The Youniverse

No Time

When are you going to feel the way you want to feel? When will you be happy? (If that is what you want) If the answer is anything other than “right now” you will never feel the way you want. You will be waiting forever. This is because “now” is the only time there ever was and ever will be. There is no future and there is no past. The only time you have ever had to work with is right now. So this is the only time in which you can feel the way you want to feel.

Now: think of something you want to achieve in what you think of as the future. Whatever it is, when you achieve it, it will be achieved now. It will no longer be in the future. It never was “there”; it was conceived of in the now and it will be achieved in the now. The future is a lie, an illusion created by ourselves. So is the past. There is only the eternal moment of now, which holds every possible experience within it.

Unbelievably, this means that ultimately time is an illusion. Everything that ever was and ever will be must exist now. That is, when we look to the “past” or the “future” we will always be doing it from the now. We just don’t perceive everything existing right now because of our narrowly focused perspective. We only focus on one tiny slice of the eternal now moment, then we look at another and then another, and so on. In this way we create the illusion of linear time. If we broadened our focus somehow we would see that everything is in fact existing now.

Keeping this in mind, we can see how pointless it is to wait for something in the future or reminisce about the past and complain about “how much better it used to be”. The only time is now, so live right now! Enjoy life right now, because that is the only time you can enjoy it. The rest doesn’t matter. Enjoy the ride that life has to offer. 

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