The Youniverse

What Are We?

Most of our issues in life come from a misunderstanding of who we are. For almost all of human history we have believed that our identity exists within our bodies, either temporarily or permanently, depending on whether one sided with a scientific or religious viewpoint.

Under this perspective we are seen to be fragile, separated and at the mercy of our fellow human beings, our environment and/or the gods. Because our identity is restricted by our bodies, we are told that we must struggle to attain value and build a desirable identity, usually by accumulating as much knowledge (represented by degrees usually), wealth, beauty or some other external symbol of validation. 

Sure, this perspective was not unfounded because one could see the evidence everywhere. Hopefully you, dear reader, will understand why this was the case by reading past posts or by reading the rest of this one. Much of life did not make sense so we formed our stories and perspective based largely upon assumptions. This perspective has led us on a path of deep pain and suffering up to this point, where some of us are starting to realize that we have been disillusioned. 

So what is the truth then? Well, it has been staring us in the face this entire time, but our illusory reality was and still is so convincing that we could not recognize it. I have said it before in this blog many times. The truth is that we are beings of pure consciousness that are actually creating the experience called “life as a human being” through our beliefs and definitions. I won’t dive into things too deeply here, mainly because I have mentioned many of my points in previous points, but it is becoming increasingly clear to me that we are primarily beings of consciousness, not the physical human beings we have thought of ourselves as.

As conscious beings we contain any and all possible experiences. We literally contain it all. All the experiences we have ever had and will ever have will come about through our consciousness. It is also through our consciousness that we create our entire experience of life. That’s right, we create the entire universe and everything within it. It is all within our consciousness. All this time we have thought that we are experiencing some universe that we just happen to live in, but the truth is that we are actually only experiencing ourselves. There is no outside; there is only our consciousness. 

Think about how powerful we truly are. It is our own consciousness, our own being, our own power that gives rise to the entire fucking universe! Let that sink in for a moment. We cannot separate the universe from our consciousness. It is all us. Realizing this, we can stop looking at the universe as something other than ourselves. This is the truth that shall set us free from all of the illusions we have prisoned ourselves within.

Now, what does that mean? How does seeing ourselves as conscious beings creating our experience rather than human beings reacting to our experience change our understanding of life? The main aspect of our experience that will change is our understanding of victimhood. When we perceive ourselves as the creators of our reality we cannot help but take responsibility for everything occurring within it. We cease being passive victims of life and become proactive creators of it. Now, this may not make sense because of the wide variety of experiences within our reality, but this is a product of a belief in separation between ourselves and our reality. The perspective in which our identity exists within our bodies creates the illusion of a separate reality, which by definition must appear separate. If our reality was a one-to-one reflection of our beliefs we would quickly realize that we are our reality and the experience of separation would be over. In order for the experience to continue the reality must seem mysterious and somewhat chaotic.

However, we are now realizing that our reality is not separate and this will faithfully be reflected within it. The main way this reflection occurs is through the experience of synchronicity or coincidence. Coincidence is simply an indicator that we are the orchestrators of our lives. So far, in our experience as human beings, we have created more negative coincidences rather than positive ones, mainly because of our misguided perspective of ourselves and of life. Nevertheless, both negative and positive coincidence provide clues to the true nature of life.

Realizing the true nature of our being can allow us to change many other aspects of our lives as well. As beings of consciousness we are infinite and eternal, unbounded from many of the boundaries of our space time reality. Knowing this will dissolve almost all of the fear we have been holding on to when under the illusion of separation. What is there to fear when there is nothing else out there to be afraid of? There is only us and so we are the creators of the fearful situations. We also have the power and capability to create loving and joyful situations as well and we will when we truly understand how life works. By understanding our nature we can truly live in the moment, basking in our own being, knowing that we are perfect in each moment because we contain everything. We can choose what we wish to experience next in our lives rather than thinking that life will tell us what we must experience. We can stop reaching for what seems to be out there and simply choose it because we know it’s in here. To put it succinctly, we can truly live a life of bliss and ecstasy.

I know some may be thinking that this kind of life can be boring, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Remember that we are infinite. By definition we will be experiencing ourselves through the creation of our reality forever. It is a game that cannot end, because if it did then we wouldn’t be conscious and there is no way for that to ever occur. Even the concept of unconsciousness only occurs within consciousness, not outside it. 

We are starting the end of experiencing the aspects of ourselves that have forgotten who we are. We have experienced the experience of forgetting our nature. It has been a tough and arduous journey, but the remembrance that is occurring right now is so worth it. It is an incredible experience to remember who we truly are after all of the darkness and I can’t help but smile when thinking back just a few years ago when I was completely unaware of all of this. I know it may sound corny, but it almost brings me to tears of joy thinking about how amazing life is. My appreciation for it, for everyone in it and for my self just keeps on growing. 

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