The Youniverse

The Universe is not a dead, uncaring, inert field in which we must battle to survive. It is a living, alert, conscious, responding field which unerringly reflects our own states of being, our own thoughts and emotions. It is a field of unconditional love, full of infinite possibilities. It is a multi-dimensional canvas that we use to create and experience ourselves.

— Sohail Desai

More on Marineland and Cetaceans in General

Why do we have such an affinity for cetaceans? I mean, of all the wild animals on our planet, none have captured our hearts as cetaceans have. We’ve made movies about them, we constantly film them in the wild, we spread stories about them beaching and their images are spread on items throughout our society. Sadly we also capture them and use them for entertainment. But why them?

I have a theory that they represent certain aspects of ourselves that we yearn to express in our own lives. Whales for example- and I am inspired by Bashar when I say this- represent a sense of absolute conviction and certainty. There is no animal other than an elephant maybe, that demands the sort of respect a multi-ton whale does. The way a whale expresses the aspects of certainty and conviction can be clearly seen- at least by me- as it moves through the ocean. It’s not hard to see why they are so certain in their movements; there is no other animal big enough to question a whale’s movements. Whales are some of the largest animals that have ever graced our planet, with the Blue Whale being the largest of all animals ever. Whales are so large that they must live in the ocean because there is no way for their mass to be supported by legs on land. It’s pretty incredible stuff. (By the way, check out this video to see what I’m talking about)

Notice I said previously that whales are some of the largest animals that have ever graced our planet. Grace is another word to describe whales and it is their grace that grows our fondness for them. Whales are large enough to be the absolute tyrants of the oceans, and yet they aren’t. They exist with a sense of balance and respect for all the other creatures in their habitat. They don’t trash about, disturbing everything in their wake, but rather slip through the water very cleanly. Even when they jump out of the water, they exude a graceful strength and power.

Whales are also inquisitive and intelligent. There seems to be a reasoning behind their movements, which seems to be missing from the other creatures of the ocean. I am constantly amazed that giant whales don’t attack divers or break little kayaks when they breach. Once again, there is that sense of grace again.

On the other side of the cetacean scale, we have the dolphins. Now, I don’t think I have to explain why dolphins are so deeply embedded in our hearts. One look at their permanent smiles, their playful nature and their inquisitiveness is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. Dolphins play for no other reason than because it’s fun. They exude a sense of unbridled joy and enthusiasm for life and I think it is this aspect of them that we so deeply yearn to express in our own lives. Very rarely will you see a person who has that same depth of joy and enthusiasm as a dolphin portrays.

Now, some of you may have seen the video of my thoughts on the animal abuse at Marineland. I’m continuing the theme here because I saw a symbology in the situation at Marineland that reflects the nature of ourselves. You don’t have to know Marineland to relate to this symbology. You can use SeaWorld or an other aquarium instead. So here goes: The situation at Marineland, where animals lived in poor water conditions is reflective of the mental conditions we ourselves live in everyday. Earlier I said that the cetaceans represent the aspects of conviction, certainty, playfulness, joy and enthusiasm. These aspects are the exact aspects we hold captive within ourselves. We don’t allow these aspects of ourselves to be expressed freely in the way we may wish to in the same way I believe the captive cetaceans wish to express their natural behaviour freely in the wild as well. 

To take this symbology a step further, I perceive the ocean, the home of the cetacean, to represent our consciousness. The ocean, like our consciousness, is very fluid, vast, mysterious, varied and yet uniform at the same time. The ocean represents the massive potential and sense of freedom within each and every one of us. It is the deep within. The cetaceans represent an image of our spirit, our soul or who we wish to be. We wish to explore our consciousness freely, boldly, playfully and enthusiastically, just as the cetaceans explore the ocean.

The situation at Marineland and marine parks around the world is representative of the limitations we have placed on ourselves. We have limited ourselves to a very extreme degree so that the depth of our consciousness is but a shadow of what it could be, and we explore this limited mental environment with a sense of burden and sadness. We sit in our limited consciousness while building up negative emotions more and more until we are living in utter mental filth. We feel the pain of this limitation and we yearn to break free, but we can’t. We continue to hold ourselves captive so that we may be seen as productive people or people of worth to the audience watching us. We put on a show to portray a sense of happiness and exuberance, all the while deeply desiring to break free and express our true nature. 

