The Youniverse

Giving up on your desires is like a spider tearing down its web after not catching anything.

Be like the spider truly is. Make your desire stronger, keep it in good shape just like the spider keeps its web when it tends to it everyday.

Also, after making your desire stronger, anticipate it being fulfilled. Keep your focus on the arrival of that which you desire, not on the lack of it. The spider does this by being completely ready to pounce on whatever falls into its web. It does not mope in a corner thinking about the lack of flies in it. It trusts the universe to bring its next meal.

Now, it is also very important after all of this to be your natural self. Do whatever brings you joy. It is in your natural state that you can best accept that which you desire from the universe. The spider does not try to be anything else than what it is. It just continues to be itself, knowing its worthiness and basking in its “spiderness”. It effortlessly allows its next meal to literally fall out of the sky.

Lastly, if the spider is unsuccessful at one web, it will continue on undeterred to create a web in another location. It will start the whole cycle again. You must do the same. Do not give up on your desire. Instead continue the cycle of building it up and anticipating it. By doing so you only make a stronger signal to the universe that you really want the thing you are desiring. The stronger your signal is, the more likely you will get what you want.

— Sohail

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