The Youniverse

Role models

I realize now that the reason I looked up to my role models as a kid was not because I looked up to the actual people. Rather it was the attributes they expressed that I liked. Most of my role models were athletes and I remember liking their display of strength, skill, determination, and success. 

So what I was really looking up to was those attributes because I wanted to incorporate them into my personality and express them in my own life. I realize now that those athletes were just people and they did not inherently possess those attributes. It was me who was associating the definition of those attributes to their actions, on and off the field/rink/court. For me to be able to do that I must contain those attributes within me. Those attributes do not exist in the external world on their own. They are subjective and contained as ideas within me. 

Another inspirational Nike ad. 

I know I have been posting a lot of ads, but I’m not focusing on the products they sell. Rather it’s the messages they convey that are important.

I believe most ads in general are created to inspire us in some way because we are looking for the feeling of reaching our potential, feeling proud of ourselves or gaining approval from others.

They play to our feeling of being incomplete and tell us we need the product or service they are selling in the ad to be complete. This simply isn’t true. 

Like the first caption in this particular ad says, “Everything you need is already inside.” We already contain all the attributes we are looking for on the outside. All we need to do is act like this is the case and we will see it.

A LeBron James Nike ad that I love. In it he’s asking the viewers who he should be and what he should do. It is intended to be a response to much of the criticism about his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami in the previous offseason. I think the message is similar to what I talk about in most of my posts.

Of course he should not care what others say about his life and should do what he feels is right. It’s his life alone and he can do anything he wants.

It is the same for every one of us. We should all be true to ourselves, live our lives the way we want and let all negative judgement fall away. Yet there are very few of us who are able to put up with any external criticism, let alone the amount he has endured, in order to do so.