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The “Problem” with Religion

I have had issues with religion for a little while now, particularly the Judeo-Christian and Islamic variety. I completely do not agree with the power that it has in compelling people to act in certain ways.

It does all of this under the guise of “God’s will”.  The problem I have with this is, their concept of God is a supreme, omnipotent, infinite being that created everything. The stories usually revolve around the idea that God created humans and we should repay him with a lifetime of worship and adherence to his rules. I don’t want to get into details about the religions. The question I have asked before to religious leaders and will continue to ask is: If God is infinite, how can the universe and ourselves be outside of him? 

The very idea that God is infinite should point to the fact that any concept, any idea, any experience is contained within God. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be infinite. For God to create rules and restrictions he would have to restrict himself from himself. Under those religions’ concepts of God, we would be God, forbidden to experience certain aspects of ourselves, by other parts of ourselves. It’s mind boggling, isn’t it?

So the experience of following rules of the religion is only one “allowed” experience within God, not the only one. There can be no true restriction from God himself. That would be impossible, how is one part of God more powerful than another? Under the concept of an infinite God, anything goes, even the idea that we are all equal portions of him that can experience whatever we wish.

The religions of the world, who shout their messages under his name are merely some people revelling in their ability to control others. They have a right to do this, because that is one type of experience within God, but it can only happen if the people want to be controlled. 

(Last thing, I also thought that if God is infinite then “he” already contains every possible experience, including all types of worship that can ever exist, and has no true needs. Needs would mean that God is incomplete and that clashes with the concept of an infinite God.)