The moment we ourselves finally decide to stop living to be productive for others and start living to be true to ourselves is the moment we will realize the animals’ plight in zoos, aquariums and water parks around the world. The moment we break free from our limited minds and express our true nature is the moment we will release the animals we hold captive. The moment we stop polluting our own consciousness with negativity is the moment we stop polluting the oceans and the habitats of the animals with the wastes of our “productivity”.

The reflection is there for us to see, if we choose to look at it as a reflection. The animals in Marineland and other water parks are there to reflect to us what we are doing to ourselves and what we are doing to them as a result. I am grateful for the fact that these captive animals have provided this reflection out of their unconditional love for us. I keep the dolphins and whales in mind to remind myself of the potential within us all. I look forward to seeing positive reflections from them and interacting with them in a more joyful and loving manner, in their natural home, when we have finally learned from the negative reflections being portrayed today. 

Cancerous Reflections

I’ve been thinking of our society as a body lately. I know I’m definitely not the first to compare society to a body but I’ll share my thoughts anyways. 

Taking a close look at our bodies we can realize what a marvel of co-ordination it is. Our bodies are composed of trillions of cells, each doing their part to ensure the survival and optimal performance of the whole body. Each cell is doing its own thing, yet each cell magically fits with what all the other cells are doing and creates harmonious existence for all. Each cell “knows” it will receive exactly what it needs from the rest of the body in order to continue its existence. It also knows its own validity and integral nature to the whole body. The rest of the cells and the body consciousness, which is the sum of the consciousness of all the cells, also know the integral nature of each cell and make sure to give each cell the optimal conditions required for the cell’s fulfillment. A healthy body is made up of fulfilled cells.

It’s not hard to see the comparison to society, but our current society is a reflection of a sick body. In society’s body, the mass consciousness or the authority, does not realize the integral nature of the cells (the general population) and seeks to force the cells to be something they aren’t. The cells are not their natural selves, do not know their own validity and integrity, do not get the optimal conditions for their own fulfillment and so contribute to create an unfulfilled, sick body. The heart of our society, which is our economy, distributes life-blood unevenly to perceived “more worthy” aspects of the body. These aspects grow to create monstrous tumours and start draining the entire body of life. As a result, society’s body is riddled with tumours. 

Now, what we normally do with tumours in our own bodies is cut them out and usually avoid dealing with what caused the tumour in the first place. We live in a state of fear, calling the tumour an “accident” or seeing it as a result of our genetics. We see ourselves as victims of the tumours and the over-multiplied cells of which they are composed. Many times, even after cutting out the tumour, another takes its place and the cycle continues. At this point we turn to radiation and make the whole body suffer so that we can deal with the tumour. The same goes in our society, where we see ourselves as victims of certain tumorous aspects instead of truly taking a look at how we created them in the first place. We create the cycle of cutting out old tumours and recreating new tumours. We then punish the whole of society with austerity measures and whatnot so that we can deal with the tumours. It seems pretty plainly visible to me.

You can obviously see how we need to change our society in order to make it healthy again. It is not a matter of cutting out the tumours. Rather, it is about providing optimal conditions for all the cells to each seek their own fulfillment. A healthy society can only be formed by fulfilled individuals, each being themselves and yet contributing to the whole by doing so.

The Grace of Nature

It has been kind of weird to think of nature as “happy”, but I think it’s getting a bit less weird. Watching the animals or plants in nature, I can’t help but think about how happy they are. Previously when I was in my despondent state I was blind to this perspective of nature. I just couldn’t and didn’t even think of seeing nature as happy. But now I look at nature and I think that most of it is happiness literally manifested into physicality. I look at a bright, beautiful flower and I imagine how happy it must be just being itself. Flowers don’t doubt or fear because they’re too busy being a flower to do that. All of nature is like this. Nature doesn’t doubt for a second that all of its needs will be fulfilled. Take a look around at the natural world and that certainty is manifested everywhere. The plain fact is that fulfillment and well-being are natural. It is failure and suffering that is the exception to the rule. 

