The Youniverse


The progress of humankind has essentially been one of integration. Over time, we have been integrating ourselves through various stages starting from individuals, to families, to tribes, to cities, to countries, to religions and races, to continents and now we have reached the point of beginning to integrate as one world.

The energy that manifests all aspects of our experience has been moving towards integration in an ever accelerative manner, and this can be seen all around us in our world. However, this process of integration is most brilliantly illustrated by the progress of technology. Our technology has broken down so many barriers, both physical and ideological, that used to separate us, and has intertwined our lives so completely that we can no longer truly separate our experiences from one another and live in our little bubbles. When one part of our world suffers, the rest of us feel it. When another part of our world is jubilant, the rest of us also feel that joy. We are more connected than we have ever been and we are growing more and more connected as the days go by.

Now, we have reached a point in our progress where many old systems, still based largely on separation and disintegration, are teetering on the brink of collapse. This can readily be seen in our economy. The efforts of the authorities to avoid the collapse and boost the economy have failed because they do not realize that the system cannot stand under the stress of the creative energy of integration. The energy will always prevail because there is so much momentum behind it and because it is the actual energy that gives birth to our experience. Many other systems based on separation will also be feeling the effects of this integrating energy soon. The most prevalent of these systems is religion, government, and the military.

Religion will feel it as people realize that the God we have searched for is actually not “out there” somewhere, but is right here. God is the universe and everything in it. We will be integrating ourselves as pieces of God rather than a separation from God.

Governments will feel it as people integrate themselves and realize that we are our governments and that we have the power to shape “them” through our everyday actions. An authoritative government thrives on perceived separation and this perception can no longer hold. Therefore, the governments will take on a less authoritative stance and more of an integrative one in which they truly serve the people.

A military is very obviously based on separation and perceived threats. An integrative world obviously cannot give birth to militaries. I don’t think this needs much more clarification, does it?

On another note, the rise of quantum physics and information such as The Secret and the Law of Attraction are also symtoms of this process of integration. The information reveals that the perspective of separation we have held for so long is illusory and that the reality we thought was outside us is actually a part of us. The information states that we create our reality and this can only be possible if there is no separation between us and it. Otherwise, what would we create our reality out of? It’s not like we can go to the hardware store and get some reality creation tools and magically put it together with something we don’t already contain. Reality is made of us. 

Once we realize reality is made of us, the next question most of us will ask is, who or what are we? We cannot merely be bodies of flesh if reality is actually made of us. Our bodies exist within reality, not the other way around. I believe this path of questioning and discovery will lead us to more integration as we no longer identify with our bodies alone, but rather see ourselves as energy or consciousness itself. This ties in nicely with being integrated with God.

Lastly, once our world is integrated as one I believe we will expand our reality so that it includes other worlds and beings from other worlds. We will explore the rest of the universe that we are, integrating larger and larger portions of ourselves, until we reach what we have called God, which is the one integrated being, containing everything in existence. This won’t be the end though, since we cannot cease to exist, we must continue the process of integration forever. We are infinite, existence is infinite, and God is infinite. There will never be an end. 

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