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Anxiety and the Law of Attraction

An anxious person usually initially uses the Law of Attraction in an anxious way. They pretend to be happy- that is they momentarily cover up their anxiety, while anxiously looking to their reality for signs of improvement. They may repeat positive affirmations, or do exciting things that used to bring them joy, or only think positive thoughts, all in an attempt to be positive, but underneath all this fake positivity the anxiety remains. 

Obviously no true sign of improvement shows up then, because the anxiety hasn’t truly been transformed; just hidden momentarily. The person, seeing no improvement, becomes more despondent than before, their anxiety bubbling up again from the depths of their being. Yet another false hope, they think, without realizing that they’re using the Law in an inappropriate way.

For improvement to occur the anxiety must be transformed and true happiness must be expressed, which means being happy without needing reality to improve.

This is an internal journey then, one in which the anxious person must face many of their fears in order to integrate them and become the positive person they desire to be. It’s all about becoming a truly happy person first, before experiencing the reality that goes along with being a happy person.

Witnessed a UFO or just want to find the truth about UFO’s? Spread this declaration. Post it, share it, send it to government officials. Let’s get the truth out.


FACT: From 1982 to 1985, large triangular and boomerang-shaped UFOs were reported over the Hudson Valley by over 7,000 credible witnesses, including police and officials at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

FACT: In 1989 and 1990, large triangular and rectangular unidentified flying objects, one the size of an aircraft carrier, were reported over Belgium by over 2,000 witnesses, including police and military personnel.

FACT: In 1997, multiple sightings of a mile long boomerang-shaped UFO were reported over the state of Arizona by over 10,000 witnesses, including police, military personnel and Republican Governor Fife Symington. 

We make no claims as to the nature or origin of these UFOs. However, those who have taken the time and effort to conduct serious, in-depth investigations into these reports know that these sightings are of real, physical crafts and are indisputable FACTS. Thousands of such sightings of physical crafts of unknown origin have been reported throughout the world for decades by credible witnesses, yet most who report such sightings are treated with ridicule, disbelief, scorn and even threats.

In light of the facts, we who have witnessed such unexplained crafts no longer accept this cynical mindset as realistic or credible.

Those of us who are witnesses to the UFO phenomenon know they exist for a fact. This is not an issue of speculation for such witnesses. However, we do not insist that non-witnesses must believe such objects exist, only that witnesses be treated with respect and that we deserve the same fairness and courtesy afforded to any individual or group who honestly expresses their point of view without fear of ridicule, punishment or persecution.

Recent polls clearly demonstrate that more than 50% of Americans believe that UFOs are a real phenomenon that deserves legitimate recognition and serious study by open-minded, qualified scientists, rather than being summarily dismissed as misperceptions, fantasies, hoaxes or hallucinations by cynical, unqualified debunkers. Over 36 million Americans have seen a UFO.

To put this statistic in political terms, these witnesses are also voters.

Therefore, we urge all who agree with the spirit of this declaration to send copies of this letter to their representatives, public officials, the media, the police, the military, airline officials, NASA and all candidates running for any public office to assure them that our votes will go only to those who acknowledge the UFO phenomenon as real and deserving of serious scientific investigation and who publicly endorse fairness and respect toward any witness who reports a UFO.


You can be aware of what you desire to experience, but you cannot truly be aware of how that desired experience will come into your life. When you focus on a desired experience, you are choosing, out of the infinite possibilities of the unknown, the one possibility you prefer. That is, in your focusing you are defining the undefined unknown and bringing it to your present experience. However, once you focus on the desired experience, the idea is to let go of your concept of how that experience will come into your life because that bogs things down. Through your insistence on how things manifest you get in the way of infinite life, and try to get it to follow your very limited concept. In other words, you are trying to make the unknown known and by this you delay your desired experience from manifesting. It can manifest through your limited path, but that path may take much longer, which means it may appear to never manifest for you. It may even take longer than your lifetime, depending on how insistent you are on the path of manifestation! On the other hand, living with no expectations puts you in touch with all possibilities, because living with no distinct possibility is living with all possibility, and this paradoxically brings you your desired experience much more quickly through the path of least resistance.

