The Youniverse

Beliefs and Perspectives

The experience of life is created solely through the use of each of our own unique perspectives of it. It is our perception and the difference between it and anyone else’s perception that creates our completely unique experience of life. This is the case regardless of how many similarities there are between any two perspectives. For example, even though we all may agree that the sky is blue or that the size of a given object is the same for all who are observing it, there is no way for each person to perceive the same thing in the exact same manner. If that were the case there would be no way for different people to exist. There would just be one person on the planet because even a slight change in location between different people causes a different perspective by definition.

Taking this into consideration we can see how useless it is to try to conform or make others conform to any given perspective of life. Yet this is what we do. Each of us is either bombarded by others or are bombarding others with different perspectives, all in an attempt to validate the aggressive perspective. It is as if one perspective cannot be true unless it is able to convince others to agree with it. So a great amount of energy is used to convince others to follow certain perspectives rather than validating each person’s unique one and this is the cause of a great amount of suffering and pain in our society. If we understood the inherent futility of this forcing, we could learn to accept others’ perspectives as equally valid and by doing so can create a truly harmonious society to co-exist within.

The importance of accepting and cherishing each of our own unique perspectives cannot be emphasized enough. The sole reason for us to exist as separate people is to have our own unique perspective and experience of life! Never has there been and never will there be a time when all the people of the world have the exact same perspective on life.

This brings me to our beliefs, which are an important aspect of our perspective that we normally take for granted. Our beliefs and definitions about life are just as important in the experience of our life as our senses. They allow us to extract a unique experience out of what is essentially a meaningless environment around us. For example, one person’s definition of a dog maybe different than another person’s and so their experience of it will be different, even though the dog may essentially look and behave the same for the two people. Now: a dog may not be a significant part of a person’s life and so the definition of it may not have a great impact on our overall experience, but there are many other parts of life that are extremely significant and so the definitions and beliefs regarding those parts are much more important.

The scary thing is, many of our beliefs regarding many important aspects of life are not actually our beliefs, but the beliefs of others. They may be the beliefs of our parents, teachers, politicians, scientists or religious leaders. Most of these were absorbed by us when we were young children, when we needed to conform to adults’ perspectives in order to survive. They now remain in our subconscious mind, affecting the way we perceive the world in a very discrete manner.

As we grow though, most of us will realize that some of these beliefs are bogus and we will change them so that they suit the person we are. This is the basic process of life and growth. We grow by uncovering beliefs held within us and deciding to keep them or replacing them with other beliefs.

Sometimes this growth is obstructed by beliefs that we are unable to uncover or are unable to change for one reason or another. The result is stagnation and a sense of unsatisfied desires. We basically stop refining our beliefs which would allow us to become who we wish to be and so we live our lives as someone else entirely. This is the plight of many people throughout the world. Our days are filled with activities that we do not wish to take part in, but we take part in them anyway because of unexplored beliefs. 

Our perspective of life consists of a tapestry of interwoven limiting beliefs. These beliefs must be limiting in certain ways in order to create the focused perspective we have. In our natural spiritual form, we are unlimited beings containing all of creation. However, in this state we cannot perceive any one portion of ourselves. In order to perceive something, we must limit our perspective on whatever we wish to perceive. This can only happen through the use of limiting beliefs. So it is not a matter of destroying all limiting beliefs because by doing so we would destroy our experience of life. For example, we may try to breathe underwater and eliminate our current perspective through death. Instead, we must choose which limiting beliefs serve us and which do not. It can be a long, gruelling process, due to the amount of beliefs we bury within our subconscious, but it is one we must endure in order to be and constantly recreate the person we wish to be. 

On an individual basis, we can take a look at our lives and see which portions of it we are unhappy with. Inevitably there will be an underlying limiting belief that has caused these portions to exist. It is our job then to find this limiting belief and change it to one we prefer so that our life can serve us. The truth is, we accepted many of these beliefs as children because we believed they would serve us, mainly through protection from our parents or other adults. Now though, they may be causing pain and so they must be examined and replaced with other more beneficial beliefs. 

At this current stage in the evolution of our society, many of us individually and collectively are facing some deep rooted beliefs and are deciding whether to keep them or change them. The instability we see around us is the result of this exploration going on within us. On the other side of this transformation will be a drastically different society, one with different values and a different way of life. This is a given. It will be a reflection of the expanding and integrational perspectives that many are holding, particularly the younger generations. We will see the continuing acceptance of individual perspectives and the dispersing of power throughout the whole of society rather than remaining in the hands of a few. It is a deeply enriching and exciting time that we live in. But, that is my perspective on it and may not be yours.

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