The Youniverse

Core Beliefs

Most people are blindly running through life without asking themselves some pretty important questions. We are on auto-pilot and stumble along with little awareness. Here are some pretty influential core beliefs we tend to overlook. These are important, as all beliefs are, because they are definitely responsible for creating the experiences of our lives.

  • Concept of self- Who and What are we? What does it mean to be human?
  • Concept of environment/reality/life- This is connected to what it means to be human, but deals with our relationship with life itself.
  • Concept of purpose- Again, connected to concept of self.
  • Concept of others- This deals with the nature of people, whether they are “good” or “bad”.

This is all I can think of for now, but I will add more in another post if I think of more. What do you think? Can you think of any others?

Your Power

Your Power can never be taken away from you. It is completely intertwined with your Being. Now, I am not talking about power (with a lower case) in the way you may have thought of it up to now, which tends to do with domination or control. The power to dominate or control can be taken away at any time and so doesn’t really qualify as true Power. The true Power that I am talking about lies with your ability to choose. 

You are a Being of choice. Every moment you are exercising your choice, whether that choice is conscious or unconscious. Now, most of our choices tend to be of the unconscious variety and so we may not even know that we are exercising it. Think of how insidious this is: when making unconscious choices we are using our Power to choose to make it seem as if we don’t have the Power in the first place. Allow me to explain more clearly: I have discussed in previous posts how circumstances in life are devoid of meaning and that we are the ones who apply meaning to it, usually on an unconscious basis. This ability to choose and apply any meaning is one of our greatest Powers and yet we choose to give that Power away to others. We tend to automatically apply the meaning they taught us rather than making our own decisions about what they mean. The importance of this particular Power cannot be underestimated. Realize that nobody has the power to come into our minds and make us think in a certain way without our consent and yet that is what we do time and again. This is one of the greatest Powers in existence and it is your birthright to use it, so claim it consciously.

Now, every other choice we make is based on our choice of perspective. In essence, it is our perspective that shapes our behaviour, which is nothing more than a series of choices acted out. So we can see how responsibly and consciously using the Power of choice is imperative to taking control of the total experience of our lives. 

In closing, if you want a life of happiness and joy, simply choose it. It is in your Power to do so. Choose to do what you prefer to do in life, rather than what you don’t prefer. Choose to be yourself rather than who others want you to be. Choose to think thoughts that bring you joy and happiness rather than thoughts that bring you misery. Choose to listen to your inner voice rather than the voice of others. Choose to realize your Power to choose and never let go of it. Ever.

Note: Sorry if there are any grammatical errors in this post. This one was pounded out while on a late night caffeine fuelled ramble. :)

Keep it Simple

Feeling confused? Don’t know what direction to take in your life? The confusion can most likely be traced back to your definitions of life. Keep them simple. Life is simple. There is no mysterious authoritative law that says things must be complicated. You complicate things when you go searching for your truth externally, listening to others’ truths in the hopes of somehow finding your own. Your truth is within. Your truth is meant to be your own truth; not someone else’s. Nobody has any business telling you what your truth is, so don’t pay them any attention when they attempt to. It only adds to your confusion. 

The simplest way to find your truth is by following your emotions. Take every opportunity to do only those things in life that you are passionate about. These actions are expressions of your truth. The rest is not for you, so drop them from your focus.

Can’t do what you are passionate about? The only reason for that is due to your definitions and beliefs. Clarify them and make them cater to you. They are there to serve you, but they can only do that best when you actually know what they are. That’s why it’s important to uncover them, drop the ones you don’t prefer and keep the ones you do. Remember to keep your list of preferred definitions short and simple, so that you can be crystal clear in your truth and your voice

The Emotional Cause of Dis-ease

All dis-eases in your body stem first from beliefs you hold which cause your state of being to be in a state of dis-ease or unease. A serious dis-ease is the result of constantly ignoring beliefs which cause you to feel different emotional states of dis-ease, causing you to prolong your feeling of it, which then causes more acute physical symptoms.

It doesn’t take rocket science for you to know when you are in a state of dis-ease. This is an area that almost everyone is a natural expert in. The emotions you feel are the first clue you receive to let you know that you are holding beliefs that do not serve who you prefer to be. Once you feel the emotion of dis-ease the next step is becoming conscious of what the founding beliefs are, because we tend to hide these beliefs in our subconscious mind for one reason or another. The next step is simply replacing the misaligned belief with one that feels better to you. This step can be tricky for some because of their tendency to not believe it can be that easy, but you have to be the judge of that. Do you believe that it is that easy? The last step is that you act more like who you prefer to be and in concert with your newly aligned beliefs. These steps are basically all you need to feel great emotionally and as a result physically as well. Again, even though the steps may seem simple, they may not be for some people. It just requires more diligence and commitment to figure it out, but it is possible. 