— Sohail Desai

More on Marineland and Cetaceans in General

Why do we have such an affinity for cetaceans? I mean, of all the wild animals on our planet, none have captured our hearts as cetaceans have. We’ve made movies about them, we constantly film them in the wild, we spread stories about them beaching and their images are spread on items throughout our society. Sadly we also capture them and use them for entertainment. But why them?

I have a theory that they represent certain aspects of ourselves that we yearn to express in our own lives. Whales for example- and I am inspired by Bashar when I say this- represent a sense of absolute conviction and certainty. There is no animal other than an elephant maybe, that demands the sort of respect a multi-ton whale does. The way a whale expresses the aspects of certainty and conviction can be clearly seen- at least by me- as it moves through the ocean. It’s not hard to see why they are so certain in their movements; there is no other animal big enough to question a whale’s movements. Whales are some of the largest animals that have ever graced our planet, with the Blue Whale being the largest of all animals ever. Whales are so large that they must live in the ocean because there is no way for their mass to be supported by legs on land. It’s pretty incredible stuff. (By the way, check out this video to see what I’m talking about)

Notice I said previously that whales are some of the largest animals that have ever graced our planet. Grace is another word to describe whales and it is their grace that grows our fondness for them. Whales are large enough to be the absolute tyrants of the oceans, and yet they aren’t. They exist with a sense of balance and respect for all the other creatures in their habitat. They don’t trash about, disturbing everything in their wake, but rather slip through the water very cleanly. Even when they jump out of the water, they exude a graceful strength and power.

Whales are also inquisitive and intelligent. There seems to be a reasoning behind their movements, which seems to be missing from the other creatures of the ocean. I am constantly amazed that giant whales don’t attack divers or break little kayaks when they breach. Once again, there is that sense of grace again.

On the other side of the cetacean scale, we have the dolphins. Now, I don’t think I have to explain why dolphins are so deeply embedded in our hearts. One look at their permanent smiles, their playful nature and their inquisitiveness is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. Dolphins play for no other reason than because it’s fun. They exude a sense of unbridled joy and enthusiasm for life and I think it is this aspect of them that we so deeply yearn to express in our own lives. Very rarely will you see a person who has that same depth of joy and enthusiasm as a dolphin portrays.

Now, some of you may have seen the video of my thoughts on the animal abuse at Marineland. I’m continuing the theme here because I saw a symbology in the situation at Marineland that reflects the nature of ourselves. You don’t have to know Marineland to relate to this symbology. You can use SeaWorld or an other aquarium instead. So here goes: The situation at Marineland, where animals lived in poor water conditions is reflective of the mental conditions we ourselves live in everyday. Earlier I said that the cetaceans represent the aspects of conviction, certainty, playfulness, joy and enthusiasm. These aspects are the exact aspects we hold captive within ourselves. We don’t allow these aspects of ourselves to be expressed freely in the way we may wish to in the same way I believe the captive cetaceans wish to express their natural behaviour freely in the wild as well. 

To take this symbology a step further, I perceive the ocean, the home of the cetacean, to represent our consciousness. The ocean, like our consciousness, is very fluid, vast, mysterious, varied and yet uniform at the same time. The ocean represents the massive potential and sense of freedom within each and every one of us. It is the deep within. The cetaceans represent an image of our spirit, our soul or who we wish to be. We wish to explore our consciousness freely, boldly, playfully and enthusiastically, just as the cetaceans explore the ocean.

The situation at Marineland and marine parks around the world is representative of the limitations we have placed on ourselves. We have limited ourselves to a very extreme degree so that the depth of our consciousness is but a shadow of what it could be, and we explore this limited mental environment with a sense of burden and sadness. We sit in our limited consciousness while building up negative emotions more and more until we are living in utter mental filth. We feel the pain of this limitation and we yearn to break free, but we can’t. We continue to hold ourselves captive so that we may be seen as productive people or people of worth to the audience watching us. We put on a show to portray a sense of happiness and exuberance, all the while deeply desiring to break free and express our true nature. 

The moment we ourselves finally decide to stop living to be productive for others and start living to be true to ourselves is the moment we will realize the animals’ plight in zoos, aquariums and water parks around the world. The moment we break free from our limited minds and express our true nature is the moment we will release the animals we hold captive. The moment we stop polluting our own consciousness with negativity is the moment we stop polluting the oceans and the habitats of the animals with the wastes of our “productivity”.

