Your dead relatives survive. They often appear to you in the dream state…Quickly you try to make sense of such material in usual terms. An out-of-body experience into another level of reality becomes a visit to heaven, for example, or the heretofore-unrecognized voice of your own greater identity becomes the voice of God, or a spaceman or prophet.

— Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts in “The Nature of the Psyche”

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In the ultimate perversive thought we have believed that life itself is imperfect and has no way of sustaining itself. We believe that we will be extinguished and somehow become non-existant upon our physical death. We actually believe that there is a lack of that which gives us life and that existence can somehow become non-existence. This just shows the depth of our confusion.

Complete unto Itself

In viewing ourselves as incomplete, we have also viewed the universe or the field of existence as incomplete. This is why we have unsatisfied desires and unanswered questions. It is why we have poverty, incurable diseases, violence and our negative experience of death.

We believe that the solutions to our problems lie somewhere “out there” and that we have to make them out of nothing. And so we struggle mightily at finding and making these solutions, sometimes giving up under the reasoning of “that’s just the way life is….”. 

I now realize that we have been living a lie. The truth is that the universe or existence is the definition of completeness. It is complete unto itself. Where would existence look to find that which it needs to be complete? There is nothing outside of it. The solution for its desire can and only will be found within it. In this way we can see that desire and its solution are two sides of the same equation and they balance each other out. The same goes for a question and its answer. One cannot exist without the other. In actuality, both sides are one thing separated to create the illusion of two things.

So what does this mean then? It means celebrating when we have a desire, knowing that the solution for it is within us and only requires us uncovering it. It also means rejoicing for the same reason when we ask a question. It means the end of struggling for the other end of our asking or desiring and perceiving every situation and everyone as complete and whole. 

The more I think things through, the more I am absolutely awestruck at how incredibly amazing life is. It’s not very often that I get this feeling, especially when going about a hum-drum life, but now, when considering the grandness, the beauty and the genius of it all, it makes me unbelievably grateful to be alive and to experience this wonderful life. I sincerely want everyone else to come to these realizations for themselves. It is truly an amazing experience and I know I will not be the same ever again. It just makes me smile :)