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Changing Your Life is Changing Yourself

Anytime you have a desire to change your life situation in anyway, whether it is by gaining or losing certain things, people or circumstances, you are essentially attempting to change the person that you are. 

When you do change your life in the way you desire, you will no longer be the person you were previously. It may seem as if you are the same person, but truly you are not. For example, a person who gets healthy after being sick is no longer the same person; where they related to life through sickness previously they now relate through health. Their thought patterns, belief and behaviour, at least in this moment, are different, making them a different person. Basically, the bigger the change in the external life circumstances, the bigger the change in the person. 

Therefore, the process of changing the life circumstances is very much about the development of the person you are so that you can become the person that you will be when you have the life circumstances you desire. In order for you to become that person, you must change the internal makeup of who you are. In other words you must change your beliefs, emotions and resulting behaviours.

This can be done in a couple of ways: you can mimic the behaviours of the person you imagine you wish to become, which then will bring about the change in beliefs that must occur to create the desired external circumstance. Or, you may change your beliefs by facing the undesired external circumstances, integrating the undesired beliefs that caused those circumstances and then changing those beliefs to the ones that the desired “you” holds.

The length of the process of creating your desired life circumstances depends upon the degree of difference between the beliefs you hold now and the beliefs you will hold when you become the desired “you”.