For some reason I’ve also been thinking of dogs and why so many of us keep them around us as pets. They’re not usually needed for any service they used to provide in the past, but we keep them around nonetheless. I know it’s because they’re so damn happy. They’re just full of positive energy and we want that around us. I don’t have a dog so I’m not sure about this, but there must be nothing like coming home to a happy, boisterous dog after an awful day at work. 

On another note, I think the fact that most of us usually get our contact with nature through some TV show actually blinds us even more to the well-being around us. The shows constantly play up the drama because well, they’re TV shows. They play up the sense of conflict, of struggle and strife when I believe that well-being, joy and ease is much more common. It’s just that nobody wants to see a herd of gazelle grazing for an hour without being hunted by a pride of hungry lions. Sure, in nature once in a while a gazelle gets taken out, but even then this means well-being is transferred to the predator and on the whole there is still a thriving herd of happy gazelle who wouldn’t want to trade places with anything else in the Universe. They are content being gazelles. They do not look to the lions with envy or even hatred. They do not deplore the fact that at any moment they can be eaten. They live happy lives, thriving and even giving birth to the next generation, following their deep biological certainty that they will continue thriving as a whole. That’s another difference between nature’s consciousness and our own: nature doesn’t need to hoard resources due to its own insecurities. It automatically assumes and constantly realizes that well-being flows to it constantly and effortlessly. Humankind, on the other hand, constantly doubts this fact. Therefore we hoard, compete, dominate and destroy. Our behaviour is the complete antithesis to the grace that nature constantly portrays. 

I do realize that there is a difference between the mind of nature and the mind of humans. We have a self-conscious mind and so we can choose to doubt ourselves, whereas nature is driven by instinct and cannot doubt itself. We also have a much more rich experience in that what we desire for fulfillment is more intricate than what nature desires for fulfillment. We want the technology, cars, clothes, and so on while nature wants sunshine, rain and abundant food. I’m not saying, like many people do, that it’s wrong for us to want what we do. To deny our desires is lying to ourselves and I believe there is no bigger crime. However, we may want to start acting like nature and feel like we are a part of the planet rather than some alien life form. We can begin to act with grace, acknowledging that we can have what we desire while at the same time not harming anybody else. There is no need to hoard, destroy or dominate. We can co-exist with our world without giving up our desires. We just have to be smart about how we go about living our lives. It takes a giant change in consciousness to come to this perspective from our current ways, but we’ll have to make that change sooner or later. We just can’t keep acting the way we do and keep destroying our world and ourselves. Of this I am completely sure.


Life works flawlessly for everyone, no exceptions. It only gives a reflection of what we believe ourselves to be. It holds nothing back. The only reason it appears to be holding something back is because of our limited definitions of Who We Are. Expanding these definitions will generate an expansion in the reflection of life just as flawlessly as ever.

Taking abundance to be an example, it is not that a poor person is not abundant. It is that they are abundant enough to fulfill their idea of themselves as a poor person. If and when they change their idea of themselves into one of a wealthy person, they will just as flawlessly attract enough abundance to fulfill that new idea. The main issue for the poor person is that they may not even know that they can change the idea of themselves or that life will support them. They usually assume that life is just the way it is, regardless of how they view it or themselves. 

We ALWAYS get enough to fulfill the idea we are being. If we are being the idea of a sick person, we will attract the circumstances and situations to fulfill that idea as well. It is not that we are malfunctioning when we are sick, but rather that we are flawlessly functioning as a sick person. 

So far, we have been living the idea of being separate from reality and life. This is basically being the idea of a victim of life or gods or some other external force. This idea brings with it much fear, confusion and suffering so as to maintain the idea of being victimized by an external reality. What we are now realizing is that reality is not “out there”. It is simply a reflection and an expression of ourselves. Our reality is symbolic of interactions going on within our being, within our consciousness. There is nothing to fear in the reflection except ourselves. 