I just want to mention here that dis-ease can manifest in many forms in your life. It doesn’t have to be a physical ailment. It can be financial dis-ease or even dis-ease in your relationships with others. Nevertheless all types of dis-ease first stem from misaligned beliefs. Mis-aligned beliefs cannot be cured by a pill or some other superficial external source. They must be faced and changed by you and you alone. I know most people aren’t very familiar with making an effort at changing internally , because we are so busy with our external lives. However, it is imperative to focus internally if we truly desire to make true, lasting changes externally. Otherwise we’ll join much of the rest of the world, running from one doctor or financial planner to another, trying and struggling to fix ourselves externally. I’m not saying it’s wrong to join the rest of the world, but I am saying it is an awkward and roundabout way of dealing with dis-ease. 

You are given the gift of the gods; you create your own reality according to your beliefs; yours is the creative energy that makes your world; there are no limitations to the self except those you believe in. You create your life through the inner power of your being whose source is within you and yet beyond the selves that you know. If you do not like where you are, then examine those beliefs that you have. You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, causes all experience. There are no exceptions. Once you understand this you have only to learn to examine the nature of your beliefs, for these will automatically cause you to feel and think in certain fashions. Your emotions follow your beliefs. It is not the other way around.

— Seth, The Nature of Personal Reality (via nirvikalpa)

Beliefs and Perspectives

The experience of life is created solely through the use of each of our own unique perspectives of it. It is our perception and the difference between it and anyone else’s perception that creates our completely unique experience of life. This is the case regardless of how many similarities there are between any two perspectives. For example, even though we all may agree that the sky is blue or that the size of a given object is the same for all who are observing it, there is no way for each person to perceive the same thing in the exact same manner. If that were the case there would be no way for different people to exist. There would just be one person on the planet because even a slight change in location between different people causes a different perspective by definition.

Taking this into consideration we can see how useless it is to try to conform or make others conform to any given perspective of life. Yet this is what we do. Each of us is either bombarded by others or are bombarding others with different perspectives, all in an attempt to validate the aggressive perspective. It is as if one perspective cannot be true unless it is able to convince others to agree with it. So a great amount of energy is used to convince others to follow certain perspectives rather than validating each person’s unique one and this is the cause of a great amount of suffering and pain in our society. If we understood the inherent futility of this forcing, we could learn to accept others’ perspectives as equally valid and by doing so can create a truly harmonious society to co-exist within.

The importance of accepting and cherishing each of our own unique perspectives cannot be emphasized enough. The sole reason for us to exist as separate people is to have our own unique perspective and experience of life! Never has there been and never will there be a time when all the people of the world have the exact same perspective on life.

This brings me to our beliefs, which are an important aspect of our perspective that we normally take for granted. Our beliefs and definitions about life are just as important in the experience of our life as our senses. They allow us to extract a unique experience out of what is essentially a meaningless environment around us. For example, one person’s definition of a dog maybe different than another person’s and so their experience of it will be different, even though the dog may essentially look and behave the same for the two people. Now: a dog may not be a significant part of a person’s life and so the definition of it may not have a great impact on our overall experience, but there are many other parts of life that are extremely significant and so the definitions and beliefs regarding those parts are much more important.

The scary thing is, many of our beliefs regarding many important aspects of life are not actually our beliefs, but the beliefs of others. They may be the beliefs of our parents, teachers, politicians, scientists or religious leaders. Most of these were absorbed by us when we were young children, when we needed to conform to adults’ perspectives in order to survive. They now remain in our subconscious mind, affecting the way we perceive the world in a very discrete manner.

As we grow though, most of us will realize that some of these beliefs are bogus and we will change them so that they suit the person we are. This is the basic process of life and growth. We grow by uncovering beliefs held within us and deciding to keep them or replacing them with other beliefs.

Sometimes this growth is obstructed by beliefs that we are unable to uncover or are unable to change for one reason or another. The result is stagnation and a sense of unsatisfied desires. We basically stop refining our beliefs which would allow us to become who we wish to be and so we live our lives as someone else entirely. This is the plight of many people throughout the world. Our days are filled with activities that we do not wish to take part in, but we take part in them anyway because of unexplored beliefs. 

