The Youniverse

The more we allow the sub-conscious to operate the details of the form-ation of our experience, the smoother and more effortless the experience will be.

The conscious mind is needed to simply direct the sub-conscious mind, but the sub-conscious takes care of numerous important details that the conscious mind cannot deal with.

The Concept of Responsibility

True responsibility is accepting everything that happens in your life. It is knowing that everything that happens, happens for your reason and should then be accepted as a part of your life. It is the end of victimhood and the beginning of creator-hood. It is the path to becoming the conscious creator of your life.

Responsibility means the ability to respond. You can only do this if you accept every situation rather than resisting it and projecting it onto external sources. You can then give the situation the meaning you prefer. By doing so you take back your power to define circumstances and situations and can then can use that power to generate whatever effect you desire from your life. 

How do you do this? First, realize that every situation is fundamentally neutral and devoid of meaning. It doesn’t have any meaning in it at all. You have been taught by others to react to it and give it the meaning they taught you to give it, many time unconsciously. Then respond to the situation by providing the meaning you wish to give it. (Remember, reaction is a re-action, it is an action you have taken before. Responding is truly looking at a situation with fresh eyes and giving it a meaning you prefer.) Lastly, reap the effects of the meaning you have given to the situation. Positive meaning in, positive effect out. Negative in, negative out. It really can be that simple, if you let it be that simple.

Once you learn to do this, you have come close to mastering your experience of life. Life can no longer control your emotions because you have gained control over them. You are now the responsible sole creator of your experience.

The Nature of Consciousness- A preview of my upcoming piece about the fundamentals of life.

Of all the mysteries confounding humankind, consciousness is the greatest. Our experience of life is completely dependent on it and yet our understanding of its workings continues to elude us.

In our ongoing quest to comprehend it our theories have so far revolved around the notion that our consciousness is associated with our sensory perception and our brain, mainly because of our insistence on needing measurable “scientific” evidence. I believe this notion is ultimately misleading; the perception rising from our brain is only a small portion of our consciousness, not its totality.

In order to discover the totality of our consciousness and to see how it creates our experience, in ways that may not be apparent at present, we must disassociate from our preconceived notions about it and increase our scope. The totality of our consciousness is vastly greater than we have so far imagined. 

This brings us to the question, what is consciousness then? I believe consciousness is the fundamental building block upon which all of existence takes form. It is the template that gives rise to any and every concept, animate and inanimate object, and all experiences; it contains all and it has no source. The entirety of existence is dependent on the awareness of a conscious perceiver to experience it.

It is fundamentally our consciousness that has allowed us to experience anything at all. Without a conscious perceiver there is no experience of anything in existence and therefore no existence. This is the reason I believe our bodies and our entire experience as human beings is couched within our consciousness, not the other way around. 

In its unaltered homogeneous state, stripped of every attribute, consciousness simply is aware. This is its very nature; it does not know how to not be aware. To not be aware would mean it needs to be totally unconscious, and that is obviously impossible for it to do. Now, I know some questions may arise right now asking about our own unconsciousness when we sleep for example, but I will explain how this is only due to our current perspective and that we never fall into total unconsciousness as well.   

Consciousness must by its nature be aware of something. It can’t simply be aware without something to be aware of. What it is always aware of are all the experiences that are possibly contained within it. As I stated previously, all experiences are experiences contained within consciousness, not outside it. We have never experienced anything outside of consciousness and never will, it is impossible to do so. 

Consciousness cannot really exist in an homogeneous state because it would not have any experience of being aware of anything. In its unaltered homogeneous state there would be no actual change and consequently no experience. It would just contain everything without being able to perceive it.  

To create the experience of being aware of its contents consciousness must break down its homogeneous state and create the illusion of separating itself into infinite portions that are unaware of the cumulative contents of the whole. I say create the illusion of separation because, once again, it is impossible to literally be separated from all consciousness. There is nothing outside it to be able to become separate. In this way the individual portions, being unaware of the totality of consciousness because of their perspective of being separate, can then use their own free will to create the experience of becoming conscious of the unknown portions of the totality of consciousness.   

In my next post I will discuss our unique experience as human beings and how we can use the knowledge of our true nature as portions of consciousness to create experiences that are in alignment with our preferences.

I encourage questions or comments to make sure I am not rambling on without clarifying my thoughts. Please feel free to drop me a note.