The next step in our evolution is to actually BE the reality we thought we lived in. We will be able to make connections between our internal beliefs and our external experience, seeing how our life has always and will always work flawlessly for us. We will see ourselves as the key that will unlock us from what we thought of as the prison of life, which was seemingly imposed on us by others. 

Identity and Experience

Can we separate our identity from experience? Most people believe that their identity exists within their body, and so they believe they are living in a world that exists separate from them. However, when you really think about it, can we even have a body to identify ourselves with without the universe to serve as a background to provide context? Can I exist as an “I” without some form of reality for me to experience?

When you really think about it, the only way we know we exist is because of the fact that we are experiencing existence. That awareness of existence is dependent upon experience, which is dependent upon some sort of reality. So in essence, can it not be said that experience itself, that the reality we thought we exist within is actually our true identity and that we are perceiving this identity through a localized perspective, which is our body?

Taking this thought further, we can say that we are existence itself, experiencing itself through a localized perspective. Now, I believe that all this reality creation stuff is based on the idea that if we change our perspective, we create a new experience of ourselves. This is why all the messages out there, stuff like the Secret, say that belief creates our experiential reality.

Now, in our experience as human beings, we have created the experience of a high degree of separation between our localized perspective and our reality. This experience of separation has been so convincing that we now believe that our identity exists within our bodies and that as a result we have no control over our reality.

-Jumping to another corresponding idea here: My understanding is that in each moment of our experience we are asking ourselves “Who am I?” and then based on our answers, which are based on our beliefs and definitions, we change the shape of our experience effortlessly. It is our state of being that changes our identity and our experience by association. The moment we believe this and act in accordance with this belief is the moment that life will change dramatically and magically. 

-All of these posts in this blog are leading up to a point in my life where I will take the leap and really live these ideas fully. These ideas have been rattling around in my head for quite a while now and I’ve been working out many of the questions that arise, either through reading, discussing with family or writing the answers that seem to arise from within me. So my message to any readers who are exploring these ideas is to feed your curiosity by questioning the aspects you don’t understand and then finding the answers in whatever way works for you. Whatever you do, DON’T just accept everything without questioning. It is through your unique questions and the resulting unique answers that you will get your own type of grasp on the information. You will get what you need to get so that you can be who you really want to be. Trust me, this has not failed me yet. I have always found answers to my questions. Peace :)

You must be ready to accept the possibility that there is a limitless range of awareness for which we now have no words; that awareness can expand beyond range of your ego, your self, your familiar identity, beyond everything you have learned, beyond your notions of space and time, beyond the differences which usually separate people from each other and from the world around them.

— The Psychedelic Experience (via elige)


What Are We?

Most of our issues in life come from a misunderstanding of who we are. For almost all of human history we have believed that our identity exists within our bodies, either temporarily or permanently, depending on whether one sided with a scientific or religious viewpoint.

Under this perspective we are seen to be fragile, separated and at the mercy of our fellow human beings, our environment and/or the gods. Because our identity is restricted by our bodies, we are told that we must struggle to attain value and build a desirable identity, usually by accumulating as much knowledge (represented by degrees usually), wealth, beauty or some other external symbol of validation. 

Sure, this perspective was not unfounded because one could see the evidence everywhere. Hopefully you, dear reader, will understand why this was the case by reading past posts or by reading the rest of this one. Much of life did not make sense so we formed our stories and perspective based largely upon assumptions. This perspective has led us on a path of deep pain and suffering up to this point, where some of us are starting to realize that we have been disillusioned. 

So what is the truth then? Well, it has been staring us in the face this entire time, but our illusory reality was and still is so convincing that we could not recognize it. I have said it before in this blog many times. The truth is that we are beings of pure consciousness that are actually creating the experience called “life as a human being” through our beliefs and definitions. I won’t dive into things too deeply here, mainly because I have mentioned many of my points in previous points, but it is becoming increasingly clear to me that we are primarily beings of consciousness, not the physical human beings we have thought of ourselves as.