Our perspective of life consists of a tapestry of interwoven limiting beliefs. These beliefs must be limiting in certain ways in order to create the focused perspective we have. In our natural spiritual form, we are unlimited beings containing all of creation. However, in this state we cannot perceive any one portion of ourselves. In order to perceive something, we must limit our perspective on whatever we wish to perceive. This can only happen through the use of limiting beliefs. So it is not a matter of destroying all limiting beliefs because by doing so we would destroy our experience of life. For example, we may try to breathe underwater and eliminate our current perspective through death. Instead, we must choose which limiting beliefs serve us and which do not. It can be a long, gruelling process, due to the amount of beliefs we bury within our subconscious, but it is one we must endure in order to be and constantly recreate the person we wish to be. 

On an individual basis, we can take a look at our lives and see which portions of it we are unhappy with. Inevitably there will be an underlying limiting belief that has caused these portions to exist. It is our job then to find this limiting belief and change it to one we prefer so that our life can serve us. The truth is, we accepted many of these beliefs as children because we believed they would serve us, mainly through protection from our parents or other adults. Now though, they may be causing pain and so they must be examined and replaced with other more beneficial beliefs. 

At this current stage in the evolution of our society, many of us individually and collectively are facing some deep rooted beliefs and are deciding whether to keep them or change them. The instability we see around us is the result of this exploration going on within us. On the other side of this transformation will be a drastically different society, one with different values and a different way of life. This is a given. It will be a reflection of the expanding and integrational perspectives that many are holding, particularly the younger generations. We will see the continuing acceptance of individual perspectives and the dispersing of power throughout the whole of society rather than remaining in the hands of a few. It is a deeply enriching and exciting time that we live in. But, that is my perspective on it and may not be yours.

Changing Your Life is Changing Yourself

Anytime you have a desire to change your life situation in anyway, whether it is by gaining or losing certain things, people or circumstances, you are essentially attempting to change the person that you are. 

When you do change your life in the way you desire, you will no longer be the person you were previously. It may seem as if you are the same person, but truly you are not. For example, a person who gets healthy after being sick is no longer the same person; where they related to life through sickness previously they now relate through health. Their thought patterns, belief and behaviour, at least in this moment, are different, making them a different person. Basically, the bigger the change in the external life circumstances, the bigger the change in the person. 

Therefore, the process of changing the life circumstances is very much about the development of the person you are so that you can become the person that you will be when you have the life circumstances you desire. In order for you to become that person, you must change the internal makeup of who you are. In other words you must change your beliefs, emotions and resulting behaviours.

This can be done in a couple of ways: you can mimic the behaviours of the person you imagine you wish to become, which then will bring about the change in beliefs that must occur to create the desired external circumstance. Or, you may change your beliefs by facing the undesired external circumstances, integrating the undesired beliefs that caused those circumstances and then changing those beliefs to the ones that the desired “you” holds.

The length of the process of creating your desired life circumstances depends upon the degree of difference between the beliefs you hold now and the beliefs you will hold when you become the desired “you”.

Create the beautiful painting that is your life. Your palette is filled with your emotions, beliefs and thoughts. Using positive beliefs and emotions such as unconditional love, joy, ecstasy and so on helps to create a stunning image that portrays your truth. Meanwhile, using negative beliefs and emotions such as doubt, fear, anger and so on will create a distorted image. One image is not better than the other, it is simply your choice which kind of painting you wish your life to be.

Cause and Effect

I’d like to get into the concept of cause-and-effect. The concept revolves around the idea that for every effect there is some sort of cause(s) and vice-versa. It is a fundamental and very influential concept in our lives; we experience it in every moment of them. It is so ingrained in our psyche that most of the time we don’t even give it a second thought.

So how influential is this concept? Influential enough that it somehow affects every action we take. Our repetitive actions are based on our previous understandings of certain types of cause-and-effect. A typical example of a repetitive action is walking across a room. We know the effect we want (to be on the other side of the room) and we know without a doubt the cause that will create that desired effect (walking). On the other hand, new actions are based on discovering a new type of cause-and-effect. For example, learning to drive a car for the first time is all about discovering the causes of the desired effect (movement) we wish to create from the car. Seems simple enough, right?

On a larger scale, cause-and-effect has been the driving force behind our civilization’s quest to understand the workings of the universe. As we have progressed, we have been discovering many of the mysterious causes of the effects in our world. As a result of our gained knowledge we have been gaining the ability to now take control of many causes and direct them in various ways to create new types of desired effects. Electricity comes to mind as a typical example of this. I believe science in particular, has become the influential force it is today partly due to its impressive track record of being responsible for almost all of these discoveries. Where most of us previously associated almost all effects to supernatural causes (gods and the like), we now understand, thanks to scientific exploration, that many of the causes are actually physiologically based.