The reflection is there for us to see, if we choose to look at it as a reflection. The animals in Marineland and other water parks are there to reflect to us what we are doing to ourselves and what we are doing to them as a result. I am grateful for the fact that these captive animals have provided this reflection out of their unconditional love for us. I keep the dolphins and whales in mind to remind myself of the potential within us all. I look forward to seeing positive reflections from them and interacting with them in a more joyful and loving manner, in their natural home, when we have finally learned from the negative reflections being portrayed today. 

Don’t get caught up in the world of separate forms. Realize that all forms are created out of the love of the Universe. They are all actually one thing seeming like it is many things. Creating the experience of separate forms is the only way the Universe can experience itself. It is the loving desire of the Universe that provides the impetus for all forms to be born and to die and return to their source, only to return again in the form of other forms. In this way, the cycle of life and death is the Universe’s cycle of desire and fulfillment.

Before you were born you knew yourself to be the Universe itself, but this knowledge wasn’t enough for you. You deeply desired to go beyond knowledge and actually experience the wonder of yourself. That all-consuming desire is what caused your birth as a human being, and it is that desire that continues to maintain your body and the environment that supports your body right now. When the time comes that you decide you have created the experience you desired to experience, you will then desire to cause your death and move on to another, perhaps more expanded type of experience. This cycle has gone on, is going on now, and will continue to go on forever. You are the Universe, desiring to experience yourself in all the ways you can.

You didn’t know this before because you were caught in the world of separate forms, and so you didn’t know that you were in control of your experience. But now you do know, and now you can take the power that is your nature and mould your desire to create new, wondrous forms and consciously create an experience that is more reflective of your true nature.

Where you once created your life based on your illusory identity as the limited form of a human being, you now will create it based on your true identity as the ever-expanding, infinite, loving, joyful, harmonious Universe. You will create the experience of remembering the knowledge you had of yourself before you were born. You will create the experience of yourself as the Universe incarnate.

— Sohail Desai

The real you is the Universe itself expressing as the person you know yourself to be. The real you is the power that creates all forms. Your desires, beliefs, thoughts and emotions give rise to the form of your body and the forms of the physical world around you. Through your awareness you give the entire Universe the directives to literally bring together quantum particles and create the forms around you and thus create your experience of life. This means that the ongoing process of life is literally happening through you. Whether that process happens to be an expansive process or a destructive process is entirely up to you. A loving, integrative awareness will give rise to an expansion of forms while a hateful, segregative awareness will give rise to a destruction of forms. For example: loving, joyful thoughts about your body creates the healthy functioning of its many parts. The bonds between the parts will be full of strength, vitality and harmony. Hateful, self-denying thoughts, on the other hand, creates a dis-functioning body. The bonds between the various parts of the body will be weakened, dis-harmonious and destructive. The same can be said for the functioning of the planet and the entire experience of life. Loving thoughts and actions will create an expansive, joyful experience while hateful thoughts and actions will create a destructive, segregative experience.

— Sohail Desai

Some Fresh Ideas on the Nature of the Universe and the Nature of Life (Part 1 of who knows how many…)

  1. Love is the energy that unifies. Love creates bonds and integrates.
  2. The Universe is a loving Universe. It is literally made of love. This is because the Universe is made up of distinct forms, which are held together by some form of bonds. These bonds are all made of love. 
  3. This means that the bonds that hold the cells of your body together and the bonds that hold the atoms of your computer together are the same. All bonds are made of a loving energy.
  4. If the Universe was not loving in nature, it would be chaotic and disintegrated. There would be no forms and so the experience of life would be impossible. 
  5. This means that the energy that is life and the energy that is love are one and the same. 
  6. To be harmonious with the Universe and all that it contains is to be loving in nature. To be loving in nature is to allow the freedom of yourself and of others. 
  7. Living naturally means flowing life through you unimpeded, which means accepting life and living it with an attitude of love. On the other hand: living life unnaturally means restricting the flow of life by creating resistance. Resistance is the result of judgement and separation, which are opposite of the nature of the energy of the Universe. 
  8. Living life with a mentality of separation creates all sorts of experiences containing pain and destruction, including all types of dis-eases.
  9. On the other hand: living life with a mentality of integration creates all sorts of experiences containing joy and expansion. Integration and love result in the creation of more forms and more harmony. 
  10. Each of us is the entire Universe expressing itself as the distinct portion we know ourselves to be. Through each of our eyes the Universe, which is us, looks back at itself and experiences itself in all of its glory.
  11. The entire Universe loves each distinct portion so much that it allows each portion complete freedom to express itself in whatever way it desires. This means each portion is inviolate and doesn’t need to protect itself from others or harm others in order to express itself in the way it truly desires. 
  12. Desire is the energy that creates. It is through our desire, which is the same as the Universe’s desire, that we create the forms in our experience and create our reality. 
  13. In all of these points, the word “Universe” can be replaced with the word “God”.

