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Desire and Fulfillment: The Cycle of Life

Life is an ongoing, ever created cycle of desire and fulfillment. There is nothing else to it. Every action we take is an attempt to fulfill a desire. The reason we wake up in the morning is because we believe that there is a chance to fulfill at least some of our desires. If we did not hold that belief we would become increasingly despondent and lose our will to live.

This is one of the largest differences between humans and animals; animals always intrinsically believe that their desires will be fulfilled. This is the reason a spider builds a web or why birds fly south in the winter. They do not give up hope in the face of what may seem to be insurmountable odds. Think of how small of an area the spider’s web covers relative to the amount of space around it. If the spider had the mind of a human she may just look at the situation “realistically” and give up hope that a fly would somehow find its way onto the web. However, we know that she wouldn’t do that. She would build her web with full trust and a deep knowing that it will end up helping fulfill her desire for a nice crunchy fly to munch on.

Now, for us humans, each of us must take a look at our lives and ask if our desires are truly being fulfilled? Do we even have true desires anymore or are we just coasting along aimlessly? Due to a history of unfulfilled desires or limiting beliefs that lead to a belief in the difficulty of fulfilling them (a limiting belief is usually one that attempts to answer how a desire will be fulfilled. It is like the spider pondering all day how a fly will fall in the web), the issue for many of us has become that we have given up on our true desires and have learned to accept more “realistic” ones instead.

Because of this we end up being untrue to ourselves and live a life of quiet repression. Think about how many people work at jobs they hate so that they can pay for a life they don’t truly want all because they are too scared to boldly be true to themselves. The truly astonishing thing is that most people have convinced themselves that they are happy with their current life because they have considered their desires as fantasy. Put simply, to kill desire is to kill life and this is why most of us are just walking zombies.

It’s time to bring ourselves back to life and get back to our desires. We must create them truthfully from our hearts and then joyfully go about fulfilling them. This is the only way we will truly develop and grow. It’s the only way we will truly live!

As an aside- As I have said in other posts and in an upcoming one, desiring a new life is really desiring a new you. To fulfill the desire we must become the person we wish to become by changing our beliefs, emotions and behaviours. The life we desire will follow just as faithfully as the undesired life followed our undesired state of being.

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