However, there has been a constant glimmer of hope for the believers of supernatural causes, a perpetual thorn in science’s side. This has been the outlier in any study. Many times when scientists figure that a specific cause will generate a specific effect, they discover some sort of outlier that rips apart their assumptions and frustrates them to no end. These outliers contradict the notion that a specific effect must be tied to a specific corresponding cause. Some examples: the person who cures cancer without chemotherapy, a “fatal” car accident turning out not to be, a blind person regaining sight, and so on. 

The experience of these outliers has now caused most of us to believe in some concept of luck. We have good luck, which we normally refer to as “miracles” and bad luck, or “accidents”. Now, depending on whether you come from a spiritual or religious perspective or a scientific perspective, luck tends to be attributed to, once again, either a supernatural force or “random chance”. Both of these sources are equally mysterious and ethereal in nature and consequently, most of us believe that the cause of the experiences in life is mysterious, that we ultimately have little say in some aspects of it and that “anything can happen” (albeit usually in a negative manner). 

I don’t believe in luck, or that life has to be completely mysterious or even that we don’t have a say in its outcomes. The reason for this is that I believe that there is another hidden cause behind the effects in life, one that we have ignored for long enough. So, what is the cause? To put it simply, it is us. More specifically, it is our consciousness. 

You see, what we call “life” is just a bunch of experiences strung together. To relate to the concept of cause-and-effect, the experiences in life can be seen as effects. I believe the corresponding cause of these effects is our consciousness. Our consciousness causes every little experience, including our bodies, our planet, the entire physical universe and every concept or idea. Absolutely everything is an effect. Everything you have ever learned, are learning now and will ever learn are all essentially effects.

Similarly to how we have discovered many causes by studying the effects in our universe, these effects help us discover more about their own cause. That is, they tell us about the nature of our consciousness. (As a side note, I believe it is hard to describe pure consciousness, because describing it is just a description of it, not what it actually is. So the experiences of life describe our consciousness at any given moment, but don’t describe the true nature of it. Furthermore I believe the concept of God will actually turn out to be this unaltered pure consciousness, which technically should have many of the qualities we thought God would have, such as infiniteness, unconditionally loving, etc…Consequently I believe that we are the God we have been searching for all this time)

Human existence is another effect generated from the cause of our consciousness. So all the rules and regulations we have thought of as universal are actually germane only to this type of experience. What we have thought of as “life”, and all of the necessities to allow it to continue (food, water and the like) is only one type of effect. They are not the cause of life itself. This means that life is not just attributed to the physical universe, but that the physical universe is attributed to the grander concept of “life”.

Now, if the effects in life are generated from our consciousness, what does that tell us? It gives a clue as to why life has appeared to be random in some ways and helps to explain the outlier I mentioned earlier. Basically, the effect generated in the experiences of life comes down to how we manipulate the cause. We manipulate the cause, our consciousness, by changing the beliefs, definitions and emotions that we entertain within it. As I have said in previous posts, the environment and experiences in life are basically meaningless props. They are devoid of any beliefs or definitions. We are the ones that give them their meaning. The effect we get out of these experiences is completely dependent on the meaning we give them. This is why we can’t really say what effect a person will get from a certain experience until we study their definitions and beliefs of it, not the experience itself. 

So life appears random and mysterious because each of us have different beliefs and definitions. Furthermore, it is the differences in beliefs and definitions that allow us to experience similar circumstances in completely different ways. For example, an earthquake may hit a certain area. One person may not be affected at all by it while others around him/her will experience great destruction. Using our new understanding we can take a look at the people’s different belief structures and see how they directly influenced their experience. 

Similarly to how we can control many physiological effects based on our understanding and manipulation of the causes, we can now create the experiences we have in life by manipulating our consciousness in ways we desire. We can choose to have beliefs, definitions and emotions that we prefer, no matter what others choose. We can choose to look at the experiences in life as expressions of our consciousness that are not separate from us. They are a feedback system and can be used as such to make meaningful changes in each of our lives. 

Once we realize this fact, it will have the power to not only change the experience of our individual lives, but the experience of the entire world as well. Because the world is not separate from us. It is an expression of us and we have the power to change it by changing ourselves. I think Gandhi said it best: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Please feel free to ask questions or add comments. I hope this all makes sense, but I can’t be sure without feedback.