You are a three aspect be-ing. These aspects are: body, mind and soul. Any time you imagine a way you would like to be (notice I said “be” and not “do”), you are literally giving birth to that be-ing and you be-come it.

When you imagine the way you would like to be and decide to be-come that be-ing, you have set the soul aspect of you to be that way. If you then maintain that state of be-ing your mind aspect will receive inspiration in the form of thoughts and emotions that are in alignment with the state of being your soul is already in. Lastly, your mind will then decide whether to act these thoughts out through your body aspect and create the be-haviour representative of the be-ing you now have chosen to be on the soul level. This then closes the circuit and you have fully be-come the be-ing you desired to be. Your reality will reflect the situations and circumstances necessary for you to continue be-ing who and what you now are, until you choose to give birth to a new be-ing.

Each time you imagine and become another be-ing you actually literally are a completely new be-ing. You are not the same be-ing you were a moment ago, with a little difference, unless you be-lieve you are. If you truly think about it, you cannot, by definition, be the be-ing that was here a moment ago. That be-ing had a completely different set of be-liefs, thoughts and be-haviours.

This is the essence of what is meant when metaphysical speakers say you are an infinite and powerful be-ing. The infiniteness you are is the unlimited number of variations in states of be-ing that you can choose from to create who you choose to be. The power you have is the irrevocable and unlimited power to choose the be-ing you wish to be. You truly are an infinite and powerful be-ing! Take that knowledge to heart and act like you are!

— Sohail Desai

Everyone is blindly running around listening to what others tell them is their purpose. They read “sacred” books which apparently contain the commandments of God regarding how they should live their lives. They strive to be as close to the image portrayed to them through advertising of what a “perfect” human being is. They chase after the things they think they need solely to fulfill the purpose of being this perfect human being. What happens when they match that image? Is there some ecstatic reward that comes with achieving the perfect life? Has anybody achieved it yet? No, nobody has reached perfection because there is no such thing. The advertised image of perfection is constantly changing and so this chase for more clothes, better looks, bigger houses, and whatnot goes on forever in misery.

If only the people would realize that they do not need to look to others to find their purpose because they have their own direct feed of knowledge. They have been receiving direct messages from within themselves about how to fulfill their purpose. Those messages have been and are still conveyed through their emotions. If only they followed their emotions they would quickly see that their only purpose is to be themselves by choosing to express themselves in whatever way they wish. They would realize that they do not need to strive to become some perfect human being because they are perfect as they are. The would see that the only reward for doing anything is the joyous feeling they generate when they do it. They would see that the image of the “perfect” human does not get them any extra reward if they achieve it. The reward is joy and there is no reason to put off feeling it until sometime in the future.

Now, I’m not saying it is “bad” to want the things people want, myself included. However, it is ignorant to believe those things can bring us joy. They can be representative of our joy, but they cannot bring us joy.

Joy is in the journey. It is in being who we are, right here, right now. The people who understand this live lives of joy and ecstasy. The people who don’t, chase after what they think will bring them joy, then feel cheated after they achieved it and realized it didn’t bring them any miraculous reward with it. God’s reward is joy. Joy is found in being who you prefer to be. In other words: you are rewarded for being you. How wonderfully simple is that? No more need for striving or struggling. Just feel the joyous ecstasy of being, forever and ever.