As conscious beings we contain any and all possible experiences. We literally contain it all. All the experiences we have ever had and will ever have will come about through our consciousness. It is also through our consciousness that we create our entire experience of life. That’s right, we create the entire universe and everything within it. It is all within our consciousness. All this time we have thought that we are experiencing some universe that we just happen to live in, but the truth is that we are actually only experiencing ourselves. There is no outside; there is only our consciousness. 

Think about how powerful we truly are. It is our own consciousness, our own being, our own power that gives rise to the entire fucking universe! Let that sink in for a moment. We cannot separate the universe from our consciousness. It is all us. Realizing this, we can stop looking at the universe as something other than ourselves. This is the truth that shall set us free from all of the illusions we have prisoned ourselves within.

Now, what does that mean? How does seeing ourselves as conscious beings creating our experience rather than human beings reacting to our experience change our understanding of life? The main aspect of our experience that will change is our understanding of victimhood. When we perceive ourselves as the creators of our reality we cannot help but take responsibility for everything occurring within it. We cease being passive victims of life and become proactive creators of it. Now, this may not make sense because of the wide variety of experiences within our reality, but this is a product of a belief in separation between ourselves and our reality. The perspective in which our identity exists within our bodies creates the illusion of a separate reality, which by definition must appear separate. If our reality was a one-to-one reflection of our beliefs we would quickly realize that we are our reality and the experience of separation would be over. In order for the experience to continue the reality must seem mysterious and somewhat chaotic.

However, we are now realizing that our reality is not separate and this will faithfully be reflected within it. The main way this reflection occurs is through the experience of synchronicity or coincidence. Coincidence is simply an indicator that we are the orchestrators of our lives. So far, in our experience as human beings, we have created more negative coincidences rather than positive ones, mainly because of our misguided perspective of ourselves and of life. Nevertheless, both negative and positive coincidence provide clues to the true nature of life.

Realizing the true nature of our being can allow us to change many other aspects of our lives as well. As beings of consciousness we are infinite and eternal, unbounded from many of the boundaries of our space time reality. Knowing this will dissolve almost all of the fear we have been holding on to when under the illusion of separation. What is there to fear when there is nothing else out there to be afraid of? There is only us and so we are the creators of the fearful situations. We also have the power and capability to create loving and joyful situations as well and we will when we truly understand how life works. By understanding our nature we can truly live in the moment, basking in our own being, knowing that we are perfect in each moment because we contain everything. We can choose what we wish to experience next in our lives rather than thinking that life will tell us what we must experience. We can stop reaching for what seems to be out there and simply choose it because we know it’s in here. To put it succinctly, we can truly live a life of bliss and ecstasy.

I know some may be thinking that this kind of life can be boring, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Remember that we are infinite. By definition we will be experiencing ourselves through the creation of our reality forever. It is a game that cannot end, because if it did then we wouldn’t be conscious and there is no way for that to ever occur. Even the concept of unconsciousness only occurs within consciousness, not outside it. 

We are starting the end of experiencing the aspects of ourselves that have forgotten who we are. We have experienced the experience of forgetting our nature. It has been a tough and arduous journey, but the remembrance that is occurring right now is so worth it. It is an incredible experience to remember who we truly are after all of the darkness and I can’t help but smile when thinking back just a few years ago when I was completely unaware of all of this. I know it may sound corny, but it almost brings me to tears of joy thinking about how amazing life is. My appreciation for it, for everyone in it and for my self just keeps on growing. 

Building Block of the Universe

Everything exists within my consciousness. There truly is no outside. It could be said that the true fundamental building block of the universe is consciousness. Everything arises from it. It is so obvious to me now; no matter how deep we dig to uncover the source of our universe, we will inevitably end up at consciousness itself. The only reason we have yet to discover this is because we have assumed that the universe somehow produced conscious beings, rather than the other way around. 

In your system of reality you are learning what mental energy is, and how to use it. You do this by constantly transforming your thought and emotions into physical form. You are supposed to get a clear picture of your inner development by perceiving the exterior environment. What seems to be a perception, an objective concrete event independent from you, is instead the materialization of your own inner emotions, energy, and mental environment.

— Seth through Jane Roberts