The Youniverse


You don’t make yourself healthy or wealthy. You allow yourself to be those things. This is because you are naturally healthy and abundant. You have to resist your natural self and become something or somebody you aren’t in order to be sick or poor.

Contrary to popular belief, the healthiest and wealthiest among us aren’t always those who work the hardest or those who have the best diet. After ruling out hard work and¬†perseverance, most people believe luck has something to do with success, but I believe that is just another way of saying that it is those who have the least amount of resistance in their lives who thrive.

What causes resistance? Put simply, resistance is caused by beliefs, usually picked up from others around you, that are out of alignment with your natural self. These beliefs create a negative emotional reaction within you when they are focused on. Your natural state of being is one of happiness, joy and other positive states. In your natural state your beliefs would be such that they cause those emotions to rise up within you. As a result, your reality would only reflect circumstances and situations which reinforce that state. In other words your reality would be reflective of your desires and passions.

When you are yourself, similarly to how an animal is simply itself, you have no resistance in you whatsoever. You naturally behave in the way you want to, with a deep inner knowing that you are supported by the universe, which is another way of saying that you will be as wealthy and healthy as you need to be in order to continue being your natural self. You don’t try and don’t ever need to try being anything other than Who You Are. You choose to do only those things that excite you the most while living a synchronous life by effortlessly being exactly where you need to be when you need to be there so that you may have the opportunities to continue being yourself. It is a life of clarity and bliss.¬†

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