Bashar on Expectations

Bashar: Expectations

Q: What is. can you address the subject of expectation?

B: Ah! Many times it is only another form of judgment. The placing
of a rigidized structure on something, the saying that it has to
happen this way, or it will not be valid: therefore, it may not
happen at all.

Q: So it’s like a form of pre-judgment?

B: Yes. For recognize simply that when you have something that
excites you and you form a visualization, or some sort of a symbolic
interpretation of that idea, you do not need to have it manifest
exactly as you have visualized it to get the same effect.

Even though, paradoxically many times, when you allow it to manifest
in whatever way it can manifest, many times you will find that you
are, quote/unquote, accurate, and it will manifest exactly as you
have pictured it. But it does not have to. Expectation is saying it
has to, thus closing all the other doors through which it may have
manifested more easily than you were able to actually visualize it.

Q: Okay. Thank you.

B: Well, thank you very much.


Surrendering to life is the feeling of letting go of expectations and conditions on how life should work and instead allowing it to work following the path of least resistance. It feels like you’re not doing anything in particular, because your actions are predominantly based on joy in the present, rather than based on controlling the outcome in the future. This can be a little disconcerting, especially since we have been so focused on taking action with the intention of controlling the outcome of our lives for so long.

Surrendering feels like the absence of all resistance to life. It is being open and vulnerable, which can be a very scary feeling, but it is actually the feeling of liberation. When you are no longer so focused on making life work, you are free of being attached to any particular outcome. You take it for granted that the outcome is ultimately guaranteed, even if the path leading to the outcome is a meandering one.

Surrendering is the acceptance of all your power. This is because being infinitely powerful feels like a complete sense of effortlessness and peace. This doesn’t mean you sit and meditate all day long. It means you take actions that bring you joy, with integrity, and with no expectations attached to that action as to what that action will get you. In surrender you let go of the illusion of power, which used to be exercised by attempting to push and pull life to make it all fit, and claim your true power, which comes with the realization that it all fits perfectly already.

Surrendering to life is being connected to all possibilities in life. By having no expectations in life you open up to all that life has to offer. By surrendering, you become more conscious of your connection to all possibilities in life, which strangely feels the same as not being connected to any possibility. No one possibility stands out as a connection and so this gives rise to the feeling of not being connected at all.

When you are connected to all of life in the act of surrender, the slightest desire you express brings forth the types of possibilites connected to that desire. There is no resistance to overcome and so life effortlessly flows through you to express the manifestation of your desire. In the act of unconditional surrender, you fully realize your God-hood.

What is Your Purpose?

What is your purpose in life? The answer is, you get to make up whatever your purpose is! There are NO expectations of you, whatsoever. You are given the free-will to choose whatever you want to do and whatever you want to experience in life. This is what it means to be unconditionally loved by God, or whatever you call God. Unconditional love is freedom. It is being completely and fully validated in all of your choices, even if you choose to use that validation to choose to invalidate yourself.

You are completely and utterly free to be yourself. So stop looking outside of yourself for validation before giving yourself permission to simply be who you are. Be yourself and know that you are supported by all of existence. Trust that you are supported. The proof is in your existence. If you weren’t supported, you wouldn’t exist. It is as simple as that. 

Now, when I say trust that you are supported, I mean trusting by letting go of expectations on how you will be supported. Be yourself with no expectations on what form the support will come. As I’ve said in previous posts, having expectations is the easiest way to limit yourself and to put conditions on yourself.

Having expectations is a way of allowing only certain actions to be taken, because you believe only those actions will get you the support you need. It is not giving yourself the freedom to choose to express yourself in whatever way you want. It is, once again, believing you are not unconditionally loved and supported. It is putting the answer to who you can be or the answer to what your purpose is outside yourself, rather than within yourself. It is giving your power away to your reality and it is a great way to be miserable. 

So allow yourself to take back your power and to choose your purpose. Choose to be yourself simply because you enjoy being yourself, not because it will get you support from existence. You already are supported! Do the things that are representative of who you choose to be, simply for the joy of doing those things. Allow your reality to reflect positive support to you without having any expectations on the form of the support. Be unconditionally loving to yourself and lighten up on yourself and see that unconditional love reflected in your experience. It can be as simple as that.