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Your Power

Your Power can never be taken away from you. It is completely intertwined with your Being. Now, I am not talking about power (with a lower case) in the way you may have thought of it up to now, which tends to do with domination or control. The power to dominate or control can be taken away at any time and so doesn’t really qualify as true Power. The true Power that I am talking about lies with your ability to choose. 

You are a Being of choice. Every moment you are exercising your choice, whether that choice is conscious or unconscious. Now, most of our choices tend to be of the unconscious variety and so we may not even know that we are exercising it. Think of how insidious this is: when making unconscious choices we are using our Power to choose to make it seem as if we don’t have the Power in the first place. Allow me to explain more clearly: I have discussed in previous posts how circumstances in life are devoid of meaning and that we are the ones who apply meaning to it, usually on an unconscious basis. This ability to choose and apply any meaning is one of our greatest Powers and yet we choose to give that Power away to others. We tend to automatically apply the meaning they taught us rather than making our own decisions about what they mean. The importance of this particular Power cannot be underestimated. Realize that nobody has the power to come into our minds and make us think in a certain way without our consent and yet that is what we do time and again. This is one of the greatest Powers in existence and it is your birthright to use it, so claim it consciously.

Now, every other choice we make is based on our choice of perspective. In essence, it is our perspective that shapes our behaviour, which is nothing more than a series of choices acted out. So we can see how responsibly and consciously using the Power of choice is imperative to taking control of the total experience of our lives. 

In closing, if you want a life of happiness and joy, simply choose it. It is in your Power to do so. Choose to do what you prefer to do in life, rather than what you don’t prefer. Choose to be yourself rather than who others want you to be. Choose to think thoughts that bring you joy and happiness rather than thoughts that bring you misery. Choose to listen to your inner voice rather than the voice of others. Choose to realize your Power to choose and never let go of it. Ever.

Note: Sorry if there are any grammatical errors in this post. This one was pounded out while on a late night caffeine fuelled ramble. :)

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